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Wizard Build: Blizzintegrator (Hardcore)

For those of you who don't like to read, here is a quick link for the build:

Hello all, not sure if this build has already been used or named...but I told myself that if I hit level 60 in Hardcore (H/C) using it that I would post it on the forums. I will keep this short as I am not one of those "number crunch" types and I just like to play what is fun and seems viable.

I would like to start by saying that I did not use any guides or previously posted builds for this setup...there may be similar or identical ones out there that I am not aware of. I also played this build with my wife (who played a barbarian/monk) at the same level and I have not played this build solo. I just found it to be a lot of fun to play and different from the normal...so without further ado, The Blizzintegrator:
REQUIRED SKILLS + Runes (The runes may vary but I will post what I used)
Primary: Disintegrate (Chaos Nexus)
Secondary: Blizzard (Snowbound)
2 Defensive: Frost Nova (Shatter) and Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell)
2 Conjuration: Energy Armor (Force Armor) and Magic Weapon (Venom)
Passives: Power Hungry, Astral Presence, Galvanizing Ward

How I play:
Always keep Energy Armor and Magic Weapon buffs on at all times. Energy armor obviously for the extra defense, the rune is up to you but I prefer Force Armor for hardcore aspect...prefer to be a bit safer with this skill. Magic Weapon for the extra damage output, I like venom because it makes my weapon look green...seriously, and I like to think that it has potential to be better than Force Weapon...but like I said, I'm not a number cruncher and venom seems to work ok for me...but it looks awesome so moving on.

Frost Nova to freeze stuff when they get close...shatter is just fun to use and see everything freeze again but is optional as well. Diamond Skin for that extra bit of absorb so you can get the job done safely.

NOW the fun part...Disintegrate and Blizzard. I always start off attacks by casting 2 or 3 blizzards on the screen which does decent damage and slows enemies as they move in to attack. While the blizzards are busy ticking away, jump right into disintegrate and destroy anything that moves...rinse and repeat until everything is dead...and that is all you have to do. You have great damage with both skills, provide decent slowing to enemies for other party members, and have a great time while doing it. And that is it...its pretty simple.

The part that I emphasize when trying the build is attack speed. You DO NOT want a lot of attack speed with this build unless you can sustain the arcane power to use it long term. Passive skills Power Hungry and Astral Presence help here...as does snowbound for cheap blizzards...but disintegrate will eat up a lot of power. If you manage to get crit procs to replenish arcane power, that helps greatly as well...but the biggest help I've found is choosing a slow 2h over a 1h. I use 2h staves always making sure they are 1.0 maybe 1.1 at the fastest...but no higher. You do not want increased attack speed on any gear unless you can manage it well. I tried the build with a 1h and shield and could not maintain the damage and cast time that I could with 2h.

Again...I am not the best at making guides for builds (1st one)...but I said if I did manage to hit 60 with it on H/C I'd post it so here it is. It is a lot of fun and to this point I am in Act 3 hell with no issues and played straight through with some minor item farming, but did not repeat quests for rewards. I don't see any issue currently with making it to Inferno...but to my knowledge no one uses this build or it isn't often talked about. If anyone has any questions or has ideas for improvement feel free to chime in or message me in game. Try it out and I hope you like it...lot of possibilities with this build and many things can be changed to your liking...but that is the idea of The Blizzintegrator.
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Man i beat act 3 at level 59 with like 3k dps. We're all looking for a viable inferno build.
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It seems strange to have a build that uses blizzard and frost nova without having the cold % damage passive buff.

Do you really gain much from having 310 life re-gen per second? You could move that onto a piece of gear pretty easily I would imagine.

I'm looking for wizard builds at the moment, but I don't think I could use yours as a SOLO build.

Thanks for posting though, I'm really keen to see more builds.
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Do the weapon effects on Magic Weapon even work? Knockback, DoT, etc?

Tested various things and they never seem to work, maybe only on certain abilities. Definitely doesn't work for Disintegrate. I don't know what "attacks" mean but it's certainly not all of your spells.
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I know I have seen the poison proc with blizzard and disintegrate...but it is certainly not every time. I wish they would add a % chance to the tooltip unless it is talking specifically about signature spells or something else. I'll leave that for the debates on the skills threads though, but it does work sometimes with this build.

