When I was a little kid I played WC2 for the first time. Actually I saw it being played, I didn't really get to play it bc it was my friends, and he can hardly be blamed for sitting on his swiveling throne of plastic and pleather issuing commands to his numberless horde with the constant clicking of his scepter. How I coveted that scepter. I wanted to be king, bc that game looked OMFG cool. I remember so vividly the 16 bit blue Blizzard logo. The imagery it evoked of fantasy worlds hidden by a snow storm and heroes trudging tirelessly through the storm were enthralling.

And that was what it was like for all of us back then. Games like WC and Diablo were a fairly novel thing. Not much had been seen on this planet like it. For those of us who were enamored with stories like Lord of the Rings, it seemed like the world of fantasy had suddenly become a place we could join. We couldn't wait to be grown, and have the power to buy all those games. We would gladly pay the price bc they weren't games they were artifacts with the power to port us to another world.

The games offered more than just entertainment, the games inspired us to be creative (who didn't play WC or read LOTR and not want to make the next game like it or become the next Tolkien), perceive beauty where it wasn't usually perceived, be heroic and upstanding, and much more. Blizzard, like all artists, had the power to influence minds for the better. Now we're all grown up and have that power. We are able to rekindle the magical spark from our childhood, but sadly when it comes to our first love Blizzard, all we're left with is dieing embers.

This is what blizzard is now....

I logged in the next day after the patch, sensed something very invalid about my character during combat but wasn't sure what. The night b4 I was rofpwning everything in A2I, but 12 hours later, out of 5 elites, I couldn't kill one. Finally I noticed the bugs, and I had my fill at that point. *Uninstalled. What a waste of 300 hours developing my character. Its obvious that blizzard can't actually fix anything in a timely manner and what would be the point in waiting around for months for a playable game, bc that's exactly what happened with this bug - WD's became unplayable.

A company that used to offer something special to people now can rarely offer a product that is worth the money. How is it ok to take ppl's money for a service which is frequently unavaliable and when it is available is seriously broken. Its even worse in other places like Korea, who's servers go down almost daily. And I'm only referring to all the technical issues bc their inexcusable. I'm not even going to get started on the quality of the game. The lack of balance, the shoddy mechanics, and one of the worst stories I've ever seen - filled with Deus Ex, foreshadowing that doesn't so much build tension and foreshadow but instead punches u in the face and screams at u whats going to happen next, incredibly superficial character development with frequently terrible voice actors, and I could go on but why.... standardless noobs are only going to comment on how they liked the story and how there isn't any major problems.

Be smart. Uninstall and never buy a game from this company again. NERF THE HELL (literally, eh hem) OUT OF THEIR PROFITS. And move onto a product made by a company that is new like Blizz used to be. A company that still has that creative fire and who's goal is to make a good product knowing that profit will come from that rather than make half-assed products and suck every last drop of profit out of it. If this were any other product ppl would be at the stores demanding refunds, but bc its a game and has become convention to refuse refunds there is no accountability for failure - nothing happens.

What can u do? Nothing, but don't be stupid enough to buy more of their games. Blizzard had made very few good games in their 20 years of existence. Those games were significant landmarks for the industry but honestly their not offering anything all that special anymore - mostly just a bunch of recycled trash.

They clearly don't care about their customers, but they do care about their customers money. And u can tell by the way they prioritize things. What kind of company sells a product that frequently doesn't work, and when it does is broken to the point of not being able to use it for what its intended to be used for. Then only puts immediate effort into fixing problems that have the most immediate affect on their sales. Nerf the game so the noobs with money keep playing and using the RMAH and tell their noob friends so they buy the game. As for the few players who care about game balance and skill - well they already gave us their money so w/e - we'll get to them when we do.