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Would you, or wouldn't you?

Hi all,

I'm a South Australian resident currently holidaying in the USA.
I've been over here for a while now, but before I left Australia I had the chance to TRY to play D3 for a few weeks.
I, like everyone else in Australia, had a poor play experience due to the severe fluctuating lag.
Whilst not necessary to mention, I work for an ISP (Internet service provider), so I know the lag issues have nothing to do with my connection or Australia's Internet but rather the more obvious issue of simply being too a great distance from our local PC's to server's based (uncomprehendingly) in the USA.

Disappointingly the lag makes this game not unplayable, but unenjoyable. I've played many many online games and never before have I put up with in-game lag of 200ms or more. EVER. I don't think any serious gamer would.
For me (and I'm sure many others) sub 50ms is the goal. Between 50ms and 100ms is often acceptable. Anything greater and there must be a network issue, congestion issue, or programming issue and we stop playing and rectify it. Simple.

It's a damn shame since the game itself is pretty cool.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I am now in the United States. I have acess to a fat Internet connection. I'm thinking to myself "do I play D3 or not?"

If I do, and the ping is low - like sub 50ms - I know it'll be a damn fun time and I'll love the game.
However, since I will never be able to play it that way once I'm back home in Adelaide, the game will be ruined for me.

If I don't play it over here, whilst I may never get to play the game as it was intended for the few short weeks I'm here, I will at least be able to come home and play it - albeit lagily - but as they say, ignorance is bliss.

I'm so torn! What would you do?
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play it then tell us what it is like compared to here. If it's a laggy pice of poo with latency of 200+ms then perhaps we should give up. If it's a smooth 50ms ride that's lots of fun then we should continue !@#$%ing about blizzards incomprehensable decision not to support this region.
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I never actually realised how poor the latency in AU was, until I was using mobile roaming + WoW (logged in briefly for a seasonal event) in the US, and was flabbergasted at what 70ms felt like.

I was also in Japan and ate the most delicious Kobe beef, and every other piece of beef (even local wagyu) tastes like ... something that has been left in the freezer for 6months.

I was able to get over the WoW latency (although I cancelled my WoW sub a while ago, but that's another story), but I haven't been able to move past the Kobe beef.

I've been playing in Australia with ~197-250ms, and I've been able to make do with that. Perhaps I've been exceptionally lucky, but I haven't had many lag-related deaths ... most of the crazy spikes (where it goes from Happy Green to Furious 1.5-2K+ Red) seem to happen at the most opportune times [no sarcasm], same with 'rubberbanding' - although visually it gets a little nauseating when it occurs for more than 2 seconds.

Personally, the first playthrough was the most enthralling and exciting. Given the opportunity, I wouldn't have minded if that experience was at an 'untainted' at ≤50ms in the US... (but it wasn't a dealbreaker for me, like it seems to be for you :)

... but is the aftermath of returning to AU latency going to be something you'll be able adjust to, or will it be your equivalent of nasty AU freezer beef? >_>
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