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Over 72 hours and still restricted....


Can you please check my account?

Your account was just created and is still pending review. I don't see anything unusual, just that it hasn't been done yet. This is true for several of you who are asking for more information. Please see this post if you've purchased the game less than 72 hours ago: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5911721680

Completely with you there on the customer service. Not only are they imposing this lengthy restriction on everybody without warning, but they've closed their telephone lines for complaints and expect everyone to wait two days for a ticket response.

We haven't closed our telephone lines - they are at capacity. The alternative to being told "try again later" would be a busy signal, but fortunately we're able to play a message before this happens. We definitely aren't happy with this and are working very hard to address our incoming calls.

06/22/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Kobe
Not only am I frustrated by this entire incident, but I'm very disappointed. I expected the best from a company like Blizzard, but instead what I'm getting is short of key values that separate a great company from a bad one: customer service, damage control, and, most importantly, integrity.

We're frustrated and disappointed, too, Kobe. You should expect the best because we aim to deliver it. We are not doing so right now, but we're trying our hardest to get back to that level. While these sorts of review periods are necessary, the amount of time you have to wait to get in touch with us (if you can get in line at all) is unacceptable. We're with you there.

Why are you guys restricting people that didn't just make an account for D3? I've had my account for a while and added D2 and wc3 a while back, and just recently got d3.
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Try to someone to join in your quest other player that have completed thy quest. . i have try it in my other friend. .. account that has same situation on you. . .
ADmin we solve this problem. . dough this method effect to my friend account. . te account is active but still cannot proceed to the next quest..
change pass...

Start the Quest on the Royal Crypt and Invite other players that have completed this quest to join you. . .
same problem on me. what happened? 72 hours is really long. do make us wait further more. i still can not gain any exp after lv 13 and no trade with other players.
I was restricted over 24 hours until I just read this thread.
I just tried it. It works.
What I did is as above suggested:

Log out & exit your D3 game.
Go to and change your password.
Re-log in & run the skeleton king quest.
You should be able to proceed past Act 1.

Good luck!
for me, change password doesn't help, I reset password and it's ok.
Is there any way to check and see when your transaction actually goes through? I am just so sick of logging out, changing password, logging in, running SK, being sad, logging out, changing password, logging in, running SK, being sad, etc...

I finally managed to get enough coin to play this game over my 3 day weekend and I am sad :(

Edit - Nevermind. Reset password and I can go past 13 and see general chat. woo!
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I have also waited over 72 hours since my purchase and no restrictions have been lifted from my account. I would like the full version of the game that I paid for immediately, if any blues see this please help me out. I waited patiently for three days and I would like if Blizzard could honor their side of the agreement now.
I purchased my game 5 days ago and I am still being restricted.
Those who have waited over 72 hours should try a password change, that has unlocked it for some, but not all, who have this problem.
Hi Medearn, I've met the same problem and already longer than 3 days. Could you please also check my account?
I submit a ticket and I still have received no response. It was opened on the 23rd of June with the latest update being 23 hours ago by myself. I tried calling Blizzard support and it says their queue is full and cannot take my call. So what do I do now? Just keep waiting...? I have paid in full for a product that I do not have. Very frustrated.
this is weak sauce. seriously.
I cant think of a better way to crap of your customers hopes and dreams. Imagine any other business, and then think of the best way of crapping on your customers? Have them pay for your product and then say "Doh, you have to wait indefinately for your items now.....Have a great day!"
blue plz help to check my account ,many thx!
i didn't do anything literally.
just resumed the game while going out for dinner
and then error 53!

what's happening?
i download the game the night of juliy 10th, Its says: "This account is been suspended due to violations of battle.net service polices" (error 53) i know it haven't passed 72 hours yet but i cannot play at all! not even to the skeleton king I could try different characters in the incoming 3 days, i already change my password but that didn't work, I'm sorry but i prefer to write this 3 days before than wait 3 days to see the error 53 is still there. Thank you
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Munkey - please log out and change your password to refresh your account data. That should fix it to show the transaction is completed.
I bought my game 2 days ago as a digital copy because it was cheaper. About 48 hours later I got the email saying the restriction was over, but in-game I still couldn't trade, pick up, etc. I tried changing my password (logged off before) and that fixed it. Finally can play unrestricted, sorry to anyone who buys it and has issues it's such a drag!
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