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Black Rock Ledger - Finding a Use 4.0

This is a continuation of the other threads, previously being 3.0 - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5794589545

So let's keep the discussion going. If there is nothing there, perhaps are love of the idea, will give Blizzard incentive to pursue creating a secret level with the next expansion or game. In the same way how the original Cow Level was created in Diablo 2.
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I liked the map that was posted near the end of v3.0 showing the Road to Alcarnus and location of the house. But, overall it's possible that they want people to beat the game first before accessing other secret areas. So if you're stuck on this puzzle, try working on beating Inferno. It won't hurt
Bashiok answer us.

What should we do with these pages and with the items relating to them?
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This is so amusing lol. I wonder if i can craft a theory after this...
could this be of some use? havent found it myself but might have something incommon with the pages. http://www.diablowiki.com/Lost_Journal
Fold the pages into a paper hat because soon it will be the only armor you can afford to repair.
still monitoring since original reddit =D
About the Mystic. I was "talking" to the blacksmith, about his wife myra and well according to the story he tells Myra was a Mystic. Maybe, perhaps she is (or was) the mystic and Blizzard got rid of her by making us kill her ?

Not sure if it was mention already, I just read from V3.0 till now.

Edit: Also, has any one notice that there is another cow skeleton in old ruins, at the right side of Griswold's Fine Weapons ? ... maybe if you gather all the items there you can call the cow king or something.
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Ok so maybe this has something to do with the BRL

Could it have anything to do with this event at desolate sands?

Did you guys check the Lostpedia wiki from the TV show?


There's a page of theories that the Lost TV show fans came up with to help explain the Black Rock Ledger in the show. Might be useful?
I also think this is connected to the Black Canyon Mines.

In the TV show [Season 1 episode "Exodus, Part 2"] Locke said that the ship (Black Rock)

"must have been en route to a mining colony"
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I've found a site in the southern highland that could be worth taking a look at. First time I've seen it but its basically a small building with two doors. One of which has a big cow skull on top of it. There's no way to get in, it's just a building in the middle of nowhere (can't possibly be just decoration could it?) I had all ledgers and items (except whatever burger i hear people speak of).

So I already have a staff of herding and I bought another wirt's bell just for the hell of it. right-click does nothing (obviously) but the thing is that.. when you drop the bell, it literally makes a freakin loop around the hero before it drops. Any other item i drop, it flies straight up and then back down. But when i drop the bell.. its like flying in a full circle before it drops (boing). idk if it's just me or glitched but I think wirt's bell could be a useful item to keep in your stash like the other pages and items. The description of wirt's bell is very interesting (if you think outside the box of just whimesyshire). happy hunting!
Just a few thoughts. Arnst or something like that in lost blew up near the black rock in the show Lost as he was handling dynamite. Like the gravedigger does in the game.

I was carrying 2 of the pages at one point and came across the black tornado thing as many have and it seemed to be leading me somewhere, with little damage from it as it stayed a bit in front of me. I was damaged quite a bit with none in hand (on the hardest level I could access at the time).

With all 6 in hand and in order in my pack, I saw the black (smoke) tornado thing again and this time it stayed further from me and eventually went off the cliff and vanished.

Perhaps you can drive the smoke/tornado into monsters to kill them or maybe it will lead you somewhere. Or maybe by getting the smoke to do you bidding it will unlock something. Just some thoughts. Will keep trying but someone else might have better luck with it. I have played the level in normal, nightmare and hell.

I haven't the time to read every post all the way through, but have read many sorry if any is repost.
Intresting discovery about Wirt's bell. Threw it out myself and yeah, that think makes a huge loop! I actually tried using the bell, throwing it out both when encoutering the ship wich gives you the ledgers and upon one of those black vortexes. The vortex however wasnt exactly on me when i threw it out as i encountered a champion mob with jailing and then the vortex escaped where i couldnt pass on the map and vanished. It was quite close though, about 2m away or something.

Still, I dont think these are of any use yet. I belive they do serve a purpouse which is why you cant sell them, but are blue because there's no use for them just yet. We will probably see the use for it when the expansion to D3 comes along.

As for the burger I hardly belive it has any value rather than amusement. Saw some video of it and the only thing noticable about it is that it seem to make a sound every strike. But again, you can trade it the AH or sell it to a vendor.

I belive, when this can be solved, the pages will become brown like the items used to get to whimsyshire.
My two theories are:

1) Blizzard did this JUST to troll us... orrrr....

2) It has something to do with the "Lost Mine" area in Act 1... I still don't have any theories but I'm trying damnit :(.

Edit: I don't have the entire ledger so if somebody wants to test around in the Lost Mine area that would be lovely :D
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Has any one with all the items got into the mass grave that appears on the road to old tristam? is a bit odd that there is technically nothing on the cave, just an small whole where you kill 2 or 3 monsters and nothing else.

Good luck !
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