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Are support staff taking mickey?

I feel super lame for doing it, but I put $20 in for the real money auction house. As a one off I thought it'd be easier than trying to find time to properly gold farm with eofy deadlines at work.

It took three or four days before the purchase cleared. No real explanation of why it would take three or four days for a credit card transaction to show up in a digital service. But there was a note saying it might take 3 days so whatever. But then the money didn't show up in the RMAH as being available. A few days after it showed up in the transaction history as having completed, still not there. So I logged a support call about 48 hours ago. Very polite, with the details, could someone please fix it.

Got an email today while I was at work that the ticket was closed and answered, yay! Jumped on when I got home to check the balance was there... no such luck. Went to check the ticket - this is the reply -


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We are currently receiving a high volume of phone calls, petitions, and other responses. We are working diligently to process all requests in a timely fashion and we appreciate your patience. At this time, we are unable to get to your request.

We recommend visiting our support site at us.battle.net/support as the self-service options are comprehensive and our articles are capable of answering most questions. If you are unable to find an answer, please re-open the petition which will retain your current place in line.


Blizzard Customer Support

Are they serious? I've re-opened the call to express my astonishment and dismay, but seriously, are they having a laugh or is that really how they handle issues like this?
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Note the sticky here:


Betting it will resolve your issue, cause I'm betting you put money on the AUD or US RMAH but your trying to access the other one.
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This is how they run their customer support. Unfortunately it's a lot like so many other companies. They mess up yet want you to do ALL the work trying to make things right and if you don't try hard enough, i.e. spend a lot of time and/or money persuing them, you lose out.

It's getting to such a boiling point with me that I find this near everywhere I go. You watch a movie or series set in the earlier half of the 20th century, this is what customer service needs to go back to. Today is about money, excuses & passing the buck, Blizzard is NO exception.

I take solice in knowing this way will not last, hell will break loose against their depravity, in time.
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... Wow, went from the USD auction house, to the web page, where it isn't in any way clear that the different currencies are tied to different auction houses, other than simply different purchase options for the same use purpose. Waited to raise the issue because the site says it might take a while, and then waited longer because I foolishly logged a support ticket. Appears that the policy will now be to not refund me. Two calls to the phone number listed in the linked thread later, first call dropped without answer and second call has been telling me expect an answer in 1 minute, for the last 10 minutes. ([edit], now 30 minutes.)

I'm still expecting someone to tell me that I've just been trolled.
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The AUD AH isn't that bad, you can find some good bargains on it, yeah their isn't as much as the US one but still some good stuff.

Just saying in case you can't get a refund.

Goodluck though mate.
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The AUD AH isn't that bad, you can find some good bargains on it, yeah their isn't as much as the US one but still some good stuff.

Just saying in case you can't get a refund.

Goodluck though mate.

I haven't even figured out how to change it to AUD yet. I fail at navigating through this thing.
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Then just go to the RMAH like you would the US one.
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It does kinda suck that its not explained, thats why I made that sticky though.

Problem is Aus and NZ are the only ones who get the issue, everyone else is locked to only 1 RMAH, but blizz gave us access to several. Which in away can be a good thing, but in another way it gets confusing if you don't know whatcha doing.
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Ahh. Is it a weird thing that there's no results found when I try to search for gold? That's what I was mostly wanting to buy anyway.
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The gold section of all RMAH's isn't online yet, only armour/weapons atm.
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