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Wizard Skill discussion, one by one

Hey guys let me start by saying I love the wizard, very fun! However, some of the skills are just bad. I like to use underutilized builds and skills cause I enjoy diversity. I'm also a kind o person who's heart broke when 3 other wizards joined my game with blizzard + venom hydra.

So here is my ideas. Feel free to add your own. Our goal is to achieve build diversity and balance! Forgive me if the formatting comes out terrible, I wrote it on my phone. I'll fix

So here we go! 1 skill at a time. I'm going to mainly focus on primary and secondary skills.

- one of my faves!

• Charged Blast
- I like where this rune is, it works great against single targets.
Suggestion: give it a VERY small aoe. It looks big and it should hit big

• Split
- I like this rune a lot and use it quite a bit, great for groups and spreading a snare.
Suggestion: when you choose the wizard in the selection screen an there is a demo of her skills. She shoots a split that shoots like 5 out! Looks cool maybe lower the damage to 33% and increase the number to 5.

• Penetrating Blast
- tried to use this a few times and I always end up liking the others more. Never seen it used by others
Suggestion: just make it 100% pierce. Seriously nothing more frustrating than watching it fail.

• Attunement
- probably the one I use the most. I like the energy gain, great skill
Suggestion: maybe increase to 5 energy gained to make it more attractive.

• Seeker
- I see this a fair bit, works pretty good. It is unique and fun (that's what this is all about!)
Suggestion: Unsure, maybe slight damage buff?

SHOCK PULSE (charged bolt!)
- My main gripe with this whole skill is the range and the randomness. The bolts dont go far enough at all, i'd like of they tightened them up and increased the distance.

• Explosive Bolts
- I want to love this skill, it is unique and fun! I had a lot of fun using it at low levels.
Suggestion: increase range, tighten spread

• Fire Bolts
- oh how I want to use this skill. The only primary that does fire damage. I wanted to make a conflagration build and this would have done it!
Suggestion: increase range, tighten spread

• Piercing Orb
- everyone and their cat uses this rune. It's good and fun to look at
Suggestion: None, this should be the balance baseline.

• Lightning Affinity
- I like the AP gain but unpredictable
Suggestion: Increase range, tighten spread

• Living Lightning
- Awesome looking skill! Unique and fun.
Suggestion: increase the distance of the runner and the speed slightly.

- another skill I would love to use more. When I first saw it I was like "instant melee wizard go!" Has anyone seen it used by others at lvl 60? Shame!

• Deep Cuts
- I like it! Bleed is a little weak
Suggestion: buff bleed! Perhaps make it do fire damage!

• Impactful Blades
- 5% chance seems so rare.
Suggestion: buff knockback chance or buff slow to 2-3 seconds, also adding an ice damage effect

• Siphoning Blade
- Good for energy management but most wizards arnt close enough to use it
Suggestion: maybe add a damage debuff of 5%

• Healing Blades
- I need to play with this more, haven't tried it in a crit build
Suggestion: increase healing amount?

• Thrown Blades
- I couldn't wait to get this run. Got it, meh.
Suggestion: increase distance, increase length of cuts

- boring skill for me. Doesn't feel like I'm doing much.

• Chain Lightning
- not bad, kinda feels the damage is low
Suggestion: give the first few targets more damage, the arcs do what they do now.

• Forked Lightning
- The one for crit builds. Does okay
Suggestion: let the bolts from crit keep going/pierce!

• Lightning Blast
- Also a very common choice and I see why. Very fun but damage is a little low?
Suggestion: Buff damage slightly

• Surge of Power
- I use this one a bit, like the AP gain
Suggestion: Make it hit 1 additional guy

• Arc Lightning
- doesn't seem to do a whole lot
Suggestion: Increase range

- One of my faves. I like forgoing a primary skill and bring this instead

• Numb
- good skill, love CC
Suggestion: increase chill effect by 1 second

• Snow Blast
- I dig it

• Cold Blood
- good for those who need AP

• Sleet Storm
- needs more bubble range, who thought a channel skill would be great with no range?
Suggestion: buff bubble range

• Black Ice
- used this last night, mows down trash

- love(d) it

• Obliteration
- good rune

• Arcane Orbit
- wanted to use this more. In melee build it is just OK.
Suggestion: I'd like the orbs to be larger and feel like they do more. It is hard to notice when I have to reapply when I'm in tight

• Arcane Nova
- wow was this godly in the beta lol. It's okay now but most people prefer damage or the pierce.

