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Many exploits remain after 1.03


This is my first time actually feeling to log on to these forums. Best post ever.
06/19/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Furiant
]I personally witnessed an incident where a player found a yellow item, and when they identified it, it had stats that could be exploited to increase their combat effectiveness - for the class they were playing at the time.

Clearly a troll. That never actually happens.


PS: In fairness, this actually happened to me last night for what seemed like the first time since I finished the game in normal mode.
10/10 would read ten more times
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Well pointed out....

ATM every single thread that I wanted to post on, is zFULL. All with the same message regarding the lack of understanding by Blizzard as to why they have (or had) such a fan base.

They are effectivly designing there way out of buissness with their current focus.

They need to forget about trying to line their pockets, and focus on how they got to where they are.... and this was through making games that are FUN!

Make us want to play the games... and the money will follow. Pull you head out of the clouds and listen to your fans.

I am an old school gamer with money to burn and was in love with D1 & D2. D3 however just killed any such thing as fun that we all used to have playing the previous games.... you will no longer be getting my support until you start supporting the people who put you in the position your are in.

Think about it.
lol, good thread to start the morning. funny stuff. think I can comfirm that the game is still fun for some people, even with the effort to completely bury the players with the new improved waller spam. what will it take to stop these sploiters
best 1.03 thread.
Got about half way down, then it hit me.

Well done.

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also noticed that items equipped on followers do not lose durability when they die. please fix this bug as well.
+1 to you OP, glad to see I'm not the only one that feels this way.
they should nerfed health potion to only restore 1000hp with 1 hour cooldown
Games like Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid, Elder Scrolls, D2, basically any game that had you feel god-like by end game were all incredibly fun, but in D3 they keep nerfing things to give an opposite effect. Build on others past victories, you are currently failing with D3 Blizzard.
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You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.
This is THE best post on the forums and will be for a long time. Thank you Mr OP sir. +1

Well done OP..

although you may want to add that Barbs with shield can actually survive mob attacks because Revenge is giving them too much life back... and it gets worse... shield wielders are blocking some attacks every now and then.... its ridiculous.
Good post, the last bullet was funny

"god help us all"
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