Diablo® III

[FEEDBACK] 100+ Ideas to improve Diablo 3

(All these ideas comes from the Italian Community)

Before starting out, I want to thank everyone who participated in suggesting new ideas (even the ones whose idea was not taken into account).

All of this took a lot of effort, so please, don't flame and be constructive if you'd like to comment and remember that my english is not perfect so don't insult me if some sentences are stupid and/or not very understandable.

Disclaimer: this list doesn't include (just for a matter of "too much popularity" or they've already been suggested) ideas like: add more random events, add an alchemist to create different type of potions/dyes, ban bots, add character customization (changing hari style, color etc.), add an NPC for in-game auctions, add a mobile and/or via web application for auctions, add a DotA scenario!, add an option to "nopickup" grey/white items, add more mobs!, add more active and passive ability slots, improve the chat and the UI (resizable, movable, etc.), increase inventory and stash sizes, add duels, make zones really random, bring the real Diablo music back.

With that said, here we go:


  • Add a cooldown viewer that allows you to see, ontop of the icon of an ability, how many seconds remains until it is available again. Check/uncheck through the options menu
  • Add the possibility to see the % of durability of the whole equip
  • Add an option to be able to see the values on life, resource globes
  • Add more details on the profile of every character (deaths, number of Diablo kills, etc)
  • Give artisans the capability to "see" your stash, so you don't have to go back to it when you forget to bring with you your tomes or mats etc
  • To give some utility to grey/white items, allow them to have sockets, and the number of sockets will be higher than a magic item (e.g. a white helm can have 2 sockets, a grey shield can have 3 sockets etc)
  • Add a "safe-zone": when a character die and ressurect allow that he/she remains invulnerable until an action is done. This is to solve the "slow zone-loading for older PCs" problem. (You know.. when other people pull elites near an entrance and you find your character dead again because you PCs hasn't finished to load the zone in time for you to react)
  • Add the "reforge" feature (the same in WoW): add an NPC that allows you to lower a stat and increase another one on an item for a price. To unlock new "reforge recipes" make them drop from mobs or give the NPC some quests that makes you unlock them.
  • Make achievement points spendable: you can buy pets (gold companion ftw) or things for aesthetics (sigils etc)
  • Make diaries/letters/journals that you find across the game bind to account, so you don't have to look for them everytime with a different character
  • Add the Uber Inferno difficulty that differs from Inferno only for the first 2 acts. Act 1 and 2 will have the same level of difficulty of act 3 and 4 Inferno (same % of drops as well) so players can farm the area/act they like the most
  • Add an option to convert the normal font into "Diablo font"
  • Some magic properties are not easy to understand what they do so add a window that explains you what a magic property does when you mouseover it
  • Add an in-game "bug-report application"
  • Add the possibility to see abilities damage like it was in Diablo 2 maybe by modifying the tooltips of all abilities to be dynamic. In this way, instead of showing a fixed percetange of damage, they will show the real damage an ability will do
  • Add Artifact items: these are legendary items that gain experience and improve over time (there can be low level artifacts - in this case they would improve together with your character - and end-game artifacts - in this case there would be something else to do other than farming when you reach the max level)
  • Change how statistics work based on the class you are playing. With this, secondary stats would be reconsidered and revaluated. Eg. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5959736506?page=6#114
  • Add an option to turn on/off the screen-shake-effect
  • Make health globes impossible to be picked up if the character is at full life
  • Update the hitbox so your character won't get hit when you are far away from a mob or an arrow etc
  • NEW - Add an option to change the color of the mouse cursor


  • Add a tutorial to the game where you can learn how to use your character, how game mechanics work and most important of all you can learn the background story of your character (e.g. As a demon hunter you will see your family get killed by the demons and then you will be trained by your "masters" to become a demon hunter - maybe this can be implemented in an expansion... I think it's not possible with just a patch). The tutorial is skippable of course.


  • Add the possibility to customize the name of a crafted item, maybe with a quest.
  • Add the possibility to change the aspect (aesthetic) of an item (not only the color!)

