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OK BLIZZ TIME TO GET ON IT!!!! Loyal Blizz fans haven been playing your games for years. My two teenage sons and I play this together and now we cant. Dads computer, being the highest end comp. in the house cant seem to play for more then 1 min, IF i'm lucky. This has apperantly been an issue since June and still no fix? You know, forget the loosing stacks, could care less. How about just being able to play for an hour or two. That would be nice. How about NOT having this $60 Program crash on me with no known fix. How about you just say "Hay were working on it." Fraging let the game stutter and lag. Fix the ones that will not even WORK since the patch!!! About to be good buy Battle net, hellow arena.net. PLEASE FIX!!! for all us game junkies sakes.
I am experiencing the exact same issue. It's worrisome considering I play hardcore characters occasionally, and annoying when I'm stacking valor and getting disconnected. At first it seemed to be associated with more people joining my game, then it seemed to happen every time I got to the purple dude in defiled crypt lv2 mid-fight... I'm currently pretty sure it's neither since it happens anywhere from 1-10 minutes after I start a game..

The popup says "NETWORK DISCONNECT... The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server"

Interestingly, I'm not prompted to login again.

What is going on here?

Ive been having the same problem on my Tempest monk while farming and it doesn't log me out after i get the message, i just get booted to the menu. Also ive been falling through the map.

New patch= blah?
Full Screen Windowed mode has fixed this issue for me.
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I'm getting this issue as well. It doesn't happen all the time though. I'm able to do a few runs and then will d/c a couple times. I then quit playing for a while. I can do a few runs and then get d/c again. Normally it happens within the first min or two. Now it just happened when I had five stacks. Super lame.
same thing. I can play for a long period of time, but periodically i disconnect. I dont have this problem on my ps3, or on any other online game I play. I have a fiber line and am hardwired in...this is bs.

As I've already mentioned in this thread, it's an issue our QA Team is looking into. We'll have to wait until they're done and have passed on their findings to the developers so it can be resolved. There are no workarounds that I'm aware of at this time.
So are they done yet? It's only been a few months now....
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Full Screen Windowed mode has fixed this issue for me.

I have no idea why, but I tried this and haven't had any problems since. Would like to know why Blizzard haven't found out why this works yet, or why they haven't tried making a solution yet.
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11/21/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Clockwork
I believe it's due to a graphics issue. I dropped all video settings to low and it helped a lot but still happens on occasion. I'm using the latest nvidia drives for my EVGA GTX550 Ti but that didn't help it, only when I lowered video settings did it improve. It seems to get better or worse every time they do server maintenance.

interesting, i have the same video card, and the same problem, still isn't fixed months later, pretty much been trying to deal with it for the last couple of months, it gets better for a few days to a week, then the next week its d/c and lag spikes left and right. very very frustrating, havent touched my hardcore guy in a while. Last night it was happening bad, decided to do some tests,

I messed with my graphics settings, no change in spikes or D/C's
Changed my DNS Server's to google's public ones, no change.
Changed myself to DMZ host, no changes.
Cut my Router out of the equation completely by wiring straight from cable modem, no changes.
Changed Audio Settings to low quality(read that worked for someone) no changes.

I will try the windowed fullscreen mode tonight, to see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, hope we find a solution soon!
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QA team is on x-mass holiday?
The windowed (full screen) fixed the issue for me..
has this been resolved???
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i am having the same problem on my ww barb.
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This has become a deal breaker for me.
I can no longer farm for keys because 75% of my games disconnect me before I can get a 5 stack and kill a warden.

This has been happening since 1.0.6 more often then normal.
My internet is immaculate and is not dropping connection.
This is definitely a blizzard diablo server issue.
Hi Diablo people,

Im having the same problem today. Im playing the game for more then a week now. In the "normal" level i had NO problem at all. But now, at the Nightmare one, im having a lot of disconnecting problems. I just dont have a clue why.

First i thought it was my internet connection, but every else just works fine. Then, i read some posts about a graphic card problems (i have a Nvidia Gforce 540M), something about the new Optimus Nvidia system that cant make the graphic card work instead the onboard card in laptops...bla bla bla. Well, maybe its the graphic card, but why was i able to finish the all "normal" level without even one disconnection?

Another thing that makes me wonder: why the Blizzard guys neve answer to this posts/problems?

Well, i will try again tomorrow, but by the look of it, this will get worse each day.
Same problem here also! I have had it happen a few times in the past but now its all the time. I have a gaming pc that has a very good connection. What is up here?
ur client has been disconnected from the server,wtf!!!!!!!!
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Same for me. I can't seem to go five minutes without getting dc'd from the network. It's been happening since the 23rd. When did it start happening for everyone else?
Snap and latency spikes. (EU)
Yea, the past three days I've been getting "Network Disconnect: Client disconnected from server" or latency jumps. It happens quite frequently. It isn't my connection as I have a full five bars and play other online games without issue.

I reinstalled the client and that didn't fix the issue either.

And I still cannot figure out if this is a server issue or an issue on my end. It seems to me like fifty-fifty on other players experiencing this same issue. A lot say its happening to them and others say it works fine. I really just need to know if its the servers or my comp/connection.

Could graphics card really be an issue here? My video card isn't great. ( But before I stopped playing last time i never had this problem and I'm using the same card. It only started happening when I came back)
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