Diablo® III

Shade of Nar Gulle: Invincible

Just experienced this too on Inferno, he got to about 50% HP (617,130/1,225,992) and became somewhat invulnerable. Periodically he appeared to take damage from something (approx. 1760 over 2 minutes), but I don't think it was my attacks ... his HP would drop every couple of minutes -- even if I was standing there.
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happend to me too... tried every skill i got with my demon hunter and nothing
and yes on hell diffcult
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85 Troll Priest
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Still bugged......Just found him on Hell mode. After 10 minutes of kiting I gave up and took the teleport back to town!!!!
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i've got him on hell mode. i can get him all the way to 1 health left and then he just never dies. hurry up and fix this blizzard. now damn it.
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Still bugged.. found him on Nightmare in the Sewers.

Unacceptable bug, for something so simple, this late after release. NO EXCUSE. Utterly pathetic.

And with 3 pages of notifications.... 100% unacceptable. >(
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Encountered him on Inferno, and I've wasted a good 15 minutes on the guy. Invincible at 1 hp.

Very annoying, please fix this bug soon!
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Still bugged normal mode.
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Damn annoying guy.
Encountered on Hell difficulty on my way to Adria.
Tryed few differret skills sets with my Sorc and got him to the 1 HP but never below.
It is a bug or some deep idea by Blizzard. Interesting which?
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Yup, still bugged... got him about 25% down, then HP got stuck. Nightmare difficulty btw.
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confirmed in inferno Act 2 stuck at 25% HP
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I've just ran into this guy on nightmare difficulty, I managed to beat him down to a sliver of his life and currently have him trapped in a corner while my gargantuan, templar, and leah are pounding away with my fireballs exploding on him. it doesn't even appear as if he attacks back all that much, so I don't think it has much to do with life stealing and regen wouldn't make much since since I've managed to get him down that low to begin with.

Someone from blizzard should comment on this to let us know they are acknowledging this as a bug please.

I'm running with a witch doctor that has about 900 dps at lvl 42, yeah drops have not been all that kind :(
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STILL bugged. Encountered him for the first time in Inferno just now. Got him down to just a sliver of life left and then he bugged. UGH!
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A month. This has been bugged for a mother!@#$ing %^-*!@#ed month. A $%^-ing unkillable video game character stays that way for a month in a game with weekly patches and who knows how many hotfixes. 100% ridiculous.
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Still bugged in hell mode 7/24/2012
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we waited 5 years + for bull!@#$ like this? hey blizzard how about taking a break on WoW's nutsack and dont release a broken game? I have never been so looking forward to a game and NEVER been so utterly disappointed with what you retards consider a playable game. Ive been a blizzard supporter for 15 years and will no longer be purchasing any of your titles.
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7/26/2012 Inferno still bugged, stuck at full hp and in full out god mode!
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Glad I found this post. This mob is not bugged whatsoever, he simply has a special way of being killed. I will not spoil it for you all, but I will give you a hint, there is a reason why he spawns next to a bunch of rotting bodies.
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Ran into him in Inferno with a friend, changed from wraith to Flesh of Nar Gulle, those lovely poison corpse cloud critters that come from decaying body piles....ultimately turned back into wraith and is unkillable.

I'm a monk, Sweeping wind seemed to damage him, but melee hitting him did not refresh my sweeping wind though it did give me spirit AND life on hit. Brought him down to a totally empty health bar, kept at it for 5 mins....no change. I have dmg numbers turned on, he shows no damage taken numbers from any of my abilities (even when I can obviously see his HP's decreasing).

I intentionally died, afk'd in town a bit to relax, came back, he was at 50% health...odd, any other elite I run into full heals unless I drag them to my spawn point and am under a 15 second death timer. Anyway, I wore him down with wind some more (takes forever since crits do not improve it, and nothing extends it)....same story, empty health bar and not dying.

Got here, saw this post from BigRay regarding a bunch of rotting bodies, went to find some left in the dungeon, trashed more of those corpse poison cloud leapers, diligently brought him through their poison clouds....nothing happened, tried the same with some bloated corpses for good measure....no dice. If there's some secret way to kill him after he bugs out and won't take damage, I can't find it.

Anyway, seeing as how this post started forever ago, is filled with ppl confirming it's bugged, and blizzard has no posts regarding it (shocker). I'm assuming I'm just wasting even more time typing this...however in hopes of saving someone elses' evening (my friend is in the background beating on it while I type this....another 10-15 minutes?). If you run into this lovely critter, just pass him up, it's an even bigger waste of time than farming for drops that barely exist.

On a positive note...I cleared the rest of the sewers with him chasing me, 2 elite packs, bunch of trash....as far as elites go he's a joke other than the whole godmode thing and the annoying vortex from time to time.

EDIT: Ran into him and trashed him in short order today, perhaps only bugged if not killed in a timely fashion....did smash him before worrying about the corpses this time, standard purple mob trash loot.
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Confirming the bug. Nightmare HC mode (which makes an extra Vortex elite following me around a problem!).

I assume this has something to do with taking out the corpse piles too fast. I killed them first thinking I was being smart. He managed to transform twice, I think, then he turned unkillable. :(

Was playing on a WD. He took zero damage from Fire Bomb, Locust Swarm, Gargantuan, Scoundrel mercenary or Leiah's attacks. Acid Cloud's damage pool effect reduced his health, but only until he was at a sliver, then nothing worked.
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was playing on a wd also, SoNG loses hp fast using firebats but still wont die -_- never bothered to use pots, just let him attack me so i can gtfo the sewers -_- bugged even after maintenance come on blizz
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