Auction House

  • Allow the selection of non-standard parameters for certain kind of items (e.g. % block on helms or rings etc.)
  • Add a filter to select a range of prices (min-max)
  • Add a new detailed section on the Auction House window where you can follow the state of your offers (the current one is poor)
  • Add a "refine search" function: when you get the list of items from your first search allow to set the filters again so you can search for items in that list that match the parameters you set the second time
  • Add filters with conditions, exclusions and inclusions so you can search an item with these parameters for example: 1h weapon, with dexterity > 100, with vitality, without strenght, without intellect, with life on hit
  • Add the possibility to select multiple "type of quality" for items: so if I'm interested in rares and legendaries I can check both of these. Like now I can set only one quality type (e.g. I set "rare" on the search parameters and I will get only rares)
  • Let the player know when you succesfully won an acution or sold an item etc in the game chat (like in WoW)
  • Allow players to sell unsold items from the "completed tab" without requiring you to send those items to the stash.
  • Let us see the battletag of the players who won our auctions
  • Add the possibility to search for similar objects "with a few clicks" (e.g. I'm looking for a ring similar to the one I'm wearing or that I found on the Auction House and with this option I just need to click on that ring and on the search button to get the results)
  • (Based on the idea above) When we're going to sell an item, let us know the average price of similar items
  • Make the "page" where you get the results of your search a "scroll-down-facebook-style page" where it loads items as you scroll down so you can have everything on the same page.
  • Allow us to be able to "follow" the auction of an item without making an offer (something like e-bay)
  • Let items with the property "reduced level requirement by X" to be displayed on the correct level range (e.g. If I auction a level60 item with a level reduction of 5, that item must be displayed if I search a level range between 50 and 55)
  • Add a new type of AH where you can trade an item with another item (this last item will have stats, minimum stat value and item type - eg. sword, chest etc - chosen by the seller)
  • NEW - Add the filter "average damage" even for mojos and wizard orbs
  • NEW - Add a button to reset filters


  • Add an hotkey to be able to swap between two "specs"
  • Add "skill runes talent points" that allows you to improve skill runes
  • Make skill runes you use "gain experience" so they can improve over time.
  • Add the possibility to specialize in some skills (e.g. you can activate 2 skill runes for your primary skill by paying a price or by dropping and reading a particular book - this could be done for mercenaries too, to make them a bit more powerful)

Item Properties

  • Remove the "add socket" property and make it similar to how it worked in Diablo 2.
  • Make the "add socket" property on items of level 50 or above to be always followed by another magic property (this is to avoid things like this http://oi45.tinypic.com/2agru4z.jpg )
  • Make the "increases the range of globe pickup" property to affect abilites with area of effect.
  • Add the "increases block amount by X" and/or "increases block amount by X%" property/ies
  • (based on the idea above) Make the "increases block chance by X%" and "increases block amount by X" properties to affect a character with no shield equipped. This might be considered as a parry with weapons
  • Make the "damage melee attackers by X" property to affect ranged attackers as well
  • Make "Crowd Control" properties (such as immobilize the target, or fear the target etc) more frequent by increasing their % to trigger
  • Remove "Crowd Control" properties and merge them into elemental damage: cold - slows, lightning - stuns, holy - fears, arcane - immobilize, fire - blinds, poison - DoT. The chances to trigger the secondary effects are increased depending on the level of the item and on the "roll" of the elemental damage (the higher is the elemental damage the higher will be the chances to trigger secondary effects)
  • Add magic properties that give you a chance to do "something" (aka proc items - 20% chance on hit to increase your AS by X% for Y seconds, 20% chance on hit to cast Hydra, etc.)
  • Add the "add 1 active ability slot" property. In this way you can have 7 active abilites. This property cannot stack and only legendary items can have it.
  • Add the "add X passive ability slots" property. In this way you can have more than just 3 passive abilities. Every type of item can have it (from magic to legendary), but only legendary items can add 2 or more, up to a maximum of 3 (eg. magic and rare items can add up to 1 passive slot while legendary items can add 1, 2 or 3 slots)
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  • To give some utility to grey/white items, they could be used to forge some new items (e.g. a recipe need you to have some essences and a white/grey sword)
  • To give some utility to grey/white items, allow the blacksmith to "enchant" a white item like it was in Diablo 2 for the cost of gold and some materials. The new items will have a chance to be a rare but the properties will be limited to 3
  • To give some utility to grey/white items, allow the blacksmith to merge the properties of a magic/rare item on a white item. This process will destroy the magic item and it will make the white item a magic item with 2 properties, randomly chosen from 2 properties of the destroyed magic item. There is also a random chance to merge up to 4 properties and this will change the white item into a rare item
  • To give some utility to grey/white items, allow them to be recicled again like it was in the earlier versions of the game
  • To give some utility to grey/white items, add the "I need metal!" quest: this quest will allow you to sell to the blacksmith grey and white items. When you reach a certain number of items sold, Headrig will reward you with a random magic item and its level will be based on the difficulty and the act you are. This is a repeatable quest during a game session, but if you leave the game, the count of the items sold will be resetted
  • Allow the blacksmith to create sockets like it was in the earlier versions of the game
  • Allow the blacksmith to replace a magic property from an item with a new random one. The cost depends on the level of the item and this process can be done only once
  • Allow the blacksmith to use gems to forge items. Gems will "force" the item to have a certain "primary stat property" (e.g. topaz will give the item intellect, ruby - strength etc.)
  • Allow the blacksmith to add additional random properties to a magic item. The number of properties added depends on the level of the blacksmith while the quality of the properties and the cost of the process depends on the item level (kind of Mystic)
  • Allow the blacksmith to combine and "disunite" the essences (e.g. I have an Exquisite Essence and I need 2 Wishful Essences to craft an item for a level 55 character. I can go to the blacksmith to transform the Exquisite Essence into 2 Whishful Essences. The same can be done if I have 2 Wishful Essences and I need an Exquisite Essence. These processes can be done with all the type of essences of course - It could be done the same for pages/tomes and tomes of secrets)
  • Allow the blacksmith to upgrade an item and its properties (grey to white, white to blue, blue to rare) by paying a certain amount of gold and/or mats. You can do this process multiple times but for an higher cost and an higher chance for the item to be destroyed


