Diablo® III

Ideas to Make Diablo 3 Survive for a Decade!

1. Login
2. Stare at my toon and think “Man, he basically looks like every other Monk i’ve seen”
3. Check Auction House
4. Frown
5. Start a game or join a public game if I’m feeling saucy
6. Kill 5-10 Elites
7. Get 7 Level 55 Rares and a bunch of trash blues.
8. Don’t even bother with a boss
9. Die, because I’m bored and not paying attention to Arcane lasers
10. Look and my repair bill, and then just exit the game.

Working as intended
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This is fantastic information. I read through the majority and was basically nodding my head at merely every point. I haven't played the game for a couple of weeks now. The gameplay is fantastic, but the itemization and lack of endgame direction are keeping me and pretty much all of my friends from playing.

Excellent work OP.

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Great suggestion! I just changed the title, I can see what you mean by it coming off as snarky.
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Thread isn't all caps?
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I'm CrazyJeff

Best part of the whole thread. However, he makes some very good points that are still relevant and should be looked into.
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I agree with everything that the OP says: from the 10-step process that he goes through to the suggestions that are made.

One can only hope that the Developer team will look at these rather than their usual "Our way is better than our customer's way" attitude. Time will tell.

+1 for sure
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bump for truth.
lengthy read but it has everything.
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Bringing this thread up from the grave, but many of the suggestions are starting to get some traction for 1.0.4 (and beyond). It's probably not due to this thread alone, but many like it. We are getting through to Blizzard and they are making significant and real changes for the better.
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Wonder if bilzz gives a F...With now their $$$ grab attitude.

Actually, this is a really good post by who really cares about Diablo. Hope this will get same positive response from CM.
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Or they upgrade every part of the game a hundred times so we got new things to do

Or they just put a ladder system so we start fresh every 3-6 months and play this game for a decade
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