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The TRUTH Behind 1.0.3 - Hidden Footprints!

06/21/2012 12:35 AMPosted by Ethercircuit

Hold on a minute. You mean Blizzard wants to keep people playing its game? This is an outrage!

You're missing the point. They are doing in a very lame and shady way. If the game was fun and good they wouldn't have to try to keep people playing.

yes, exactly. It's not WHAT they're doing, it's HOW they're doing it.
Unfortunately I agree with the OP overall. While it's not possible to prove and is subject to perception without pre patch drop tables, I have to admit the drops feel worse overall in act 3+ despite being able to do a 5 stack runs amazingly fast, nearly twice as fast as before the patch.

The repair cost was just bad design overall, and the non-death part of that is being assessed so it remains a bit hasty to comment further on it presently.

The damage/ias change was absolutely a good thing, and it does allow for build versatility, but the IAS part of it was too heavy-handed. If they left weapon IAS untouched and nerfed the rest as it stands now, or, used a DR approach it would have worked out much more better for the geared and ungeared players.

I hope for the best and plan for the worst. Break the cycle of bad decisions, please, Blizzard personnel.
here's my tldr...

you and a bunch of ppl who put a3 and 4 on farm used every exploit possible to get it on farm status in the very first place. i.e. Act skip/goblin farm with checkpoints whatever you wanna put there. Drops came to you and the rest of ppl, who exploited game to hell, at so much ease, gold flow was pretty much unlimited, the inflation destroyed the AH for newcomers.

All Blizzard needed to do is wipe everything completely, but ofc such move would be to radical, so they nerfed everything to slow down gold influx from bots or whatever - i suppose least they can do, which only punished legitimate players.

Oh, sorry they nerfed your drop rates, so you could not make any more off RMAH.

I have a lot of time on my hands and i played legitimately. I admit, after about 200 hours of blood, sweat, and tears getting to act 3 on my barbarian (back in may, when the AH wasn't already full of act 3 stuff), I rerolled as a DH. Spent about a million and I was farming act 3, that's how broken DH is. I admit it, lol, everyone knew it.

Honestly though, I'm not here complaining about how DH got nerfed, or how farming sucks now, or anything like that. I'm just saying this is what happened, real talk style.

Trust me, it's not good for anyone except blizzard. You were better off grinding for 3 months to get to act 3 and have decent drop rates. Because now even when you get to act 3, it's just a bunch of garbage. 1.0.3 literally slowed down the game for everyone and it's really just their way of buying time until they can add more content.
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I’ve always been a huge Blizzard fan. Diablo 3, while kind of disappointing at the moment, is a great game with lots of potential.

Exactly what i had in mind. After a few A3 runs i was one of the people who thought the drop rates stayed the same. I just thought people were having a bad run. I was so wrong, I was the one who was on a good run. It makes sense, 8% drop rate means that 1 in 12 items is ilvl 63. Obviously i ain't got any number to back up what i'm saying, but my feeling is that ilvl 63 used to drop more often than that before the patch.
As for why they changed this, my gut feeling is that the overall the same number of ilvl 62-63 gear will enter the game economy, it's just that they'll be spread among more players. Not only high end loot has a chance of dropping in lower acts, but inferno was nerfed overall so more players will farm higher acts. Sure, it may be unfair to the people who used to farm A3, but who cares about them anyway? They're the minority, the well geared and rich guys that everyone hates. I should have known better after what happened in wow that it will be the good players, the ones that managed to beat the challenge will get the short end of the stick.
I'm one of the guys who was constantly farming A3 before the patch, doing 25mins cyd/azmo runs. Regardless of how much i'll try to improve my play or gear, there's nowhere else i can farm to get ahead of the pack. Blizzard is slowly trying to artificially bring everyone at the same level, just like they did in wow.
It may be fine to you if everyone has the same chance at good loot, but is it fine if skill and effort makes way less of a difference? Hell, it will probably get to the point when it will make no difference, when farming D3 will be just like a lottery. The game will be designed so that everyone farms the same stuff, with luck deciding who gets the best loot. The RMAH will be a way to earn real money from the loot lottery. I honestly hope that if that happens, D3 will be considered online gambling(sort of a freeroll at valuable stuff) and the feds pull a UIGEA on Blizzard's a$$.
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nice read.

im about to quit and go back to wow. i tho i was going to progress a lot once the patch hit on my barb but didnt went that way, im still getting crush by some afixes combinations with 1000+ resist all, 9k armor, 12k dps, 50k hp on my barb.

i finish the game already on my demon hunter that i cant longer play because even with 500 resist all im getting demolish by some mobs, sure i take 3-4 hits now but some mobs are imposible to kite at the end i still die.

i wish i get enough gold to buy the gear i need to cruise trough act 3 (on magda) and act 4 but i cant afford to pay 10 mill for a stormshield when im spending 100k-300k on repairs just to get out of act 4 without skiping any pack.

i really notice that drops on siegebreaker went to the ground 1 week prior patch, now is even worse, garbage everywhere, the rare ilvl 63 items i get are even worse than most ilvl 62 and some ilvl 57 items are plain better than most of the loot i could get on butcher runs.

cant do ghom now since he is imposible without 1000 resist and 20k dps (lawl), moloks still run away and just plain spam fireballs to the face then go in and melee you 3 times for crazy damage then run away same as before.

i really dont know wtf they want us to do (besides of buying gear off the RMAH).

i dont think i will play for more than a week. i cant even farm since repair cost are so retarded.
Bump for JUSTICE.

