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Was this your LAST Blizzard purchase?

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Nope. And anyone saying they are canceling wow because of d3 is retarded. 2 different development teams.

If this counts as blizzards worst game in the last 15 years... Then fine. Granted they dont make many games, but there is room for improvement.

Most people here never played vanilla diablo 2. They dont know what crappy is.

And lastly... some games get worse over time, Like WoW frankly. I played that game back when some of yall were itches in your daddy's pants....

1.03 was a good patch, i think things will improve. And i know for damn sure they are going to be putting out lots of expansions. Not just one like with diablo 2.
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No. This is my last Activision purchase... I will continue to be buying Blizzard North products, such as Torchlight 2....
Done with Blizz.
Most definitely all the hype that surrounded D3 only to be let down kinda killed it for me this perpetual dumbing down of all there games is killing me ... Guild Wars 2 is calling! >_>
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No, but next time I'll wait a month or two for the reviews from the actual consumers and not the paid critics.
Definately not buying on release day ever EVER again. I'll probably wait a month.
D3 X-Packs are a definate no buy for me based strictly on principle.
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YES. the Blizzard I knew is gone, just fishing for RMAH cash to play a freakin game right.
Bye bye Blizzard
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Was this your last thread creation?

hope the answer is yes
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Yep. Blizzard can go to Hell. Go Directly to Hell, do not pass 'Go', do not collect $200.




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I will never purchase a game from Blizzard ever again... Bought the whole Diablo series and WOW series... Been playing Blizzard entertainment since the beginning! Its a sad end to a great gaming relationship! CORPORATE GREED over PRODUCT QUALITY!

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Nope. :)
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Uh, very likely this is my last Blizzard purchase. I don't see a turnaround point for them. Just gotta accept that they had their era and it's over. Hopefully a new, smaller developer will come about and recreate the design philosophy Blizzard once held. That's basically like asking for lightning to strike in the same spot twice, though. That's what's so sad about the state of Blizzard now...
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