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Plot twists

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Why should i be jaded? Did you enjoy solving the story before the end? :P

in terms of entertainment, no you shouldn;t, but that wasnt the question, it was

How do you all see this and i dont? so i gave you your answer
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Watch this.


The only thing that suprised me about the d3 story is that they would pick Hakkan (as obvious as he was) to be Belial. I mean really, at least give me a quick "oh snap!" moment rather than an exasperated sigh.

Basic deception is to fake one way as you are secretly going another direction. Hakkan was a very suspicious character and Adria clearly was not a "good" person. Far too clear-cut. Nice people on one side, mean people on the other. No "good" people masquerading as "bad" or the other way around. The story felt a bit childish to me in this way. I love that (in my eyes) Valve in a couple minutes could pull off a twist not present in a Diablo game a decade in the making.

In b4 Melyria.
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I guessed that Leah would be turned into Diablo in Act 1 when she said "My father was a great warrior in old tristram" Which implyed her father was the guy who defeated Diablo and shoved his soulstone into his head...

I guessed Emporer Hakkan was Belial the second that little kid appeared in ghost form

I guessed Adria would betray us when I played Diablo 1 (seriously, all game long I kept expecting her to turn evil, she always had that thing about her). But in D3, I guessed right away because I already thought Leah was going to be turned into Diablo and Adria was all like "I've been watching you your whole life"

I still liked the story, and the game, very much.
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plot twists? what plot twists?
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its quite sad, really.. the story is one of the few things you can't change in the game once it is released and now they (and we) are stuck with this crap. metzen and the others should gracefully resign and let some1 who actually knows how to make a good story write it.
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Demasked, Leah was not Diablo in disguise she became Diablo, and there were no hint that she would be his vessel unless you saw datamined content. Also most of your complaints are not about the story but the gameplay.
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I saw everything but the whole Adria betrayal part coming.
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It was at most a "Huh" twist. Like a twist you didn't expect necessarily; but one that doesn't surprise or interest you.
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