Blizzard makes me sick to my stomach. They are more shady and underhanded than the government. Blatantly lying to our faces.. and they know that people know the TRUTH. We need way more of these kinds of threads, it is really sad that this is where Blizzard has ended up.

Almost every single thing they do is shady, treating loyal customers and fans like complete idiots with the brain capacity of a 5 yr old.

They completely failed at making a FUN game and still only have $$ in mind. I spent 6 hours farming today and got absolute TRASH. Wtf kind of game doesn't reward you for sitting down for 6 hours?

If blizz had any balls whatsoever they would man up and stop being greedy underhanded corporate failures. Blizzard, you fail. For any somewhat intelligent person, seeing "Blizzard" only makes them think of one thing.. just another greedy corp with doesn't give a @$%! about anything else (ie. making good games, making changes without rmah in mind, etc) besides how to exploit their consumers and extract as much $$ from each individual as possible.

It would be nice if the rmah was simply implemented and left alone. The thought being something like "well implement a rmah, but not expect or rely on any $$ it generates. it is their simply because our gamers may want to utilize it. once implemented, we will make no changes or strategies to try and maximize rmah use." It makes me sad that blizzard is no longer capable of these kind of ideas.

Funny that the Aspect of Justice is a large part of this game.. what a damn joke. Where is justice for the true gamer? Justice for people like me, who were led by false beliefs that blizzard was a company for the gamers. Blizz had their cash cow, and instead of making one of the greatest games to ever be created(do you guys understand what pre-WoW blizz would have done with a diablo game with these production values?!), they completely sold out.

Blizz you shamed yourselves, disappointed your fans (the ones who once understood the soul of blizzard) and worst of all the gaming world as a whole. What a sad world we live in.

(im high)

As for why they changed this, my gut feeling is that the overall the same number of ilvl 62-63 gear will enter the game economy, it's just that they'll be spread among more players.

yeah, pretty much. Good loot is few and far between, but now everyone is looting it. So you would think that overall, the same amount of high end gear would enter the economy. And it might, maybe that's how they planned it out.

But as a player, on an individual level, the lowered drop rates really make it much less rewarding to play the game. And i think that's where they screwed up.

Again, I'm not really complaining or anything. I was actually looking forward to being able to farm good gear from lower acts, because I love playing my barbarian and the glass cannon 1 shot deaths were getting really old. But the drop rates now seriously suck - they're really milking us here.
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I stopped reading right here:
"Bots were crushing jars and looting dead adventurers making 500k + gold / hour"

I'm sure the rest of your words might have held weight but I'm not going to waste my time if you're just going to make !@#$ up.
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Brilliant post. Well written and articulate.

It's too bad nothing will come of this post.
This is 100% correct.
I stopped reading right here:
"Bots were crushing jars and looting dead adventurers making 500k + gold / hour"

With about 230% GF, you could run through the royal crypts, crush all the jars, and you'd have piles of gold that were 2000+ gold each. Get some run speed boots, and you could run through there in a matter of minutes (like 5 mins tops) and make like 20k, 30k, easy. When you're making that much in like 3 minutes, you can make quite a bit in a hour.

Then people moved it up to the jars in act 4 , before izual or ikual or whatever his name is. At the time, you could also get loot out of jars.

so yeah...
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Meiz, unfortunately you're wasting your own time in disbelief. There are videos of people running scripts to make millions of gold/hr over multiple accounts 24 hours a day.

It's still out there, and it sucks for the legit players. In the meantime, just because you don't believe it does not mean it does not exist.
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Nephalem Valor guaranteed rares = Smoke Bomb, blinding you from the truth. The rate at which high-end (high iLvl) items are introduced to the game has been nerfed overall.

There's been a flood of high DPS weapons - both magic and rare - on the AH since the patch, and the price for a weapon of X DPS has dropped significantly because of the flooding. I've been watching them the last two days and 1200 DPS crossbows have dropped several million as the market gets flooded. Same with all other weapon types.

As someone who exploited insane DPS through AIS, you might not be killing as fast in Act 3, and are thus noticing an overall decrease in loot. Your personal experience does not denote a game wide occurrence.
Lovely. It was bad, yet it's worse now.

I read a blue response on the forums regarding attack speed earlier saying "we nerfed attack speed because it was the most apparent overpowered stat". Truth is though crit/crit dmg is just as overpowered when stacked, it was just not what the majority was striving for. I have seen wizards with 230k dmg all crit/crit dmg/int stacked which is way higher than for example my wizard at the time. I had almost max attk speed on every slot possible except for bracers and I got to 120k dmg max (no familiar or energy armor - pinpoint barrier) , blizzard is oblivious to what is actually going on and if they want to nerf stuff, nerf it all at once, don't fool people into buying the other alternative loot when chances are they are going to nerf it next. I am not spending any gold on anything until they figure their !@#$ out.
I like how I am also unable to use the RMAH on the US servers as my permanent residency is in Germany, saved me lots of troubles and frustration.
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