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The TRUTH Behind 1.0.3 - Hidden Footprints!

What blizzard did was basically the usual oil price outrage/government save the day scenario.

Where the gaz price jumped ridiculously within a year and then the government, in an "effort" to "save us", took "measure" to control the prices by facing the "evil" oil tycoons that totally do not control them.

And thus the prices were reduced by 10%!

Of course at the end of the day, the prices still increased by something like 90%. But hey. It could have been 10% more right?!

P.s : not caring about the whiners or even agreeing with them. Half of you could quit and jump off a bridge as far as I am concerned. However, anyone not realizing what blizzard did are complete morons.

I will however continue to support these nerfs since I went most of you noobs out of my game.
First off, I'll give you the TLDR:

  • Patch 1.0.3 = damage control in an attempt to fix D3's economy and keep you playing.
  • Nephalem Valor guaranteed rares = Smoke Bomb, blinding you from the truth. The rate at which high-end (high iLvl) items drop has been nerfed to the point where the game is no longer rewarding or fun to play
  • Nerf drops from vases, pots, and dead adventurers = stop gold find bots, the easy way, punish everyone, and kill a cool part of diablo.
  • If you were farming acts 3/4 prior to 1.0.3, you will probably notice and either give up or give in. It doesn't matter, because you're the minority.
  • If you were stuck in acts 1/2 prior to 1.0.3, you have no idea. This does matter, because you're the majority, and the patch makes things "seem" better on the surface. You're more likely to continue playing.

And onto the conspiracy theories:

Patch 1.0.3 looks great on the surface, but it was really a huge nerf - obviously damage control in an attempt to repair D3’s economy. Many players who have been stuck farming act 1 and 2 inferno have no idea what really happened. I’ll break it down from the beginning for you.

Originally (pre 1.0.3), Inferno was designed to be a huge grind where it was very difficult to progress. The gear that dropped in act 1 was mostly garbage. It was designed to take a while farming act 1 in order to get geared to the point where you could start farming act 2. And so on for act 2, and 3, etc. Each act was significantly harder, and there was a “wall” in difficulty between acts. You had to really, really farm one act, get the best possible loot from that act, before you had any chance (or reason) to play the next act.

However, a number of things happened that caused this to backfire and players were able to progress through acts faster than blizzard had anticipated:

  • Bots were crushing jars and looting dead adventurers making 500k + gold / hour
  • Players were skipping into later acts using bugs – no legitimate progression required
  • Certain class / build combinations (namely, glass cannon DH / wiz) were able to farm high end gear efficiently
  • Treasure goblin farming
  • Clever use of checkpoints to farm the same elites over and over very quickly and efficiently
  • Insert [easy way to farm gear better than you're supposed to be farming] here

Gold and high end items were being brought into the game economy faster than blizzard had anticipated. On top of that, the vast majority of people were stuck in act 1 (as intended), but Blizzard realized many people were getting sick of the gear check / “wall” between acts. Many people don’t want to grind act 1 inferno over and over for a month just to tackle act 2 inferno. They’re seeing a lot of players leaving the game, and they need people farming inferno so they can continue make money from the RMAH.

So, people are sick of inferno and dropping like flies. Blizzard has to keep people interested and playing, so they make a big beautiful promise in the form of patch 1.0.3. On the surface, patch 1.0.3 looks like this:

  • Nephalem Valor guarantees rare drops! Players are able to loot rare items consistently! High end items will now drop from lower acts! You can farm the best gear in the game in act 1!
  • Slight fix to attack speed! Don’t worry, it’s cool guys! We’ll figure something out! We are going to listen to your input!

The announcement of 1.0.3 was like Blizzard shining some light of hope down the dark tunnel at us. It made us feel reassured – the game was a little rough around the edges, but it has a lot of potential. We’ll wait it out and keep playing, because 1.0.3 is going to make things way better.

1.0.3 rolls over like a !@#$ storm. What did 1.0.3 REALLY do? What is the TRUTH behind 1.0.3? I’ll tell you:

  • Instead of going directly after bots and banning botters via anti-cheat measures (Warden), they figured out what botters were doing and put an end to it by nerfing it to the ground. Presto. You can’t loot valuable items from jars, vases, dead adventurers anymore. They got rid of gold find bots, which is great, but at the same time those bots ruined it for everyone and now you can’t loot anything valuable from jars, vases, etc anymore.
  • They made it possible for higher level gear to drop from lower acts in inferno, BUT they ninja nerfed the drop rate of high end gear in later acts. Prior to 1.0.3 a small minority of players were able to farm acts 3 and 4 very effectively – too effectively. Players were farming the best high end items in the game at a rate that was causing the economy to tank. Nothing you could farm in act 1 or 2 was really worth anything, because blues from acts 3 and 4 were so common and significantly better. Blizzard ninja nerfed drop rates of high iLvl items in acts 3/4 order to make high-end loot more valuable.

