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IAS Dropped more than 50% on some items.

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As the title states.

I had 3 items that gave me 31% IAS;
1) Boj Anglers --- 12% before, now gives 5%
2) Rare Ring ----- 4% before, now gives 2%
3) Rare Gloves --- 15% before, now gives 7%

For #1, I honestly don't know what happened, but for #2 and #3, I believe that they used a "Cut in half and round down" change... I think they should have left it at a cut of 50% max, since a cut any higher than what they had stated would obviously cause an outburst of anger. That makes me believe that they should have done it "50% rounded up", that way 50% would be the max it would drop. (I still think that 50% is still too much of a drop though). As a basis on this thought, I had 31% IAS before and I now have 14%. Half of 31% is 15.5%, therefore people will complain about it.

As for my Boj Anglers, I honestly don't know why they dropped more than 50% rounded down. Was this intended?
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Me too, I had a ilvl 63 weapon with 15% ias now it only has 5%. I think someone at Blizzard should invest in some kind of adding machine... calculator I believe they are called?

Also I heard nobody at Blizzard reads this forum... which makes me wonder why they have it.. but oh well just trying to do my part to help test this beta.
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Me too, seems like attack speed with odd number will have this kind of problem.
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Well... My boots dropped from 12% to 5%, which is more than 50% rounded down. It isn't just limited to odd numbers.
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half of 15 is 7.5, rounded down (which would be wrong) is still 7%
7 is still 2 more than 5 last time I asked a 1st grader.
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06/21/2012 06:22 PMPosted by walk2k
I had a ilvl 63 weapon with 15% ias now it only has 5%.
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Yea... It is rather odd how yours dropped to 33% of what it had.

Here is what their post on the patch notes said;


+ Attack Speed bonus values on weapons and armor have been reduced by 50%
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Yes! I bought a weapon from AH for 2.5mill (countless hours of normal gameplay without exploits to get that gold) It had 25% IAS and now it is 10%
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