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Why can't I get above 25k dps?

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Serious post please

Tried thinking through everything, and I don't understand why I max out at 25k dps.

My weapon is 770dps, 57 int 44 vit, +256-465 lightning dam

Overall stats
1513 int
1.54AS overall
11 crit chance
50 crit dam

I already use sparkflint famaliar and force weapon magic weapon.

If anyone can help out please do. I dont think its the weapon, so my questions are does crit change/dam make that huge of a difference? Is IAS still worth it post 1.03?

Thanks in advance
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Well your weapon is junk, hope it's a 1h. The popular dps trend involves socketed weapon -- and socket it for crit damage, and then get some crit chance items (source, ammy, gloves etc.). Your dps will improve. Your ias and int are fine, just need a little more base damage and 25% crit and some crit damage and 25k dps is ez. I am currently at 36k dps with an ~835 dps weapon and a little more int than you. Aside from my weapon all my gear cost 1.5m or less.
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Pick up a higher dps weapon, improve your crit damage to 150% minimum and pick up some crit chance.

8.5% crit chance on offhand source
10% crit chance on offhand shield
5% crit chance on bracers
5-6% crit chance on helm
8% crit chance on gloves

Look for a new weapon either with some crit damage and higher dps or a socket so you can invest a nice gem into it. You can pick up crit damage on rings and amulets too if you can find them at a decent price.
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Awesome. Thanks Time and Shoryoken. Appreciate it
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Crit Hit Chance/Dmg is def needed. Without higher of this your Damage will not improve, my weapon right now which is only worth like 150-200k (if that) is 783 DPS but it has 94% crit hit dmg with no other stats and I have a source that adds an additional 300 top end dmg (and the source is prolly worth around 200-300k since it has low intel. i have 1.47 Atk Speed 25% crit hit chance and 245% Crit hit Dmg. For rings which are usualy the most expensive search the AH for Magic rings that have 60-70 Intel and crit hit chance of 3-4%. Then do another search for ur second ring search for 60-70 intel but Crit HIt damage which should be around 20%. These rings should only cost you 10-20 (based on prices i saw earlier). Those rings will be a big dps increase unless you have good rings which it doesnt seem like you do. I only have 1525 int with these stats but I am stitting at 43k DPS. If you look for the good deals you should beable to improve your dps by 15-20 easy.
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