The majority of players think 1.0.3 is a good thing, and they have no idea. They were stuck in act 1 looting a bunch of level 50-59 garbage and they weren’t getting anywhere. Now we can kill elites in act 1 and get fill our inventory with rares easy as pie!

A number of players who were farming acts 3 and 4 prior to 1.0.3 have made threads regarding this issue. I understand that random loot is random – sometimes you get lucky, a lot of times you don’t get lucky. I realize the patch has only been out a day. But if you’ve been farming act 3 for the last month, you’re kind of used to it and have a good idea of what kind of loot you’ll typically get.

You don’t have to believe me, I mean you can keep farming and farming and get there and see for yourself, but the rate at which high end (high iLvl) loot drops has been severely nerfed overall. This has been done to make these items more valuable and hold over the end game of diablo 3 (and the RMAH) for a while longer.

People are farming tons and tons of rares now, going back to town every 5 minutes and identifying a bunch of stuff. They’ve been stuck in act 1 and 2 for a month, and they don’t know any better. Unfortunately, they’re blind to what really happened here – blinded by all of the guaranteed rares dropping all over the place. Most of which are complete garbage.

Blizzard hasn’t and won’t release the drop rates prior to 1.0.3 because they actually nerfed them overall. Sure, you might be getting tons of rares, but overall the high iLvl items are much more rare now and are being introduced to the economy at a lower rate - per player. EXCEPT... more players are looting them. So I guess overall, loot is probably coming into the game at the same rate, except as a player on an individual level, it's just much, much less rewarding. Basically everything is garbage.

Thanks to lowered drop rates (not so obvious) and crazy repair bills (obvious), the price of gold has stabilized and is no longer dropping in value. The value of gold actually appears to be slightly increasing since 1.0.3 was released. Working exactly as intended. In order to alleviate the complaints about repair bills, blizzard will probably slightly reduce the rate at which durability is lost, or something along those lines. They’ll do something to make it “seem” better, but it’ll most likely remain rather expensive to repair. The repair bills, in combination with the IAS DPS nerf, and re-tooling of certain boss mechanics (reflect damage on siegebreaker, etc) make farming later acts with glass cannons no longer viable.

I know it sounds like a conspiracy and you don’t have to believe it. There's no way to really PROVE it, because it is random. I understand that. If you were regularly farming acts 3 and 4 prior to the patch, you’ll see what’s been done here - in the form of a "gut feeling". If you were stuck in acts 1 and 2 like most people, you won’t know any better. And more power to you! I wish Diablo 3 was still fun.

EDIT: My main point here I guess, is basically the game is now less rewarding for the individual player. I don't know what the drop rates were previously, but once you got to act 3, you'd get some good items and it was fun. It was rewarding to play. Maybe a bit too rewarding. Now, it's just not even remotely rewarding unless you're incredibly lucky.

I could go on about this forever, and give you my opinion regarding how things are being handled in this game, but there's plenty of that garbage on the forums already. I just wanted to throw out my opinion regarding how this patch was handled, because seriously - there are some hidden footprints taking place.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a huge Blizzard fan. Diablo 3, while kind of disappointing at the moment, is a great game with lots of potential.

Best of luck to everyone playing! I cashed out on the RMAH and I’m done until they iron it out, add some PvP, and so on. It’s kind of funny when you think about it actually – it’s absolutely brilliant that Blizzard made quite a bit of money just because I quit playing! What kind of a game MAKES MONEY when you quit? That’s absolutely brilliant. I truly hope they can take all the money they’re milking out of the RMAH and turn it into a game that’s worth playing.


I totally agree with you
I hear you, and maybe I'm weird, but I'm solving this simply by considering killing Hell Diablo and getting to level 60 as "finishing the game". This Inferno idea... It never really stuck to me. I'm ready to start a new character when I've killed Hell Diablo, and once I'm done with that, well, then I guess I'm pretty much done.

