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Over 72 hours and still restricted....


I have purchased Diablo 3 from battle.net well over 3 days ago and STILL i cannot proceed past act 1 after killing the skeleton king over and over and over again. It repeatedly tells me that i need to upgrade my account.

They already took the money from my bank account and i received an email confirming my purchase as well. I would like a blue response to this and i have ALREADY submitted a ticket.

This is unacceptable, treating your customers. I have called the 1800-592-5499 all day yesterday and today regarding this issue and still they either cut the line or it says to call back at a later time.

Someone help me?
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I see that you've submitted a ticket and are currently awaiting investigation. That being said, I'm looking at your account and it appears the restrictions have been lifted. Do you mind logging in and out of the game fully to see if you're still experiencing the issue?
i have recived a email stating that my payment was good but yet i cant pass act 1 as well this is annoying and in the threads it also says if i bought the game after 1.0.3 then i cant play till they fix it ???
Well i have beaten the skeleton king ( The act 1 conclusion thingy) and as soon as the king dies, the game prompts me to purchase the fully game. Any way you can help me fix it? I really just want to get what i paid for and i am confused why this issue is still lingering.

Thank you for being prompt and responding, i appreciate it!
and also i have done all the same things as Xyrutano with the calling this is ridiculous that we cant just play the game within 24 hrs but we should really be able to play the game right away they say the reason is due to fraud and people scamming then if thats the case if it is fraud or scamming wouldnt u guys find out and when u do u could lock the account then not when we buy it and then hae to wait for 3 days
if this issue is not resolved i would appreciate a full refund so i can go buy it on disk so i dont have to wait if i would have knowen this i would have never did it this way also it would have been nice to have been warned about this before paying for it thanxs
I complete agree with xXMunkeyXx doesn't it seem ironic and hypocritical for you guys to take my money but not supply me with what i purchased? and Medearn i know you are not to blame as you are just a forum mod but i mean its frustrating that even after waiting i can't get the game
Is there some way we can know if the restrictions have been lifted? Is Blizzard just going to make us fight the Skeleton King over and over until it works? How am I supposed to organize a game with friends if I don't know if I can play past the Skeleton King with them? I didn't pay $60+ for a demo version.
ya i would love to know how we are spose to know i am alrdy bored of act one i have ran it a !@#$ ton of times MY CREDIT CARD IS GOOD AND I AM NOT A SCAMMER LET ME PLAY THIS GAME PLZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have the same problem... URRGHT
Trevophoria is complete right, like am i just aimlessly going to repeat the boring quests over and over... i don't mean to rage at you but this is ridiculous. I'm sorry but i thought the management and workers for Nexon Corporate America, creators of Maplestory and mabinogi, dragonnest and combat arms were incompetent and had no care for their players but now i pay $60 and get treated equally as bad...
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At the moment, no, I don't think there's a way to know when the restrictions have been lifted. We are working on ensuring that you can still level up and progress through the game during this review period, so that should hopefully help with much of the frustration that players are experiencing.

Xyrutano - can you try using the reset password method? If you go through the process here, https://us.battle.net/account/support/password-reset.html, it has been known to "re-sync" your game with our account services. Please ensure you fully close the game before doing this.
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06/22/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Chronos
I have the same problem... URRGHT

Your game, too, was just recently purchased and may still be under review. However, I'm seeing that the review has been completed, so you may have some luck with the password reset method.
Mod Medearn: I reset my password and still it shows only up to the skeleton king available... should i do the quest again to see if i can even go past it?
what about me Medearn has mine been completed cause i got the eamil stating that my puchuse was good
Same here I bought the game a few hours ago and as soon as I hit level 13 it thanks me for playing the starter edition and to upgrade.. please FIX.
i bought my game about 25 hrs ago and got the email for the purchase what a fustrating process
It has been over 72 hours, yet my restrictions have yet to be lifted
this is garbage and i want my money back plz how do i go about doing this ????????????
i am tired of waiting and am very tired of playing the demo
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