Thanks for the posts, the feedback is much appreciated and certainly this build can use some tweaking. I may try pulling the regen passive off and seeing about using another...my character had just hit 60 when I posted this so there is much more than can be adapted for sure. Thanks all!
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I'm currently Level 32 and haven't used any guides or builds that I know of either.

Currently using Blur/Glass Cannon/Astral Presence Until boss fights then I drop Glass Cannon for Evocation.

I just got Archon so been testing it out. Seems really nice. Especially in large groups of mobs where you can keep it up for extended periods of time.
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I hit 60 on my Wizard and it's my first HC character so I'll share how I did it. Maybe someone can learn something from it IDK. Don't think what I did was that great but here it is:

I always used a shield. I guess if you got really good gear you can get away with using a source but you'll probably need one in Hell.

Normal you should be fine. I ran Crystal Shell (Double damage absorbed), Frost Nova (lower CD), and Ice Armor (Chilling Aura) as my protection spells. My passives were Blur and Evocation. Realistically you can probably run Glass Cannon and be fine. You can level yourself for a bit on act 2 Road to Alcarnus part two "Talk to Captain Vachem." Other places for leveling include ZK (great for about a level or two), act 3 catapults, and Iskatsu in act 4.

Nightmare I started to replace Frost Nova with Teleport instead (Fracture when you can). In addition I switched out Frost Armor for Energy Armor. Passives were Blur, Astral Presence, and Evocation. I switched out Evocation for Galvanizing Ward when it became available.

Hell I did pretty much the same thing except I got Force Armor for my Energy Armor as soon as it became available.

Offensively I switched around Magic Missile + Arcane Orb, Electrocute (+AP rune) + Disintegrate, and anything + Blizzard. Venom Hydra was always part of my bar. Disintegrate is great but remember that you need to stand still which isn't always a good idea.

Gear wise I usually upgrade a few pieces (importance on Chest, Pants, Shield, and Weapon) before Belial and Diablo on NM+. I found that in terms of difficulty Belial>Diablo>Azmodan mostly because a mistake could cost you a life in Belial while Diablo is easy to dodge and Azmodan is just too easy. Also a great idea to upgrade your gear between difficulties. From 50+ the recommendation is to upgrade your gear every two levels but to me that seems a bit unnecessary since that'll cost a lot of gold... but safety first for some people so that's your call.
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So a quick update to this build, I have made it to through Hell to Act 1 Inferno with this build but have of course added some variances. Blizzard and Disintegrate of course continue to be the core of this build, but I took off Frost Nova and added a venom hydra for extra damage and more defensive play-style. I will definitely note that this has saved my life on countless occasions when a mob pull was just too tough otherwise.

Everything else I left the same, the Blizzintegrator still lives =) happy gaming all!
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Original poster has not completed Act 1 Inferno as of 8/9/2012 viewing his profile. He does not know how to make a viable Wizard Inferno HC build.
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I think you need to really prove your build by at least getting through act 2 inferno. I really don't see how you can survive in inferno without teleport. If you get walled in or jailed, you have no escape.
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No teleport. GG
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First thing I did was pull up the poster's profile. No Act1 completion, like 100 AR, 30k life. I have better stats in Act3 NIGHTMARE on my alt. Stopped reading then.
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=) Long time since I've been back...to speak again though...this build was solely for fun purposes for players working their way to 60 and possibly through it. Sort of like playing a sword and shield DH or characters who go through a game only using 1 type of weapon or elemental trait to fit a unique build theme...you know...for fun? To note...I did die on this character when I played him on MP with friends and not understanding the effect the damage would have on my face haha...but a new one is well on the way.
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G/l with the re-roll !! welcome back
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Yeah, good luck!

I'm a BIG Disintegrate fan. I always use Volatility. It works much better on mobs than Chaos and I've never had a problem shooting monsters around me -- just stutter step and they're all lined up. It's a thing of beauty to shoot a large mob and see the chain reaction just make them disappear.

Oh, and yes, you better get Teleport on that bar ;-)
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Thanks, yeah the original build I posted is definitely dated...I have learned a lot since then haha. Teleport has definitely been implemented into my build for sure just for escape purposes...and it is fun to teleport past stairs sometime =P.

I've tried to get used to volatility...not sure what it is...for some reason I just seemed to always had back towards nexus but perhaps I should give it a go again. Any skill that makes stuff explode is always worth it haha.
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One good thing about Volatility, is that most Illusionist affixed elites and champs become Suicide affixed elites and champs.
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I had never even thought of that...thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try next time I pop on my wiz.
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