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Ideas to Make Diablo 3 Survive for a Decade!

It's kind of disheartening how little thought the put into the features of this game.

For example, they want to make this nephalem valor the center point of the end game, which is kind of weird, but ok.

Yet, they could not implement something as simple as being able to reconnect after a network issue without losing the buff, which is the whole point of end game, according to them.

Many similar examples.

The Auction House, another important part of the game, look at how terrible the UI is, can't search for more than 3 affixes, have you ever tried searching for 'Has Sockets' = 0? yeah, it doesn't even work.

Have you tried searching for a shield with a specific block value? how about an off-hand mojo or source with a certain damage increase? You are !@#$ out of luck, this is worse than a webpage in 1996.
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Excellent write-up OP. It is good to hear from a professional that is able to better analyze the game without emotions or fanboyism clouding their judgement.

I imagine Blizzard Dev's may be receptive to the idea's, but even if they are, we are talking about a major overhaul and redesign. Some of these idea's could be implemented relatively quickly (months), but many of them could take well over a year. It is something that may have to be left to an expansion if even possible.

To further complicate the matter, it seems they are philosophically driven to achieve certain design goals that are antithetical to the proposals in your OP. Which is fine, they can make the game however they want and we as gamer's can choose to support it, but it is unfortunate that they would let their philosophical design goals of what they think the game should be get in the way of what would make the game better from the player's perspective.
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I really enjoyed this post. I agree with almost everything you said. Hopefully more people read this!!!!
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I really hope these ideas get taken seriously.. It's extremely frustrating right now for me to think that I could be playing this game, but instead I'm writing these articles.

I WANT to be playing Diablo III, unfortunately, its just not fun anymore.
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I bougth the game but im not actually playing much, im more in a stand-by state to see if it gets better or i forget it happened and move to another thing, maybe even give TL2 a chance althougth i dont like the cartoonish style, but if the rest works i can stand that.

Blizzard should realice people, gamers, are giving them a second chance to amend things and finally deliver the product people is asking for, and second chances dont use to happen in the modern world.
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I agree with you Jeff, that's a great post that I'll be linking to friends.
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nice post..hopefully blizz will get there act together...but instead of putting 700 to the game im putting it back into guitar.i love d3 but it needs a fixin
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Why do i get the feeling that actualy some smart programmers will release soon a d3 crakced offline server mode with real mods for what d3 should actualy have been and just plain better than the current game itself, while listening to most of the suggestions of the community here on these forums ? happened before with other games (see community patches for gothic) and i think the way blizzard ignore you for these days, will soon happen with current D3 wich have realy huge potential but fail to be what it should be.
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Oh my god. They need to hire the hell out of you asap.
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Hm weird, i was pretty sure i had commented on your post... did you create a new one?

Anyways, i loved your part 2 and it definately makes some sense, my biggest concern is being restricted to a pre-determined quantity of legendaries to optimize my build.

Meaning if i am Bob and the best sword for cleave/frenzy is in Izual i feel that having that sword is a must, but if that sword could drop bonus damage for cleave and frenzy, and the sword in Diablo offers, let's say chain lightning proccs on cleave/frenzy i could have an option there.

I'm not saying your idea is wrong, i just want Blizz to do it right :) Currently i feel that as a tank i need to have justice lantern + Helm of command with String of ears and StormShield as VERY strong contenders for their slots.

Reading Reddit and some posts on these forums i feel that if i was a dev at Blizz my job couldn't get any better... people are doing their jobs for them, no wonder Blizz products start out with big flaws and end up great...
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Incredible read. Bookmarked for future reference.
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I'm CrazyJeff, and I want Diablo III to succeed.

I'm a Business and Economics student, with an acute interest in psychology, and a long time Blizzard fan.

I don't know everything, really I don't know much at all. But I want this game to be great, I want to be playing it 5, or even 10 years from now.

If you listen to the community's pleas and maybe give this Google Doc a read, we might just get there.

Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZCqEGPJCuqFPBinnEBVc7t4qW9sDmlnKvIHMRmYS4Q/edit

Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RIc6GG9psf_0gkw8NMfZ1swGzw9fN1qakuXXX1tDzbU/edit



Diablo III is a fun game. Let me get that out now, I enjoy playing Diablo III and would like to continue enjoying it, potentially, for years. However, now that I have 2 Level 60’s, Inferno has been cleared, my items are sufficient, and farming Act 1 ad nauseum is the most efficient way to find upgrades (read: more money to spend on the Auction House) my typical Diablo 3 session has changed. It usually goes as follows

1. Login
2. Stare at my toon and think “Man, he basically looks like every other Monk i’ve seen”
3. Check Auction House
4. Frown
5. Start a game or join a public game if I’m feeling saucy
6. Kill 5-10 Elites
7. Get 7 Level 55 Rares and a bunch of trash blues.
8. Don’t even bother with a boss
9. Die, because I’m bored and not paying attention to Arcane lasers
10. Look and my repair bill, and then just exit the game.

This isn’t permanent, at least I hope not, but it's clear something needs to change. I care enough about this franchise, the Diablo community, and having fun in my free time, to compile some suggestions, thoughts, theories, and ideas myself-- and most of the Diablo community-- feel the game needs. I’m by no means an expert, and this isn’t MY game, it's Blizzard’s, but you’ve always been a company that works tirelessly to satisfy its customers, and we want this game to be as amazing as you do.




Ok sirI have no idea what you're doing. I die a lot in act 1-2 inferno. Like a lot, a lot... and I made 2m gold in the last 4-5 hours, almost all (48k ah) just vendoring trash or picking up gold. I don't know HOW you can be playing in even close to appropriate gear and making these sorts of negative incomes. Sometimes I even end up with like 25k repair bills, but unless i decide to try to beat through an affix that's just slaughtering me instantly, I never EVER end up negative at the end of the hour, let alone night.

ok edit part 2: 5-10 rare packs and 7 rares? how.... just how. I'm just wearing some MF and not even doing the gearswitching thing, and I'm pulling more rares than that per pack before stacks start up. Seriously, i get at least a 3/4 rare drop rate 7 over 10 packs... Most of the time at least 2/7 are 60+ with ~ the correct number dropping as per the released drop rates on a per act basis. I call shenanigans on your apparent schewling. Your psych classes should probably be talking about confirmation bias at some point, pay attention.
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Thanks for a well formulated, constructive and thoughtful post. Hopefully its these kind of posts that Blizzard pays attention to
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Such a great effort, Jeff, great read! You really have done your homework. What school do you go to?

Unfortunately, also Kerbo and Goose have done their homework.

Anyways - maybe guys like Kerbo, Goose and me are wrong in just thinking that all Blizz/Activision/Vivendi care about is the amount of digits the return has. Maybe they even plan to satisfy their customers' needs to keep em attracted to the game thus generating a steady cash flow using the RMAH; even though (a lot of) costs will come up fixing the game in it's current state.
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Finally, thank you!! In the midst of all the complaining and wining, there is someone who has a sense of reason.
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Wow, this is actually a very informative read!

Thank you CrazyJeff!

+1 from Droth ^.^
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