Diablo® III

Many exploits remain after 1.03

gjdm with the post
+ 1 to OP

Blizzard I hope some blue sees this, because it is truly a wonderful summary of the current game state.

Good Job!
+1 very well thread, lol

hey, blizz, pls make sure that your customers feel more pain instead of fun in your next patch.
+1 Sticky

Please fix all this broken things you are giving us

Don't let all people have fun

Re reading again :)
At least we're still getting "Entertainment" value from the original $60 "initiation" fee on the FORUMS...but I heard a rumor that 1.04 will move on to nerfing all 1.03 forums ;-)
What is sick is Blizzard may actually read this, because it is written in a way that seems like praise to them. Once they sense the sarcasm, they will scurry like a spooked field mouse.
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Well said.
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best post ever.

and this is comming from someone that dosnt understand sarcasm since english isnt my 1st language.
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Again, to the sky.
I log into my account for the first time here just to like this post.

Best Thread i've read all week, In b4 lock
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Too bad blizzard is hiding and cowering away from all the good posts like these.
Edit: blizzards response to this: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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Well written post OP. An upbeat way of expressing our concerns about removing some of things that make the Diablo games FUN.
This thread had me laughing out loud, thanks for the laugh :)
good one
Dear Blizz,

Pls sticky. Thx.
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