Inferno? It's more like "bonus content" for me. If I can get a fair bit into Act 1 or even 2 with my build, great! But I'm not going to wreck my (IRL or in-game gold) finances and grind for months just to get further. Where the hell is the fun in that. It's a difficulty level I don't think have much reason to exist. I would much have preferred an "endless dungeon" in Hell instead of this, or at least near-endless, as in making it 50 levels where each level is slightly harder than the one before. If you die, you start at 1 again with full respawns. Heck, make five such dungeons so we can pick and choose for variety for the end-game. A fourth time to play through all acts just starts feeling a bit much for my taste. "Belial's plans discovered once again!"
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I miss the days when gaming companies made their money based on content and gameplay. Now it's about exploiting the players. We're being regulated and lied to. There were things excluded from the patch notes for a reason.
I stopped reading when I saw your complaint about vases (breakables) drops. It is very sad to see people call it fun opening chests/breaking vases. Definetely that's not the Diablo I want to play. This was a good change since it will stop (some) bots and make players do what it is supposed to do: kill things.
Inferno IS supposed to be hard to beat. If you are unconfortable with that, stop playing in hell and reroll a new character. If you want challenge, do the math, be insistent, try, and progress in inferno one step at a time. Everything in life is frustrating when you don't beat it at the first time, but more rewardable once you do it.
If you prefer to keep breaking vases: "Use RMAH. L2P Noob!"

I stopped when you said "what they're supposed to do." It's a god damn game. You shouldn't be forced to do anything. If you like a certain part of the game, why should the developers tell you they don't like that you like that part of the game, and take it away?

There was a game mechanic that allowed some people to farm pots. This is very tedious and boring but if you can do it for hours, more power to you! I work the AH. I've made more than 100 million buying/reselling. That's not the correct way to make money in this game.

I'm sure they'll end up limiting the amount you can buy/sell in a week or something to stop this and force people to go to the RMAH.

Like the OP said, Blizz is lazy and didn't want to implement better security, so they took the easy way out and candy coated it.

I bear Inferno Diablo and was farming A3 and A4.

The game is much less fun since 1.03 was released.
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06/20/2012 11:39 PMPosted by philwinkel
Blizzard hasn’t and won’t release the drop rates prior to 1.0.3 because they actually nerfed them overall. Sure, you might be getting tons of rares, but overall the high iLvl items are much more rare now and are being introduced to the economy at a lower rate - per player. EXCEPT... more players are looting them. So I guess overall, loot is probably coming into the game at the same rate, except as a player on an individual level, it's just much, much less rewarding. Basically everything is garbage.

This is spot on. Nobody knows exactly what the droprates were for each act but right now it seems as if higher quality (ilvl) loot has become more exclusive since the patch. Loot affixes are random. Most of the time you get mediocre or crappy loot. Before the patch you felt like you at least had a chance to get a good item if you were able to put up a solid farm.

Today after several hours of farming I found literally one single ilvl 63 item (archon). I found tons of level *53-55* items in act 3 inferno. Pre-patch the vast majority of items were lvl 59-60 req. and ilvl 59-62. In order to land a high quality item with good affixes you need lottery winning luck.

Call it my perception that's misleading me all you want, it certainly feels as if the droprates have been nerfed. It really feels as if farming the later acts just isn't rewarding at all and you're better off mega-speed farming act 1 since the difference in quality doesn't drop off that much.
You missed a couple of big points. One is that the IAS nerf almost entirely counterbalances the damage reduction of inferno mobs because it massively nerfs ranged characters and reduces spirit/fury regen on melee characters. The other is that people who spent almost 2 million on an infernal staff of herding now can't do anything with it because whimsyshire is less lucrative than the far easier to fight Act 3 zones.

And don't any blues come in here and try to say infernal staff of herding is for the "novelty." The level is novel, yes, but upgrading the staff wouldn't be so expensive if there weren't a promise of cool loot in there, which is now gone with the magicfind and environment nerfs.
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Blizzard, bringing you crappier loots and expensive repair bills.

since patch 1.0.3
OP has some great points and there are a few things I would like to add to this.

It's obvious to me that Blizzard has always been aiming for majority of their revenue to come by RMAH - I personally don't think there is nothing wrong with that, Blizzard is still a company at the end of the day and all that really counts is profit margins and recurring revenue.

Whilst Patch 1.0.3 is pretty radical it is the ONLY way they will be able to control the flow of gold throughout the game. Without it - the RMAH will continue to see prices skyrocket leading the one thing that Blizzard does not want - ZERO Transactions!!!

