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What build are you using to progress?

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Hey guys, I recently just started progressing through Inferno difficulty, and just kill the Skeleton King. We all know gear is the number 1 thing to get us further in the game, but skill choices are also very important, and I'm wondering what my fellow wizards are using as their primary build.

Here's my current skill setup:

Shock Pulse (Piercing Orb)
Disintegrate (Chaos Nexus)

Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell)
Energy Armor (Prismatic Armor)
Teleport (Safe Passage)
Archon (been toying with which rune, mostly Improved Archon but recently I've been using Slow Time for more survivability while in Archon)

Galvanizing Ward
Astral Presence (to support Disintegrate)

I know A LOT of people don't like using Disintegrate, and those that do don't seem to like Chaos Nexus, but I personally love it for speeding through weaker trash packs. That being said it is a lot weaker on those champ packs (since you need to kite most) which is what inferno seems to be all about, so I'll probably switch this out soon.

I've been wanting to put blizzard in my build, and I've been considering dropping Disintegrate for it and just using Shock Pulse as my primary damage source. Any suggestions?

Anyway, what have you been using?
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Hey! This is my current build here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#acXROQ!XfU!aYaaYY I'm planning on swapping out Force Armor for Prismatic Armor when I hit 60, and I'm thinking of adding Glass Cannon somehow, but those are the only changes I'm planning on.

The strategy is basically to use a one-handed weapon plus source, then use Arcane Hydra + Temporal Flux as crowd control, and finally unleash heck with Arcane Orb (which also acts as crowd control). With Tap the Source, I can spam Arcane Orb as much as I need before I have to move. If I'm running low on arcane power, Magic Missile is a good secondary damage dealing power, and also acts as crowd control - thank you Temporal Flux!

As for your build, I would agree about dropping Disintegrate. It's a cool spell and I love it (I used it in place of Arcane Orb for a long time), but it's nigh useless when you have to constantly kite. Blizzard with the Snowbound rune would be a good choice. And what do you think of switching Archon for Hydra? Hydra is highly useful in a kiting build. Blizzard + Hydra can be placed in between you and the pack, and then you can run and set it up again. It's a lot of DPS.
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here are links to two posts that discuss builds and appropriate gearing, I used Blizz/Venom hydra for a while pre-1.0.3, mostly because it is slightly less gear dependent. I am currently using Rispetto's Frost build which is a lot of fun, but also a stationary build.

Rispetto's Frost build

Tempest's pre-1.0.3 builds and gearing
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