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Keep disconnecting


Chill, im sure they are working on it. Thanks in advance Blizz, kinda annoying since i am getting discon every 10 minutes.
Chill, im sure they are working on it. Thanks in advance Blizz, kinda annoying since i am getting discon every 10 minutes.
I'm wondering,did anyone here sign up for the ptr download?My disconnects seem to have begun after I did that.
Same issue. Only when doing WW spec.

Update pls?
Same problem here :/
After downloaded PTR this started happen. WW spec
Im getting disconnected from the game and even getting disconnected while browsing the AH. I don't have a warrior so it's not related to that. Still arguing with my ISP but the disconnects started about 2 weeks ago and now has become unplayable. Seeing this many people have issues is now making me lean towards Blizzards end instead of my ISP. Playing on US servers and have done all the usual FAQ suggestions via Diablo 3 battle.net site. I hope there is a solution around the corner, don't want to go back to my 360 but that maybe the only solution.
same here, already called ISP
I have been getting bad lag the last few days as well
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Same here, getting disconnected very often (can stay ingame 10 to 50 minutes before it drops) since last update, never happened before a single time.
Happened 15 times in the 2 last days.
Playing WW spec, too.
Playing on EU servers, so it is not server related, but clearly a bug.
Read on the EU forums that disabling VSYNC fixes the issue.
Haven't tried it, yet, but I actually enabled VSYNC recently, so it looks promising...
This ptr is baaaad. Make the dc happend again
For the past week and 1/2 no matter when I log on I can not stay connected to the server, I get all kinds of error messages including public game fail, friends list failure and failure to connect and disconnect from battle net server. I am in a game anywhere form less than a second to maybe 10 min. it never did this before and my internet is strong please help
Ok seriously, its been weeks since Blizz acknowledged this issue. No updates at all? This game is unplayable.
Holy !@#$ are they ever gonna do something about this??? This is like the 15th time in 3 days I've been disconnected with 5 stack NV...
having disconnection issues from my client.. help !!!
bump for having the same issues.

sent a ticket, got a response on how to fix my WoW launcher...Way to read guys and gals.
I am having the issues did NOT sign up for the PTR and I am not using WW Barb.

I am running with my DH and once i get 5 NV I disconnect within the next 1-2 mins.
1000ms tonight

I love this !@#$ing game.

It's okay, it's only been happening for 2 weeks every night.
never play more than 1 hours smoothly, always disconnecting T_T

using WW n after i got 5 valor.. all i have to wait is.. "when to disconnect"
Also WW barb. I'm constantly being disconnected. So hurtful after 5 Valor :(
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