I think they have looked at the influx of mobile app gaming and their revenue models have simply agreed that people would much rather pay for in game upgrades with cash as opposed to subscription fees. Hence some kind of research and formula would have been completed to create a perfect balance between number of transactions and cost of items sold based off their WoW experiences, looking companies like Zynga, Rovio who have generated significant revenue via in game upgrades and probably more importantly eBay as the RMAH is utilizing a very similar revenue sharing model.

An extremely conservative example would be this: -
1.5 Mil Players online with a very conservative estimate that 1% of those players will use the RMAH to buy a single high quality item at an average transaction value of $20.00 at least once per month. With a 15% revenue share model going back to Blizzard they would generate only $3 per transaction which is bugger all but when that is multiplied by that 1% of 1.5 that would equal $45000.00 in revenue. While that may not sound like much, thats based on an assumption that of that transaction only occurring once per month for any single player. If that increases to an average of 4 time per month that would deliver $180000 per month and ultimately over 2mil per year in revenue.

So by decreasing the availability of high quality items and controlling the flow of gold in farming, it should in theory bring prices of items down in the RMAH which will entice more people to purchase items in that method.

The changes in Patch 1.0.3 to me were made very obviously that they noticed a combination of the following things that would ONLY affect the RMAH -
- Number of transactions and values in AH
- Number of transactions and values in RMAH at launch

When they probably realised that this was not where they needed to be you got the OP's analysis regarding item drops.

Yes Blizzard WANTS you to use the RMAH but they aren't dumb enough to think that players would spend $150 - 250 per high quality item. They are trying to create balance in the price of items so that players WILL spend $20 - $50 per high quality item.
Yea I quit game after realizing pre-patch ilvl 63 for act 3 was closer to 20%. Reduced my DH effective damage by 60% and lower my farming rate by 50% nty, time to sell gear for cash.
You say people getting all these rares from A3 and 4 was tanking the economy but then say that post-patch there's probably the same amount being introduced because more people are finding them. That doesn't make any sense FYI.

Also I farmed A2 yesterday and have made $35 from the drops alone on the RMAH, along with 1-2 million in gold drops. This is in contrast to pre-patch where I'd usually find 1-2 million worth of gold items if I were lucky.

And you're saying that it sucks that more people are getting good loot, instead of few individuals getting amazing loot, I'm sorry it's not as rewarding for you anymore, but for the vast majority it is.
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I really love it when i have 5NV and azmodan drops three !@#$ing ilvl51 gears.
and oh, act4 loves to drop ilvl54's and ilvl 59's now.

THERE is a reason why we farm ACT3 and ACT4.

That is NOT to get ilvl59 items and below
EXAGGERATIONS ROCK! And also, presuming to know Blizzard's intentions and labeling them with what you think their reasoning was is ridiculous. "Blizzard had to..." is the beginning of a sentence I know will be hilariously incorrect conjecture. How do you know their motives and reasoning? Do you work at the upper levels of the design team at Blizzard? If so, why are you badmouthing your own company? If not (which is the case), why don't you STOP SENSATIONALIZING A BALANCE PATCH.

You will get more rares in the same amount of total farming time from farming an act worth of elites and bosses, from start to finish, than you would have from boss runs in the previous incarnation.

That means (gasp) this is a buff in acts 3 and 4 as well. You're getting more items, and they're guaranteed to boot.

You are pretty naive about corporate America for being an Ultramerican:) I agree that conjecture is not fact, but if you've ever worked for a big corporation, its not hard to step in their shoes and see what benefits the company or product. This game can pay off bigtime for Blizzard if they keep a handle on the game economy. By taking (lower drop rates on bosses, no items from purple mobs, risk free farming, etc.) and giving (increased drop rates for elites) they can keep people going after the carrot and at the same time throttle the economy.
It smart business on their part to try and slow the game down at the same time they bring more players "into the loop" of having a chance to get a decent top end item occasionally.

And its perfectly ok for the average player! Thats the genius of it. The people that are really chapped are the ones that had the time, money, and ingenuity to cash in before this patch. Now that particular gravy train is not going to run so well...
I love the new patch, I can finally farm A2/3 and I already found a 900 dps ilvl 63 weapon, what would have never happened before.
Now that the glass cannon is fixed we won't have these few rich demon hunters who are dying a billion times in A4 but still can kill the elites and get valuable items.
They completed destroyed the last hopes for this game.

Back in my days bosses dropped items. Not tomes of secret.

To the Torch Lightertory!
Brilliant post, please sticky this.
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