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Blizz wanted constructive feedback...

The problem is blizzard and us's speak two diffrent languages, they speak "give me your money" and we speak "take my money". What your saying needs to be translated. What your trying to say is "YOU NO GET ANYMORE OF MY MONEY.....EVER, IF YOU DONT FIX THIS"
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06/20/2012 07:54 PMPosted by JDON
The problem is blizzard and us's speak two diffrent languages, they speak "give me your money" and we speak "take my money". What your saying needs to be translated. What your trying to say is "YOU NO GET ANYMORE OF MY MONEY.....EVER, IF YOU DONT FIX THIS"

Constructive everyone, acting like this wont help us achieve what were aiming for.
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DEAR BLIZZARD BLUES, JAY WILSON AND ALL YOU "DEVELOPERS", heres my 2 cents, I have put on my facebook page how bad and horrible this game is, how you have a bastardised the name of diablo 2 and turned it into a crap horrible game, and I have personally turned away all friends who are interested in purchasing this game and will contrinue to strongly, and I say strongly pursue to chase away as many friends from buying this game. RMAH? DRM? REPAIR BILLS? INFERNO NOT TESTED? PATCH1.03? you and your team are a joke. sincerely, you have lost a blizzard fan forever.

yours sincerely,
ex-avid blizzard supporter
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Now, if you have feedback regarding what you think we could better with these mechanics, then please feel free to post your ideas and thoughts in this thread so we can summarily ignore them, but still give you the illusion that we care about anything other than taking your money. I'll be reading along and relaying what you have to say to the design team and developers so we can all laugh at your plight while swimming in giant vats of cash money.

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Constructive solution:


Jay Wislon

David Brevik
Stieg Hedlund
Erich Schaefer
Chase Clements
Max Schaefer
Eric Sexton

Who reported this? Great post.
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Dear Blizzard,
Shut down the D3 servers.
Send all your devs home for a month to go and play D2.
Then when everyone returns, get the best ideas from them, specifically on what they enjoyed (fun!) and develop that into the D3 code base. That's a good start. We can take it further from there.

Let us know when you're done.
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I want to start this post on a positive note: I really like the graphics, look and feel of the game. I enjoy playing it. Story is great and for the most part fun. I like some of things ideals and changes that were made and i appreciate you're hard work to give me a fun game to play. Thanks developers. Areas of opportunity: Certain elite combos as stated in previous post, consider the repair cost that perhaps its a little too harsh to maintain, and bring back some of the farming aspects of the game. Ill explain my reason for the last part. I make an estimated 100K gold an hour give or take if i don't die. Factor in the wizard gear, (wands for example) cost upwards of 50mill to 100mill, ridiculous considering i haven't made but 5mill in game so far. Point being i'm dead lock in inferno mode at ACT 2. To make enough to purchase 100mill weapons = 500hrs of grinding at best. Real Money Auction House, $250 for piece of digit pixels, come on, need i say more? I'm just asking for a little help guys. I do love the game or i wouldn't play it but i do have a real life out side the game. Closing thoughts, i'm yet to get any set gear items and everything thats dropped for me so far isn't usable from what i bought on the auction house. If I can't make money grinding with 5 stacks of NV bonus how would i be able to progress further in the game....
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04/23/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Bashiok
I don't get a lot of sense that people want to really understand why, just that they played up to level 13, saw that the game is not Diablo II, and are upset about that. I'm not really sure how to have a conversation
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Along with the rest of the complaints about drops, breakables, chests, IAS, there is one other thing that makes trying to stack 5 NV and grind unbearable at times. Since you guys have jacked up the repair costs why is there still an enrage timer? Why would you punish a player for trying their best to survive and beat an elite pack by then putting a timer that makes it impossible for them to do so? It's already going to cost a lot to repair, champ spawns heal to full incredibly quickly, and the ress timer absolutely makes sure we can't just spawn-die-zerg an elite pack to death. So just get rid of the enrage timer, it's pointless and only makes players find different ways to "exploit" the game and find easier loot.
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They've taken the role of strict parent disciplining a child.. and we're throwing tantrums. The worst thing that they can do right now is placate us with candy. They need to continue to be strict, but fair. They also need to admit when they've made a mistake and rectify it.
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06/22/2012 07:07 AMPosted by Schol
I'm not really sure how to have a conversation

This describes Diablo 3's entire development team. So let's be constructive here. A few tips:

Development team:

1. LISTEN to your players. If you don't think the massive amount of complainers on the forums reflect the community, then maybe incorporate some type of survey built into the game menu. Just a quick "are you satisfied?" type questionnaire that takes players less than a minute to complete. I bet you'd get an overwhelming response--it might be good, it might just be bad, who knows?

2. When you say things like: "We'd like to know what the players think about this" (referring to your original IAS nerf plans and your increased repair cost plans) actually offer some outlet in which players can voice their ideas. Don't just say... "we'd like to know what you would like us to do" then do whatever the hell you wanted to do anyway.

3. Communicate! CMs say things like: "I'll ask the developers!" ok.. that's great. But then what we hear back is pathetic nonsense with non-descriptive, non-committed responses. LET us know what is going on.

4. More information! When you say stuff like "we're going to nerf IAS" maybe you should give us a bit more information as to the extent in which you're going to nerf it. If you had said "We're going to nerf IAS by 55%-66% depending on the item" (the real values of the nerf) you would have gotten an absolute uproar and perhaps could have negotiated the value (negotiated is not quite the right word, but it's in the right direction). If you would have listened to feedback after releasing such an outrageous value, perhaps you could have saved at least a couple hundred players from leaving (I'm sure it was more than that..).

My mind is wandering now so I'll leave it at that.
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