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Keep disconnecting


I have the same issue since 2 days..and still not fixed I thought there were something wrong with my computer cuz these started right after I formatted my pc but I see many ppl are suffering from the same error
I am having the same problems, although I'm not a whirlwind barb. DC after 10-20 minutes only in D3.

It is extremely inconsistent though, some days I can go for an hour+ before a DC.
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Same problem..... Help blizz
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I see you have a Barbarian and it's using Whirlwind. Disconnections when using this combination are currently under investigation. I've no workarounds at this time.

ohh official response thanks omrakos for the inform and link
same experience, keep disconnecting.. wat the hell,... nv 5 dc, nv1 also dc
Same here. It's been like this for 2 weeks. I can never play for more than 30 minutes at a time. It's a huge disadvantage, since I can't run with a 5 NV stack for long. Usually after getting kicked I struggle to get reconnected. Sometimes it hangs when connecting to bnet, sometimes when authenticating, sometimes when retrieving char info. It's ridiculous.

It's absolutely infuriating. Please fix this! It should be the top priority.
Ever since they performed maintenance (9/4/2012),i can't play more than half hours, its keep disconnecting me and wasted my money to repair my armor, also even i didn't login in to wars, i also will get dc in auction house, what happen , i never get this type of disconnection before ! my router totally get disconnect, and reconnect back in few second, even i had change the router but the problem never solve! please solve i had suffer for few days!

[Lost Connection (Error: 3005)][Lost Connection (Error: 3007)]

Wired or wireless : Wired
Firewall software : Window 7 Firewall (built in) (on/off)
Antivirus software : Kaspersky Antivirus (on/off)
Network card model : Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Router/Modem model : D-link 520B (had tried other modem but still the same)

1. Suddenly hit nothing, .... around 5sec , run back (delay)
2. Suddenly hit nothing ,...... around 10sec , disconnected and remain in the character screen.
3. Suddenly hit nothing ,.......around 10sec , totally disconnected . login screen.
4. view auction house.. disconnected from server.

p/s , the disconnection will make my router disconnect too. but when i don't play diablo3, had no problem.

Problem solve : due complain to ISP provider
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Just after the server restart yesterday, i keep on DC from my game. All i get to know is "client has been disconnected server "

Please help.


i keep getting disconnected even when i was using my monk and now with my barb i get this for the first time.
I am having a exact same problem.
It restarts my modem .

No solution yet?
it has gotten to the point where i can not even play at all. it is not my internet my roommate is a contractor for comcast we have great internet that has no issues with anything else or other games. i can stay logged into wow for as long as i can stand it with no problems i can stream music and movies with not a single issue but trying to play diablo i get random disconnects every few minutes i get some where i have to log back in but most just drop me back to the main page and i can hit resume game and its fine for a few minutes. also i get random lag spikes i will go from 70ms to 2000 then back to 70-80.
I also play a WW barb and get 5 stacks into a game I start getting lag issues. Then I end up getting disconnected from the network..
same problem here i play ww barb but problem also happens with my other toons...my roomate plays the game on his mac we both connect wireless...he never has issues. im on windows vista and im wondering if it has to do with that considering my roomate is fine and hes just a room away

i either get lag spikes on and off or else a disconnect during one of the longer lag spikes i guess due to server connection timing out
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Over the past three days, I have experienced frequent disconnections and high latency. This occurs most frequently during battles with many opponents. In particular: demon hunter, using rapid fire skill.

My network tests show ~15 Megabits/sec bandwidth and < 30 millisec latency. I suspect Blizzard-specific problems.
I've tried verything: A new modem from Comcast, a new router (an expensive dual band, with up-to-date firmware), a new wireless card, and I stayed in chat channels. None has helped. I am not demanding an immediate solution, but I do want to know what is causing it.
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Exact the same thing
Blizzard has got to do something. Imagine a legendary drops and before you pick it up you get disconnected. (not that legendaries are dropping too much..)
I am facing the exact same facing since i switched my barb from a hack n slash to WW.
I kept getting disconnection. I even called up my ISP to send a professional over to check my connection. In the end, they are very sure there's nothing wrong with their services.

From what i see, it's definitely something wrong with the game servers. I'm not the only 1 facing this problem when using WW barb. My friends who were using them also have the same problem.

Today the problem seems to have got worse. I don't even have the time to get to 5NV and i get d/c!!

Pls do something. I have sent in a ticket since monday. Till now there still isn't any replies!
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