before the pacth 1.03 i geared my barb to gold find equips of atleast 203% gold find and used to hunt in the maps of festering woods and fields of misery as i used to earn about 300k to 400k per hour and now after the patch i earn 100k per hour out of which repair goes to 36k - 49k as i die to some mini bosses in inferno not always as i am using gold find items. just to pass act 3 and act 4 i needed better gear and had to farm in act 1 inferno but now it is pointless and seriously unfair to those who do not bot and work really hard to make a bit of gold through hard means.

The item drop rates before the patch were not so bad but the items that did drop were actually worth selling in the auction for atleast 100k each but now with the new fuked up patch we get lot of rear drops but only to sell in the npc for 1k gold seriously it is unfair. This thread is not for those who buy gold thorugh real money or if u already farmed urself enough to finish inferno this is just for those who did not and finding it hard to make money.

The difficulty of inferno was not an issue working hard to get the gear to finsh the acts was fun and now with the gold drop from monster is just... no comments.

Who ever came up with this patch can seriosuly take this patch and shove it right up and stick it there banning this account makes no differnce coz i am done it is not fun anymore and just complete waste of time earning gold just repair our equips is not fun at all and me and my friends already quit and will recommend others too or just give our accounts to the new one and let them see how fuked up the game has become with this godlike patch to be played by the godlike players who are already geared but for the new players DIABLO BLESS YOU!!!

One more thing mini bosses can pawn diablo himself specially the ones with shielding, nightmarish and frozen just too op diablo will have his tail behind if the lord himself faces one of these