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Ghom Inferno as Monk

2200 LoH and 1k AR with 20k+ dps ... the whole point of this thread is to try and help people beat Ghom without dropping huge amounts of cash in the AH. Thank you for completely failing to do that.

Than that just proves that people who attempt this are "under geared." Ever since the new patch, it's almost impossible to beat him unless you are geared enough. Player skill can only get you as far as your gear. If you guys can't beat him solo, I recommend grouping up with some players that can. I was lucky enough to find a high dmg and 900+ loh weapon that makes my life much easier. I'm willing to help you kill Ghom OP if you want to pass him.

Right, but the problem is what you think is "geared enough" and what is ACTUALLY "geared enough" are two completely different things.

I soloed him with 0 LoH, 0 LpSS, and 84 LpS. I had ~23k dps, ~6k armor (with enchantress and shield), ~780 resist. It took me 3 tries, but I got him. Once you get a handle on how his attacks work, it makes it much easier.

Compare my stats to your suggestion of 1000 resist and 2200 LoH. Which do you think is easier to get? /ponder
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Just downed his !@#.

Key to this, when kiting, move the MINIMUM distance u need to escape the posion and wait for Ghom to come to you. That way u can keep the poison clouds tight together to give the clouds time to disappear before you complete a full rotation of the room. If you run around like a headless chicken and run away for miles you will spread poison everywhere. You only need to move 2-3 character lengths in the right direction to avoid the poison.

Stats : 29% crit, 21.5k dps, 42k hp, 650 all res, 1150 life on hit, 5800 armor, all unbuffed

Build : crippling wave (concussion), sweeping wind (cyclone), breath of heaven (blazing wrath), serenity (ascension), blinding flash (faith in the light) and mantra of conviction (overawe)

Basically maintained enough life to tank his hits, using his acid slimes for additional life on hit while waiting for him to come out of the posion. Avoided the poison cloud at all costs, and maximised DPS with overawe etc. Took about 3 minutes.

Thank you for this advice! Just tweaked my built a bit - as in swapping my dashing strike with sweeping wind. All of a sudden Ghom seems so much easier and down him immediately with this built.

Stats: 2100DEX, 700VIT, 900AR (buffed), 23k DPS 7000 Armour, 700LoH
Build: Deadly Reach, Blinding Flash, Serenity, Sweeping Wind, SSS, MoH
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Didn't have too hard of a time with him solo. Like someone else said, more people its much harder. Tried with my normal group and my DH for the first time, got waxed everytime getting ghom at about half life. So I took my monk in (after he was 60) and did it pretty easy. Then again I am at unbuffed 2k lps, 1200Loh, 1100 ar, 6900 armor, and 20k dps. Really though my gear wasn't that expensive. Aside from the weap, which i found i probably spent 5 mil total.
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Ghom is an easy one on solo. LOH and AS is the key to this. 1600 LoH and atleast 2.29 AS... My dps is just around 11-12k (with 2 daggers) and my resist is around 800 and 35k hp. Normally im a 2hand user but i switched to daggers for this one because of AS and LoH.

At the start of the fight activate sweeping wind with blade storm rune and face him head on using FoT with thunderclap rune and pop Blinding Flash to gain additional damage for 3 secs. Watch your hp here as it races against damage (AS+LoH vs Continious damage), when you're about to reach 1/4 hp, Heal with BoH to reach almost full hp again and as you wait for BoH to be available again, use mythic pots when you're about to reach 1/4 hp and serenity. Don't run away from ghom until you've used serenity and don't run all over the field. This will result in a gas room with no safe spot.

The only moment you' will let go of him is when you've used you're serenity. There will be a safe spot. Just stay there and wait for him to throw 2 slimeballs. Kill it to heal (beacuse of AS+LoH) when you're done, All of you're skills should be available execpt for serenity and you're at full hp again. Just repeat the same process and you'll eventually beat him ^^
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I killed ghom with zero life on hit and about 325-430 resists. My dps was around 27k unbuffed and my crit chance is 30% with crit dmg at 198%. My health was around 25k.
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I would also add that shift-clicking is your friend when you kite out of the cloud since it could allow you to strike toward Ghom or the acid puddles without running back into a cloud. Also reference to Claihm's remarking about blinding flash, it has an additional benefit in that if timed properly, can buy you time before Ghom farts out that gas cloud, which in turn allows you to squeeze off that extra little bit of dps, in addition to giving time for the other clouds in the area to dissipate. I agree with the others that this fight is tough to do as a group and its one of those things where the group would need to move in lock step or Ghom could switch targets and mess up the kiting.
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I have been stuck farming for well over a month as I thought Ghom would be impossible in a group and solo. Having read these tacs tonight, I thought i'd give it a try. 32k dps, 6.5k armor, 614 res, 0 LoH. Failed constantly to time the clouds right and died about 15 times. Went to AH and looked for ~650dps 950LoH weaps with no buyout and with only a few minutes remaining. They cost me 1.1mil and then i had 24k dps with 1900LoH. With the tips above I still died 3 or 4 times and then it clicked. All I had to do was time the farts properly and make sure I was not standing on the edge of the farts still being damaged. Sure the LoH would have helped but I got into the right rhythm and Ghom finally died.
Don't give up. Timing and positioning are crucial. You can do it!
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Having a real hard time with this guy. Have tried more and less tanky, more and less AR , various builds suggested above etc, still cant get him. Currently trying with 25K DPS, 34K HP, 35 crit chance 7369 armor with MoE and enchantress, and 739 AR. Build is StI, OwE, and Transcendence, DR/Foresight, SW/Cyclone, Serenity/Ascension, BoH/Blazing Wrath, MoE/Hard Target, and Blinding Flash/Faith in the Light.