• Tap the Source
- yea okay. Need resource management it is a good choice

• Celestial Orb
- if you see arcane orb, you will 9/10 see this one. Good skill, I'd like if they made it slower though

- I use this a fair bit, fun and feels blasty. Damage can feel a little low

• Convergence
- Like this one, shame you don't see it more.

• Chaos Nexus
- Good skill, see it a bit. Nice if it did fire damage

• Volatility
- I use this for easy guys, clears a screen quickly. I like where it's at.

• Entropy
- I was excited but with all short range spells I was disappointed.
Suggestion: increase range

• Intensify
- You see this a fair bit. Pretty cool and does well

- like it, especially visually. Some runes are lacking.

• Disruption
- I use this the most. I like debuffs that help the party

• Death Blossom.
- I can see where this skill is going but it's TOO random. I've maybe hit 2 people with it lol.
Suggestion: reduce the randomness reduce the damage too

• Arcane Mines
- more debuffs! It's okay though
Suggestion: Mines Should really explode on impact. It only does slow and why am I kiting stuff right past them!?

• Power Stone
- I want to like it... But the chance just seems too low. Would be nice if they gave everyone else resources too. Then it would have a niche.
Suggestion: Make it a resource globe that others can see/pickup.

• Cascade
- again I like the idea but it doesn't work great.
Suggestion: Add the effect for 5-10 seconds so if someone else kills one, the rune still works

- not much to say on this one. Love it and almost all runes are good.

• Frozen Mist
- except this one. The whole appeal of frost nova is that it freezes no?
Suggestion: give the mist either more range or the effect has a 50% chance to freeze targets

- why do I feel like it is pretty much a dedicated skill slot? Cause it's awesome. I'd use any of the runes in different builds.

- was excited about this until I used it. I'd like I you could set it down where you click, would be much more useful than running in and out. Has some great runes but because of the mechanics of it I tend to avoid this skill altogether.

- Love skill, hate the recharge speed. I'd say shorten it for all runes to 10-12 seconds. Runes have their uses

- I dig. All runes are useful, teleport is hilarious.

- what's not to like? I played a blizzard sorc for 8 years lol. Some runes better than others but have their uses. This skill is in a good place. Lot of people use it for a "set and forget" debuff + damage

- what the hell went wrong here? It is just terrible. It needs to travel better an it needs to be cheaper

• Mistral Breeze
- 20 arcane power for a skill that should be 20 in the first place
Suggestion: make it 10 AP

• Gale Force
- sounds like huge damage right? But it is not enough!
Suggestion: add knockback effect

• Raging Storm
- no extra damage so we are spending 70 arcane power for mediocre damage
Suggestion: either buff damage or remove the merging effect and just have 1 with large aoe

• Wicked Wind
- only tune I would use an even then the damage just isn't enough
Suggestion: up damage

• Storm Chaser
- I was excited for this until I used it. Cost is too high and unpredictable travel
Suggestion: AP cost rescued?

- My absolute favorite wizard spell. I never leave without it. I like have different elements and most have a use. I'd say buff range of frost hydra, make lightning hydra pierce (50% chance) and make mammoth hydra not completely useless



- another skill I loved in D2, it's okay in this game and much like Blizzard I like where all the tunes are. I've tried a crit build with liquefy and it's pretty fun but wish it did extra damage on hit as well. Star Pact is one of my favorites because I can cast more than 2. Maybe reduce its cost to 50 AP. It takes some finesse, I'd like to be rewarded for it. Maybe increase the ground fire damage? I think it would help out quite a bit.

- I always liked this skill bit it is only useful if you intend on getting hit.
Would be nice if it gave some sort of passive bonus. Maybe like 15% armor and 15% resistances?

• Chilling Aura
- I loved my paladin in d2 with this aura + zeal lol. This however isn't nearly as good.
Suggestion: add 5% cold damage buff, increase radius

• Crystallize
- I saw this skill and I was like "melee wizard!" unfortunately 45% isn't all that great. Most people rather avoid getting hit.
Suggestion: buff to 20% per stack, last 45 seconds

• Jagged Ice
- I don't get it. Why would someone take this rune? Storm armor does this and probably does it better because it reflects range
Suggestion: add and effect to increase the chance to freeze enemies

• Ice Reflect
- I use this one the most as it almost frees up a slot from frost nova. Shame you have to get hit to make use
Suggestion: buff radius of frost nova?