  • To give some utility to grey/white items, add the "Not everything that glitters is gold!" quest: this quest will allow you to sell to the jeweler grey and white items. When you reach a certain number of items sold, Shen will reward you with a random gem and its level will be based on the difficulty and the act you are. This is a repeatable quest during a game session, but if you leave the game, the count of the items sold will be resetted
  • Allow the jeweler to create jewels (the ones of Diablo 2). Make him combine a certain number of gems plus some grey/white items to create a random jewel. The level of the jewel will be based on the quality of the gems used to create it
  • Allow the jeweler to craft rings and amulets
  • Add a new gem: diamond. Helm: increases all resistances, Weapon: increases attack speed, Other: increases maximum resource for Barbarian, Wizard and Witch Doctor and increase hatred/spirit regeneration speed for Demon Hunter and Monk
  • Add a new recipe: diamond. Combines all four type of gems to create a diamon of the same level. Diamond properties are the same as the point above
  • Make gems drop less, the cost to combine them lower and add more type of gems (one for each elemental type of damage)
  • Make the socket distintion from gems only between weapon and armor (remove helm) - weapon: add elemental damage, armor: add stats
  • Add runes to the game. Runes can be socketed into items and they will have low values of "modifying effects" (such as +% AS, % health on attack, +% weapon damage, etc.) but it will be possible to combine the same or different type of runes together to create one, stronger rune (e.g. Rune A: +4% amor, Rune B: +2% AS. If you combine A with B you will obtain Rune C: +4% armor and 2%AS, if you combine 2xA you will obtain Rune AA: +10% armor and if you combine 2xB you will obtain Rune BB: +5% AS)
  • Add gems that increase the resistance to every type of physical/elemental damage and a gem that increases all resistances. In this way items with good stats and a socket but with no resistances would be reconsidered and revaluated.


  • Make random event quests reward a class-specific magic item. The item will always be useful for your class (e.g. a barbarian will always receive a mighty weapon or a mighty belt, but never an orb or a quiver etc.)
  • Add "achievement quests" that requires you to go search for an item in some random dungeon. These quests will have a primary objective and a bonus objective: the primary objective reward is like the random quest events that are in game now (and it's gained the same way) while the bonus reward is a random "event" when you enter the dungeon and you will be rewarded as soon as you finish the event (e.g. when you enter the dungeon the bonus objective will appear and it requires you to kill X enemies in X seconds or kill every monster in that dungeon etc)
  • Add periodic events organized by GMs - and/or - add weekly/monthly events


