Diablo® III

Idea for a story

I am no writer so this will be more of a summary. They may be flaws in the lore that I use so please point them out when you see them. Again this is my idea for a story.

Act 1: The story takes place a few months after the collapse of the worldstone. The character starts out at Bastions Keep in hopes of traveling to the Crater to find a way to stop the invasion of demon armies. This act is just an introduction act so the plot is not quite thickening going through it. Mainly the people holding in the keep tell you about rumors of how an angel destroyed the worldstone. At the end of the act you near the crater. As you move closer, you see a imprisoned Tyrael. When he spots your character, he tries to warn you to stay away but then you here a voice say to late. Azmodan walks up and he is the final act boss. He was going to use Tyrael as a way to approach heaven, whether it be bargaining or simply using Tyrael to get in. When you defeat Azmodan, Tyrael tells you that you must travel to New Tristram and seek a man named Deckard Cain because he holds important information. The scene ends with Tyrael ascending into heaven.

Act 2: The cinematic begins with Cain sitting in the Cathedral writing down things in his journal. A hooded man appears behind him and says "Hello Deckard Cain." Seeing the red glow in the hood, Cain says "Are you here to help Sanctuary?" "No I have come for information" the man says. " I need to know where the Horadrim book is kept." Cain says " I cannot say, it is a secret of the Horadrim." The persistent man proceeds, " I will find the book
and your help would speed up my search." " I am sorry but I have to be suspicious when you come to me masked behind a robe" Cain says. Just as the man begins to speak, the cathedral door busts open and demons begin to flood in. The man jumps up and a demon begins to talk, " Ah, Imperious, I see you are also looking for the book." Imperious shouts, " the book will be mine and Sanctuary will help us defeat the evils." Cain says, "Imperious you are not strong enough to defeat the Lord of Lies and his army by yourself." Imperious is then shoved away from Cain and Belial and his minions capture Cain. Imperious disappears as Cain is pulled down the Cathedral.

I will write the rest of act 2 and the other acts if anybody has interest in the story. Thanks for reading.
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This is supposed to be what you wanted Diablo 3 to be like then? Why not write an idea for an expansion?
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well there surely is an expansion.. it is still uncertain as onto what happened to leah's mother.
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