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Same WW barb here with disconnect issue. I main 3 other lvl 60 classes with no DC issues, but I get them consistently with my WW barb (which I just stated 1 week ago).

V-sync did not fix it for me, however changing classes is a "guaranteed fix" for me...

This sucks.
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As I've already mentioned in this thread, it's an issue our QA Team is looking into. We'll have to wait until they're done and have passed on their findings to the developers so it can be resolved. There are no workarounds that I'm aware of at this time.
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I DO NOT HAVE A BARB!! Same problem last couple day with Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor? Glad I'm not Hardcore :(
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Lmao.. love how this has been known about for weeks yet there's no fix on it. Take your time. Funny how quickly everything else money based gets dealt with.. but when it game breaking bugs. They take their time lmao. Sick of defending this horrible company.
i actually trying to be understanding & Patient despite the people in this treat repeating what i want to say....but i seldom play a game that makes me furious losing all hardwork gathering 5 NV and seeing my item on the floor got disconnected before i manage to pick up. some people better start talking within Blizzard before making the game "more challenging" by nerfing skills while correcting bug is a challenge.
Getting error message "your game client has last connection to the server" Brand new dell xps so the game runs smooth with no lag. I get this error message a couple times a day in which my character dies upon getting disconnected. My internet is good, and i am able to log bag in within 1 or 2 min to see a dead toon. I never had this problem when the game first came out, but i quit and came back a week ago to find, that with nothing changing on my end, i have a new problem? please help
Have been having the same issues also for about 2 weeks now. One night I started lagging horribly and the lag never really went away and includes many disconnects, 5 today alone and some times issues in the auction house and getting disconnected from there. The only barb i have is level 14 and i just created it yesterday so obviously that is not my issue. Its not my internet either as everything else i play including pc games and xbox games work great without interruption.
Add me to the growing list of constant disconnects. Playing a Demon Hunter in a "single player" game, multiple disconnects a day over the past week+. Nothing like trying to play a fun game plagued by required connection problems.
Just got disconnected.Had my first legendary since last patch dropped.Picked it up,id'd it and it was crap.So I made a message to general chat to joke about it. Hit enter,and a few seconds later I get a message about whisper message not going through,then i get disconnected. Just finished doing Jar of souls,so I lost a few rares and thousands of gold.Thanks Blizzard.Keep up the excellent customer service you have going.

I see you have a Barbarian and it's using Whirlwind. Disconnections when using this combination are currently under investigation. I've no workarounds at this time.

It's not just Barbarians,it's with any class.This is a problem affecting many people, not just people that play barbarian class.
I used to think this issue was only happening to WW barbs, but then I was playing my barb and I just left him in a town and did move for awhile, and after about 15 minutes I was disconnected. Although the majority of the time that I do get disconnected is when I am using WW, but sometimes it just happens randomly
It's been happening to me all the time. I can play 5-10 minutes with my Demon Hunter, than I'm frozen attacking, with my DH just showing the animation and nothing else, than I get the disconnect message.

I lose my five stacks, and start all over again. I can't even make it through the Depths with how quickly I'm being disconnected. And it has lead to dozens of unwanted deaths.

And I know it has nothing to do with my service provider. I play XBX Live all the time, stream Netflix, stream audio, etc, with no hiccups. The past month in Diablo 3, it's been a completely different story. I've only noticed it since the most recent patch. Is this something that will be taken care of during maintenance on Tuesday or with the 1.05 patch?

Certainly not a fun experience to be disconnected after getting a 5 stack and making your way to a boss.

I haven't tried my Wizard recently (because I'm not going to invest any more experience into a character that will be nerfed to the ground) so I don't know if it is class specific like others are suggesting.
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Me too, just for today though... more than 10 times, I thought it was my internet connect or my comp... but its cool just wait what happen next
Ugh, please get this fixed Blizz! I followed all the steps in the sticky thread for the Error 3007 disconnects and still, religiously, after about 20 minutes of playing I get disconnected saying I've timed out from Battle.net.

I really, really, really want to play this game more but in its current state I can't do it. This has been happening since release, 5 months ago.

I do play a Barb but I don't use WW.
Oh, and it's not my internet connection. My son can be playing WoW and I'm watching Netflix and none of those services lose connection when Diablo does, or at all really.

I've updated drivers, opened ports, turned off third-party crap and still . . . Error 3007.
Come on,can someone from Blizzard release an official statement on this please?
Same issue here. Happens with my WW barb (always when i get 5 stacks!) :(
I'm plying with barb WW - 5 stacks and DC plyed again and DC again!!! im really close to sell this endless beta version. Add me to the list
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