  • Add the Monster Shrine like in Diablo 2. This shrine will make the first normal mob you see an elite mob
  • Add the Shrine of Avarice. This shrine gives the player a 50% chance to make mobs drop an additional item
  • Add the Shrine of the Nephilim. This shrine increases the damage of all your abilities by an additional 15% weapon damage and the regeneration of resources (rage, spirit etc.) is increased by an additional 10%
  • Add the Shrine of Remedy. This shrine rigenerates 1% of your total health per second and you gain 5% of all damage done as life


  • Add an NPC that sells maps for some random multi-level dungeon (like 4 or 5 levels). If you click on the map it will open a portal that will lead you to that dungeon (torchlight ftw)
  • Add some dungeons (not very long - something that takes you just 20/30 mins) that will have 4 levels and every level has the same enviroment and mobs of every act (e.g. level 1 will have the same enviroment and mobs of act 1, level 2 will have the same enviroment and mobs of act 2 etc., maybe with a miniboss that you have to kill before going to the next level). In this way you will have a dungeon that grows in difficulty every level you go down
  • Add Minigames: e.g. 4 players are on a ship that will be attacked by a pirate ship and you have to survive from waves of mobs. In the end you go on the enemy ship and open a chest for the rewards.
  • Add Survival Levels Arenas: you can select the difficulty (normal/nightmare/etc) and you have to survive waves of mobs and every 10th wave you have a Boss (not random bosses but bosses from the previous games such as Andariel, Duriel etc) for a total of 100 waves (hypotetical number). There is no possibility to save (maybe only when you kill a boss?) and there is an achievement for doing this
  • Add to the game the Malefic Urns from Diablo 2 LoD. When you open one of them there is a chance that from it will spawn an elite pack of monsters
  • Add "Enigma Chests": these weird chests can be opened only after solving some puzzles (eg. pull a lever, activate some buttons in a particular order, etc.)
  • Add "Cursed Chests": these weird chests will open only after a set period of time. In this period the player has to do as much damage as possible to the chest. When the time fades the chest will open and it will drop items with quality based on the amount of damage the player has done to it - or - the chest will spawn mobs that disappear after a set period of time and the more damage you have done to them the better loot the chest will drop


  • Add PvP dungeons: they will be places where players and mosters will fight against each other in a "mortal combat". Who's gonna win? You, another player or the demons of the burning hells?
  • Add an empty multi-floor PvP dungeon (not levels but floors with stairs or elevators to go up and down) filled with traps/events that: spawn mobs, make your character fall down to the floor below in an empty room (if you're lucky) or in a room full of mobs or with deadly traps (spikes/fire etc). In this weird dungeon players have to fight against each other to win... if they can survive long enough to find their own enemies... (deathmatch and/or team based game) (An idea could be: make a 4 players dungeon resembling a labyrinth. Every player starting point is each one of the 4 corners. Every player has to survive to reach the centre of the map where there is a treasure chest. Doors to get to it are initially closed until every player - without the ones who are dead - reach their own door that gives them access to the central room. When everyone is in position the doors will open and players has to fight against each other. The last survivor can open the chest!)
  • Add an arena where two teams (or more) have to take control of some "strategic zones". These "strategic zones" will give you points over time and the more you have the more quickly you will get points to achive the victory. The first team to reach a certain score will win. (idea based on Unreal Tournament and not from Arathi Basin, just to let you know how I thought it should work)
  • Add the "Auction Arena": a player can create this type of arena by chosing an items he/she wants to give to other players as a reward. After that he/she has to choose set the price to partecipate to the arena and the maximum number of players that can access to it. Everyone interested in the item can subscribe by paying the fee and when the maximum number of players is reached, the arena will start. Everyone has to fight against each other and the winner will take the item.


  • Improve followers' AI (e.g. make them not attack an enemy if you are out of combat, if the encantress cast charm on a mob, don't make her cast disorient on the same mob etc)
  • Allow followers to wear all pieces of gear - Templar yells: "GLORIOUS!!!"
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    Add this new button in the game menu. The tavern allow the player to access a new screen much like the one in Starcraft2 when you are on the Hyperion before playing a mission - but in Diablo will resemble a tavern of course - and it will have various rooms where you can do different things:

  • Bar Counter: it will load a screen similar to the Diablo 2 lobby
  • Saloon Tables: chat room where there will be a maximum of four players randomly chosen and where you can see each of them. Here you can chat to get to know each other better before playing a game. The option to invite a player in a game is available
  • Internal Rooms: here you can make bets, mini-games and sell unidentified items
  • Garden: here you can organise eveything PvP related: arenas, duels, guilds tournaments etc
  • Secret Basement: in this room you can do everything you can do in every other listed-above-rooms but it will be only accessible by HC characters. Only "Duels" will be available for PvP

