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So, I came up against A4 Izual i NM b/c no one was in A1 Hell farming.

Yea he's even more of a bad !@# now... his frozen crystals almost came up non stop and forced me at some points to back off for minute b/c my first 2 frozen escaped were on CD and had just used my potion.

Before I wiped my A** with his face, now I feel it's almost the other way around.

So BEWARE OF IZUAL fellow melee characters
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I'm playing a melee wizard heading into Act 4 hell right now, I haven't faced Izual since nightmare which was pre-patch.

I'm kinda nervous, I have to admit. Izzy might end my pet project's life.
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if you are playing monk,serenity + Seven sided strike can dodge them easily.Not saying you will have 100% uptime (infact you wont) but helps alot
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Yeah I played him on Hell the other night, and if I had been alone, I am sure I would have died. But I was in a party of 4, so there were lots of distractions and we eventually took him down.

But yeah, I was a Barb, so I was right in his face... and I was frozen about 90% of the fight. Those bombs just would not stop. I think it's a little silly now; they should probably scale it back just a bit.
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Izual last night for me NM was easier this time around than before. As a barb I go frenzy/seismic slam/ground stomp in rotation to where he's getting stunned if/when his bombs go off, sometimes he didn't even cast the frozen bombs, just massive freezes from mechanics. I also make sure that when he summons the minions I can get a few yards away to seismic slam them to (hopefully) stun them.
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Thats weird I was thinking he was easier now. I was doing him in Hell and I felt like even though I was frozen most of the time, particularly if I stood still, he did WAY less dmg. My resists were around 450 all without barb buff.. i think I did it solo, with ranged and with barb since the patch.
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It should be noted that the mob that stands in your way on the bridge (he's purple.. has a crazy frontal hammer attack) has been buffed. To the point that he almost one shot my Barbarian. He enrages literally five seconds into the fight. Anyone remember his name? I'm drawing a blank.
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