Diablo® III

Missing conversations for the achievement

As the title says, There are 3 conversations missing for the Templar achievement now.
I believe the newest patch broke them or something...

Im going by this guide - http://soe.hubpages.com/hub/Conversations-Achievements-Guide-Diablo-3

And this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkSJV823gCA

For the 3 different conversations
**The Truth - Available as you start The Breached Keep (Act III).
**Secrets of the Tome - Available as you start Machines of War (Act III).
**The Templar's Lesson - Available as you start Falls of the High Heavens (Act IV).

All the rest of all the conversation achievement's i got without an issue. It is the Templar i am having an issue with. Right on the video i can see when they are available and doable, But they don't appear on my side.

Is this just me? Did it change to different time periods? Or is it really bugged? I do believe it is bugged though.
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I am also missing the same 3, very frustrating. I used the same site you did.

I started from halfway through the act and played through with the templar, checking him for new chat at every quest update. Nothing.
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Just something I noticed, but can you talk to them after beating Diablo and get all of the conversations there?

I saw them there after getting the achievement and am wondering.
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I tried to get them after i killed Diablo too, And had no luck.

So at least i see im not the only one with this issue. I spent nearly an hour trying to get those 3.......
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I am also missing those achievements myself. I noticed it today in order to get all the conversation achievements. I hope Blizzard fixes this soon on the next update.
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Bump.. Just want to make sure this is known to the staff it is bugged, So it is fixed in the next upcoming patch. Because this keeps 3 different achievements from getting attained.

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Fixed with 6-26 patch.
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Ok is this broken again???

I can't do it... any of the 3 above conversations for that matter...

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Follow the guide Nath and they should work fine.
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When I went back to get some Act 1 conversations I lost some from other Acts... so now I get the ones I was missing and other ones are missing....I guess it is just 1 more of the countless bugs in the game...
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It is the only one I missed. After reading the guide, i have taken my templar's, re-act the conversations, got to the start of Falls of the High Heavens, and still dont have the templar's lesson available.

But I finally decide to kill again Azmodan. When i returned at the diamond gates, the conversation was, this time, available.
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I just spent 30 minutes trying to get this conversation to pop up. I even Killed Azmodan again. I did suggestions I have found online, but it will not come up. Please fix.
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