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Hi Blizzard-
We have heard loud and clear that you do not want us to die while playing Diablo 3, and that it is your design policy that we should all be playing 'Hardcore' characters that do not die whether we are actually in 'Hardcore' mode or not. Lets review the current penalties that occur when one dies in combat:

1) Respawn timer that begins at 3 seconds and quickly hits 30 seconds, requiring a 2 minutes cooldown of no deaths to reset.
2) Any elite packs that were being fought reset their health to full if you cannot engage them within 6-7 seconds after death
3) Many-minute walk back time to the area where one died, if you need an example think nearly any of the areas in Act 3, underground dungeons in Act 2, etc
4) ~5,000 gold repair costs per death

Both #2 and #4 were made worse in patch 1.03, and what really makes it unfun is that all of these potentially compound on every death leading to an enormous amount of wasted player time. I play a Demon Hunter (33k HP, 500 All Resist, 650 Physical Resist, 3000 armor, ~60k non-SS DPS) and there is a significant amount of RNG that determines whether I will survive a tough elite pack fight or not due to our survivability hinging solely on a limited resource that is used up extremely fast and regenerates extremely slowly. When I die 3 minutes away from a respawn point multiple times to some un-kitable melee pack and have to shell out all the gold I picked up in the last 15 minutes, I can tell you as an absolute fact that I am not having fun.


1) If you (Blizzard) are determined to keep the repair costs where they are (and not the prior level), then please cap the respawn timer at 3 seconds, and prevent elites from immediately regenerating to full (the slow incremental regen is fine, and reasonable). You are now penalizing our pocketbook enormously for each death (which effectively is a time penalty), it isn't fair to compound this penalty by having to completely start over on deadly packs, eat a respawn timer, and have a huge run back time to the battle spot.

2) Add many more checkpoints within the world, having to run back all the way across the bridge in act 3, or to opposite ends of Arreat Crater is just unbearable. And knowing with a surety that when you get back to where you died you'll have to start all over from scratch.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to Diablo 3 game improvements.
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You're confusing dying with zerging.

Are you going to complain about the boss fight resetting when you die, too?
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Are you suggesting we should only have one chance to kill everything, and upon death it all resets?
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