• Frozen Storm
- what are we doing? Smashing pots? 3 seconds is way too short
Suggestion: buff duration or lower AP cost

- great skill. Lots of variety but I wish some of them were a little better. Blood weapon doesn't leech enough to be useful. Conduit and electric need a bigger % chance to do what they do.

- probably the skill I hate the most. It seems like they could have combined frost and storm armor into 1 skill and picked the best runes. This skill needs a passive increase to dodge (but still trigger effect on a dodge)

• Reactive Armor
- I Fiddled around with this one in a melee build and it was okay. Good damage but no protecting means you die fast
Suggestion: storm armor buff to dodge?

• Power of the Storm
- I've used it I'm certain builds where I want to use arcane torrent/disintegrate/RoF and it makes it almost free. Useful but id rather take prism as that has some utility.
Suggestion: Buff to dodge! 3 AP seems low but at least you can keep it up full time

• Strike Back
- wow this one is useless. Why would take this over jagged ice? I know it hits ranged but there are so many better options than 20-something % damage increase
Suggestion: Buff the damage, buff dodge!

• Scramble
- I actually like this one, it is very useful for kiting
Suggestion: Again buff dodge chance. Maybe increase to 5 seconds

• Shocking Aspect
- I've tried this in a crit build and I really didn't notice it.
Suggestion: Either they need to buff the radius or buff the chance to activate and of course add dodge chance!

- spar- I mean familiar is great. Wait their is more than 1 rune for this!? Feels a lot like a passive skill sometimes lol. I like buffs so I'd like to see some more passive benefits!

• Sparkflint
- I take this when I don't want magic weapon. I love that it shoots with you giving 20% more damage periodically. 12% is nice
Suggestion: Don't touch it! Everyone uses it cause it rocks

• Dartling
- pierce! I love pierce! unfortunately it's only 20% o your damage and people shy away
Suggestion: Buff damage of this guy to 25%

• Ancient Guardian
- again it's one of those skills where I really like the idea but it's actual use is pretty limited.
Suggestion: Give a base armor increase of 5%

• Arcanot
- I like my resource but there are more options and 1 passive that does this better
Suggestion: add a slow effect to familiar's attack

• Cannoneer
- AoE effect cool! Unfortunately it is only 20%
Suggestion: Add 5% damage debuff to enemies

- Passive Benefit that's great. Balanced with 20 less AP. of course it's the one everyone uses. All runes have a pretty good place now. Most use force armor though but it's a good skill

- Odd skill functionality but I like it. Some of the runes feel too similar in what they do. I get it, 2 or 5 images, have different health with different durations. I like the explosives ones that stun though. I wish taking this skill and fracture on teleport worked together. Still have great defensive uses, 10% damage seems pretty worthless though.

- Used in melee build and it really feels like it does great damage. Very cool skill but the problem is most wizards never get close enough to use it and it only does damage after a duration. So how can we fit it!? Add a small 1 second stun on all variations. Make it work defensively because right now no one takes this over wave of force.

• Unleashed
- pretty useless making a skill with a CD only cost less.
Suggestion: Make this rune reduce cooldown as well

• Time Bomb
- Big damage, takes too long
Suggestion: reduce explosion time to 2 seconds at least

• Short Fuse
- if you want quick damage, I liked this one the best

• Obliterate
- 18 yards seems short, damage is good though
Suggestion: increase radius to 24, lower damage to 210%

• Chain Reaction.
- 2nd one I liked better than the rest. Looks and feels cool
Suggestion: not 100% sure how I would change this. I like as is

- The Big One. Feels sometime you are a bit too squishy so I'd make it a little more defensive. In fact id give archon another skill for all iterations. Either frost nova or mirror image to improve survivability. Maybe add a stun on the "explosive blast" skill they have
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You can't really expect the majority of wizard-forum users to read this, can you?
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06/25/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Aphrosheen
You can't really expect the majority of wizard-forum users to read this, can you?

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i stopped after the missle xD
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wish i could do colors or breaks or something, anyways it is a long read. Maybe somepeople might find it interesting.

Again, sorry for the bland formatting.

Good luck.
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You wrote that on your phone? Wholly crap.

I nodded off twice reading it. Got through it though.
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You wrote that on your phone? Wholly crap.I nodded off twice reading it. Got through it though

Yea, working on formatting now.

Sorry if it was boring, just quick notes on each skill. Trying to clean it up.

Thanks for reading :P
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