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Keep disconnecting


That is definitely what kept making me crash. Lowered the settings, no noticeable difference that I can see, except I no longer DC.
dc dc dc..then dc again. launch game..redownloading patch 1.0.5. wth is going on?
This issue started for me on Monday evening and has been happening ever since. When I'm lucky I can get a half hour in before the DC. Most times I get DC'd about 10 - 15 minutes after starting a game. I have tried the suggestions mentioned in previous posts to fix the issue without success. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.

As others have stated, it's not my PC. Everything and anything else I throw at it runs fine. I can play SC2 without incident as well. I will check with the service provider tomorrow, but I highly doubt they are at fault since everything else works fine (both on this computer and using other devices).

Please help Blizz!!!!!!!!!!
Fix the constant Disconnects!!! I've wasted money on a new router and modem already. Comcast says your server is the problem.
try 100 fps-110
Got the same problem.
Are you guys just going to ignore this? not even a we are working on it just nothing lol?
May not work for everyone, but I found a fix (working after 12 hours of gameplay).

Go https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/

Google public DNS. Follow the steps carefully, back up all your router/ethernet settings before you mess around with it.

I followed the steps and I went from constant d/c's every 5-10 minutes to no d/c's.

Also, was getting red pings before very frequently...after changing I had 300ms as my worst ping (otherwise was 80-120)

Good luck everyone.
This is happening to me now. Must be related to Patch 1.0.6. I've never had any issues disconnecting, then suddenly yesterday I get disconnected. Today it's happened three times. Of note, it only happens when I play "single player." When I join public games I don't disconnect. What gives?
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Same here. Keeps on disconnecting once again for me. Happened 5 times in a row now.
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Started my game off fine today about 20min in and the DC. AT first I though this was just a monk issue while using tempest rush but that doesnt seem to be the case.
Seems like every time i play solo with my monk i keep getting DC tonight. I'm using tempest rush as well and wonder if that is the problem for me..
I am getting disconnected from pub games now too.
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Started getting DC'd too. I never would get DC'd but after the patch its happening every day now.

Wouldn't be a big deal if you automatically logged in to your group like it does in WoW.
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Is there any remedy for these frequent disconnects? I started receiving them right after the latest patch (1.0.6). Never had any issues prior to this patch.

Unable to play longer than 20 minutes per game. Basically, game is unplayable for me.

Same thing keep getting disconnected, doesn't matter if in a public game, solo game, or on Auction house. Never had this issue, pre - 1.0.6 patch. Tried variety of recommendations, none worked.

Just started playing again too after a few months down time, and this is most aggrivating, almost enough to stop again.
Getting the same DC's as everyone else it seems...
First time I met keywarden in act 2 with 5 neffi stacks = DC
Second time after getting my 5th neffi stack in act 3 = DC
Third and final time after getting 2 neffi stacks after only 5min = DC

This is PAINFUL!
i can not even play anymore, within 2 minutes => DC
set router settings, W7 firewall, joined 2 (yes 2) channels of spam, automatic log-on, and still DC's.

It has to-do something with the new patches, before i could play whenever i wanted.
I cannot even stay connected to games for more than 2 minutes after joining since 1.06.xx

It doesn't really make sense.
Seriously, I have tried everything from downloading new drivers to using a ethernet cable in lieu of wireless, thinking its a latency issue..but to no, STILL getting DC every 10 to 20 min. I'm at a loss.. Some help would be nice; let alone resolve.
I also find the game uplayable right now. Keep getting disconnects. Internet connection is fine when it happens.
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