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inferno story

the game is only intended for low life losers that have 20 hours in a day to farm resist gear or gold, you guys suck and im telling everyone to not play this game, its a waste of time, o and for the future, you should start to care more about your billiob customers than your 1 million bundle of fat sad pathetic americans. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THE GAME SEEM SO COOL, and make it to were no one can play unless they have the best possible gear, i have all rare gear and i just got to 60, if i have all rare gear on why the hell do i get one shoted by everything, horrible horrible game, you lost 20+ costumers
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but im sure nothing will change
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"All rare gear" means nothing. Some rare gear sucks, and some is very good. You have to continually upgrade your gear to get better, and you're a sad, pathetic dolt if you can't figure that out.

You don't have to play that long to make money and use the AH to find gear that is actually good for you.

Moreover, why don't you change your skills around to see what works and stop standing in fire? Maybe you should go back to playing games on Facebook.
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i understand that. and im sure i should listen to a level 85 paladin you must know alot. There are other people in the world, kids you know the people that should be playing video games, that arnt as good as older people with loads of money and time to spend on a game. Blizzard took diablo and made it yet another game that is intended for serious gamers only, thats fine, but sooner or later this forum site will be closed, cant compete with todays competition and other fair games. Even WoW is better and that game is just a excuse to have 2 lives
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06/23/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Alayn
Maybe you should go back to playing games on Facebook.

i have to have good gear and play well to beat the hardest difficulty?!?!? no fair!
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I agree Badxample, my non core gamer friends beat it on normal and left the game. The end game is weird, you either roll more characters or grind and grind to maybe beat it on higher difficulties but you'll hit a wall no doubt and it stops being as fun as when you were leveling up. My advice to you is to come back to the game in a couple weeks when more high end items are on the market so they are cheaper and you can play through harder difficulties without grinding for gear as much. That or wait and see what the expansion will hold for us.
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