Friends List

  • Allow players to order/put their friends in custom groups (something like google+ circles/facebook lists)


  • Add a group bonus: if you keep playing with the same people (in the friends list) "this group" will level up and will unlock some bonuses (e.g. reduced damage from fire or from cold etc, increased magic find etc.). This might be good for Clans.
  • Modify some abilities and/or skill runes to make them more effective when you play in a group (something like the skill rune "Mob Rule" of the ability "Ignore Pain" of the barbarian)
  • Add synergies between abilities (e.g. if a wizard freezes an enemy the melee damage taken by it will be increased, making damage from barbarians and monks higher against that enemy)

Ideas that has already been considered or discarded by Blizzard
    • Ideas listed in the Disclaimer: add a lock-hotbar option, nerf repair bills, increase level cap to 99, allow massacre and destruction bonuses to reward gold for level 60 characters, make monk's animations to use weapons, "Kripp tips", make legendary items a serious matter

  • Allow gems to stack up to 100
  • Allow to create multiple gems/items with just one click, if you have enough mats (like in WoW)
  • Possibility to see the properties (and not only the name) of the items that has been sold
  • Possibility to select a duration for your auction (like in WoW)
  • When you don't sell an item allow us to view for how much money we put it on the Auction House so we can try to re-sell it for a lower price based on the previous price
  • Add more filters (only 3 is poor) or allow the player to add how many filters he/she wants
  • Add an option to block followers conversation - from patch 1.0.4 followers will speak less frequently
  • Elite monsters will have "specific random abilities" so you will be able to know, just by looking them, the "set of abilities" where they can "draw out their powers" from and so the game feels more realistic (e.g. if you see an elite bat you will know that it can have extra speed, shield, arcane damage, desecrator, mortar or vortex on it but not extra health or barrier. It's more realistic that a golem - the ones in act 2 - has barrier and extra health than a bat) - Blizzard revealed that mob's abilities are selected by an ability-category system other than a mob-type system
  • Add a filter to select a range of DPS for weapons (e.g. I'm looking for a weapon that does 600 DPS so I will put on the filter min DPS 550 - max DPS 650)
  • Allow to set filters when you look for legendary/set items
  • Possibility to order items by offers
  • Possibility to order items by time left
  • Add an option to remove socketed items that reach a set value of a stat because of gems
  • Allow to order "class-specific and non" items by DPS, AS, % block etc. (eg. allow to order mojos by damage they add, quivers by AS, shields by % block etc.) - Partially implemented
  • Allow the blacksmith to repair items at a reduced price, based on the level of the blacksmith - from patch 1.0.4 BS can repair items but for the same price as vendors
  • Give the possibility to set filters and values by just clicking on a selected item - italian forum source: http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/forum/topic/5208113026?page=1#14
  • Add the possibility to make yourself invisible to your friends so they don't know if you are online or not - source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7315730/%E2%80%9CAppear_Offline%E2%80%9D_Option_Coming_Soon_to_Battlenet-9_20_2012
  • Sources: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6079707996 - Patch 1.0.4 notes

If you know italian and/or you want to have a look to the original thread here you go: http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/forum/topic/4725892802

The italian version of this same thread is here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/forum/topic/4797101907

Thanks everyone for reading... if you've just reached this line you are a hero :D
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Well written, communicated, and received.. +kudos
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Long read but I see some wonderful ideas in here. Hope a Blue reads it.
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Up. This thread deserves more visibility.
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Posts: 166
Great post but you'll never see 10% of it implemented.
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Wow why do you waste your time like that ..
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Good stuff.
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Posts: 1,420
Great post. Lots of good suggestions, some great suggestions, and some I'd rather not see implemented.
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06/27/2012 12:29 PMPosted by MasterSpark
Great post. Lots of good suggestions, some great suggestions, and some I'd rather not see implemented.

Well you know. We've just thrown some ideas here and there, some might be good and some might not.
I just hope that at least one out of the 100 is going to be considered
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Some really good ideas here. +1
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I came up with almost that many ideas on my own,
but I am Italian, so that probably explains it. ;)

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06/27/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Poglia
Some really good ideas here. +1

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Anymore comments?
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