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Many exploits remain after 1.03

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this is great. lets all grone on in our dergy game. long live satan.
Funny thread^^
Thank you, good sir, for making me smile after 1.03.
06/19/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Mojo
First game I ever played with treasure chests that had no treasure. Didn't anyone over there think about how laughable that is? Treasure chests with no treasure. They just sit there and mock us for playing. This game belongs on the Island of Misfit Toys.
Yeah, not bad but... blizzard is better than you : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4916972036
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From the 1.0.3 patch notes:
Reporting another player using the Report > Spam option will now mute that player for the duration of your gaming session

Outrageous! I should be able to see the money selling / power leveling website spam again (and again, and again, etc.) within 10 minutes or so!
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I agree completely. anyone who was playing this game for some type of self-satisfaction or remote feeling of enjoyment should be checked for a tumor. I personally was playing this game Because i like to constantly Facepull 2 mobs and catch a #%!%-shaped spear in the eye.it's the best feeling ever!
OP makes some valid points. Here's to hoping that these issues can be addressed in 1.04.
This is absolutely lovely. Sticky pls.
Logged in just to up-rate and comment.

The over-the-top repair costs and nerf on gold dropped from breakables did nothing but punish the "little guy" in this game. I shouldn't be paying 15K gold to repair 30 mins of wear and tear (no deaths) on my crappy gear that isn't even good enough to get me through A2 Inferno, all the while receiving less gold from gameplay. Punishing all the "regular" players just to try and mitigate the success of gold/item farmers just ruins the game for everyone.

Don't want people death-zerging? How about designing a tier system for enemy affixes so that they don't constantly spawn with insurmountable combinations instead of...whatever it is you thought this patch would solve. Maybe don't let Frozen spawn with Jailer and Waller, for example. The "Arcane Enchanted Jailer Waller Frozen" I encountered today was particularly fun: being locked down repeatedly while arcane lazers spawned next to me. I couldn't imagine wasting my time with HC in this game (I played a lot of D2 HC).
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Posting in an epic thread.
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