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Leah taking over Hell Kerrigan style?

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Just a crazy idea XD. Since demons cannot die, they are either sent to the abyss or will respawn somewhere in Hell, Leah being Diablo's daughter should respawn as a demon. Adding on top of that, since all 7 Evils have been banished to the abyss via the Black Soul Stone, technically no one is controlling the Burning Hells at the moment, so when Leah respawns in Hell as the daughter of Diablo, she should be able to ride the chaos and take control of Hell!

May be this will follow the Kerrigan plot line, where the strong female main character is transformed into the enemy. There could be a power struggle between the off springs of the 7 Evils (or remaining lords of sins) just like the cerebrates competed with Kerrigan for the control of the swarm. Leah could discover ways to make herself more powerful, perhaps seeking to find the Black Soul Stone that fell from Heaven from the ending cinematic, and make herself the Prime Evil.

And then, may be we will gather pieces of an ancinet Xel'Naga... I mean Nephalem artifact and invade the Burning Hells to turn Leah back to human... Ok, I'm getting carried away XD
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May be this will follow the Kerrigan plot line

You're just now figuring this out?
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Do you know Eirena once said that Leah would never become an evil soul as a Horadrim?
Leah knows how to keep herself pure with the protection of Horadrim even though her body was Diablo control.
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06/26/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Noahhuman
May be this will follow the Kerrigan plot line

No, please, no. This is like seeing that pack of fast, invulnerable minion, mortar Demonic Tremors from just off screen... Terrible, but unescapable at the same time...
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