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AUS/NZ Weapon Loan

Sure mate, just post here which weapon you are after, so I can lock it in for you!
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Combat Wind looks delicious, I just sent a request now so hit me up :D
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Awesome DayOldHate! See ya tonight
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Great work guys, i'm 54 and grinding hard at the Butcher, could do with a good weapon, love your loan plan, sign me up... i'm at work but will add you in the morning.....
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Updated the first post :) I am now looking to purchase some more weapons/equipment to be loaned out, maybe even some Gems!
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this idea is going well..at first i wouldnt think people would like to borrow..!

also chensta, your right on the idea of gems because ive added alot of people and many of them dont have the right gem and/or their gem are of low quality..!
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This is a brilliant idea! I have a number of level requirement -10 to 17 on some items. Who can I donate them to in order to loan these out"?
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Hey there Chensta, I've got a few weapons that would suit early inferno. They aren't for leveling, just have loh, dex, vit, ias or a mixture of these. I dunno if you want these sorts of things as this was started for people leveling but I thought I would offer anyway. Cheers
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@prophet, shoot an reply here with the details, such as name, level, dps etc, and I'll update the first post with your details :)

@woody, feel free to provide some more details, and I will post here in the first post if they are suitable!
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I would like to add a level 7 legendary fist to the bank?
It's not great but it will get you to the butcher.
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Can we add items we find to the bank?

I think its a great idea and have been looking out for half decent weapons with -lvl req on them

Just found a barb 2 hand mace

lvl req 51
798 dps
66 str
78 int
15 max fury

I would love to donate it so some people can get some use out of it

reply here or msg me in game to trade it to the bank
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Got a name for your beauty lumtar? I'll add to the list :)
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Potent Bludgeon


Msg me in game and ill trade it to you
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Ugh yeah I guess I could do that lol.

Type - 1 hand spear
A/S - 1.26
DPS - 657.4
Dex - 118
Vit - 110
LoH - 300
Req. lvl - 60

Type - 1 hand spear
A/S - 1.2
DPS - 657.6
Dex - 196
Vit - 232
Str - 109
Req. lvl - 60

Type - Fist weapon
A/S - 1.53
DPS - 545.5
LoH - 652
Req. lvl - 60

Type - 2h Bow
A/S - 1.4
DPS - 793.8
Vit - 118
Empty Socket
Req. lvl - 60

Type - 1 hand axe
A/S - 1.3
DPS - 540.8
Dex - 123
Vit - 105
Empty Socket
Req. lvl - 60

Type - 2 hand staff
A/S - 1
DPS - 1028.5
Dex - 169
Req. lvl - 54

Type - 2 hand bow
A/S - 1.4
DPS - 1022.0
Dex - 85
Vit - 61
Int - 176
Req. lvl - 54

Quite a mixed bag haha, hope something in there would benefit the community.
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did you sell your ammy? it was lovely :D
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would like to add
  • http://free-picture-hosting.net/?pm=GRUW
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    juicey looking bow woody
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    I've got a weapon that I share out amongst my mates for leveling quickly, but its just a little bit too good for me to have the balls to share it out like this.

    Just for reference for how strong these low level requirement weapons can get, mine looks like this:

    1h axe
    968.8 dps
    110 str
    112 dex
    659 life on hit
    68% crit damage
    Reduces level requirements by 18

    Required level 42.

    Props for doing this service though guys, top effort.
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    Cayenne... that 1-hander is better than my 1-hander and I've been on lvl 60 for ages! LOL

    Your mates are very lucky! It would be hard to let that weapon go once they've hit lvl 60 (as in hard to find an upgrade without it costing over the moon) WOWSERS!
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