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Many exploits remain after 1.03

Sticky please

est post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This post describes my feelings exactly. Well done.
This deserves to be seen by more people, since it actually carries more entertainment than the game in its current state.
Well said OP.
I hope they'll fix them soon.
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If you are going to troll kids, this is the way to do it! So many negatives posts in these forums at least this one is creative and you actually want to read the entire post.
thanks for ruining for all of us op!

now blizz will nerf "FUN" to the ground
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Posting in an Epic thread.

Actually took me a few points before I could be sure whether OP was serious or not. Well done. :)
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Excellent read
/requested sticky
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/Sticky this!
/stick this
can i touch it?
Best thread ever ! /sticky this !!!
I'll give credit for the sarcasm, but to be blunt, all it really amounts to is "YAC, YAC, YAC" (as in, Yet Another Complaint). It's just crafted well enough that it doesn't look like it a complaint at first glance. But to be blunt, it just isn't that interesting to read the endless complaints from people who don't like the fact that multiplayer games have to be balanced. And that's what Diablo 3 is, an online multiplayer game.

What that means is that things have to be balanced reasonably well. This isn't Diablo 2, after all, which was essentially a single-player game that you could play online with friends if you wanted, but you defaulted to playing alone on your own computer. And that seems to be what the bulk of the complaints are about. Instead of complain, do something useful with your time, like figure out how to work with the new changes.

You really believe that a lot of players WANT to play online with other people? Diablo was never so much about the MP aspect, the only reason it's now played online is because Blizzard forced it that way, otherwise the vast majority of players would still play alone and only use online to trade, I'd bet my !@# on that.. Again, as stated before, this is not a MMO.

And about the MF runs and all that, I get it that they intended for people to kill champion/elite packs with NV, but why would they force this on players the way they are now? It's clear that a lot of players feel better about just doing MF runs like the old days, why not keep both possibilities in the game instead of completely destroying 1 of them? Some people like killing packs, fine.. Others like doing runs, also fine.. But no, THEY decide what we find boring and repetitive and force everyone in what THEY think is best and most fun..
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OP is a wise man.
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