As soon as I enter room, he gasses near himself and right by the door, is there anything I can do to not have him gas both places at the start ? The room just seems to start filling with gas way too fast. Also, when he spits the yellow gobs out, gas fills in around them sometimes, is that normal ? Where is the best place to start the fight with him ? I have not gotten him below half health, evidently am doing it wrong. Thanks for any help !
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First, guardians path is just not useful at your gear level and the act you are in. It also does nothting for this particular encounter.

There are two ways to do this at your dps level. The hard way is kiting in a 9-point circle and not making a single mistake. If you make a mistake you are toast.

An alternate is pick up a couple 800 loh weapons and an high loh ammy for 100k each and stand in the gas cloud with FOT. DPS and enrage won't matter when you have 2k LOH and resists over 720.
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LOL i solo GHOM... u just need to know how to fight him.
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not that hard fight, punch him until you start taking damage, backup a little bit, something like 10 yards in-game, just outside his immeditate gas thing. As long as you don't move TOO FAR OUT, he won't throw any long range gas clouds.. once the mob follows you, start beating him again, and repeat until dead.

It's about finesse and not so much about brute force.
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Thanks, but not using Guardians Path, passives are Seize Initiative, OwE and Transcendence. I have a slow 920 LoH wep, so will try just standing in the gas, but it seems I will die. Withe the high LoH wep I am at 2006 LoH and 714 AR, 19k dps and 34k HP.
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OK tried face tanking with 2000 LoH and 705 AR, he zapped me early, he was down maybe 20% health. Damn.
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LoL ok finally got the bastard. key for me was going 1500 LoH, while Dual wielding 2 Fist weps that each had 60 LpSS, while using Transcendence. Also used MoH with Boon of inspiration, giving me another 186 LoH. Had to pot once, health dipped a couple times, but just stood in the gas and whacked away. Thanks for the face tank advice.
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need more dps

killed with 500 resists just kite along the edge

you can do the same with any dps but it goes faster the more you have
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Add me, I'll kill him for you and you can watch. Just make sure you by my side and not across the room. You don't have to attack him. Just keep your distance from both myself and Gnom.
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Just finished solo run on Ghom in Inferno. Not easy at all. Spent the entire afternoon scouring sites with tips, and in the end, it just ends up being a long kiting session while avoiding his farts. My set up was basically the same, with the exception of Mantra of Health and the Soothing Breeze rune for Cyclone Strike, that I had utilized from Act 1 until that point in Inferno mode. Something interesting to note: all my resists were only at 368 before activating Mantra of Health (442 once active), so those stating that one would need over or close to a thousand to start with are exaggerating. Also, I dual wielded the fight.

This is my setup:
Fists of Thunder w/ Lightning Flash
Dashing Strike w/Blinding Speed
Serenity w/Peaceful Repose
Sweeping Wind w/Blade Storm
Cyclone Strike w/Soothing Breeze
Mantra of Health w/ Time of Need

Passives are:
Seize the Initiative
One with Everything
Beacon of Ytar

Here's my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/roger-1392/hero/20656139

I found that fighting while zoomed in helps, especially when trying to maneuver just out of the farts. Tank as needed, once farts, drop serenity, then move just outside of farts. Replenish health as often as needed and kill those blobs for the health bubbles that will help immensely. Take it slow, easy, and try not to move all over the place as Ghom will just fart up the whole place once you do that, eliminating any exit strategy and killing you in the process.

Any of the followers will do; they are merely decoys meant to slow him down a bit.

I hope this info helps any who have just begun their fight with Gasbag Ghom in Inferno mode. Enemies afterwards in the battlefields area are a bit harder because of the amount that comes rushing towards you and the speed they are traveling at (especially in the case of elites).
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I solo'd Ghom for the first time last night Post 1.0.4. I'm not decked to be honest. 20k DPS 500Resist 30k HP 1k LoH.

All I did really was gently kite him to edge of gas clouds. Let him do his fart move, kite a little more. The more running around you do the higher chance of death since he lays his gas clouds down where you are.

Try that. Worked for me, seems fool proof.
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