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Bug with lost item after Death

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To make this thread nice and short, I'm simply just going to post what happened to me yesterday (June, 27, 2012).

So I was playing my level 60 witch doctor, and I was holding my pants with my cursor. I lagged/rubber banded and died to some monsters. After responding, my pants werent in my inventory or dropped on the floor. My pants were completely gone. My pants were basically vanished. I was rather upset as my pants were tier 16, over 90+ int, 2 socket, indestructible, lvl 63 item, and 19% gold find on it.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this after death. I dont think its right. If this isnt a bug, and items are suppose to dissapear when you die while holding them, then please someone respond to me. But I am rather upset atm and dont think ill continue playing ,and i dont want my other level 60 toons to experience the same thing.
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Never done that before but the pants not that good anyway :x
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Lol not point of how good my pants are. The point is i have no pants now.
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I just experienced something similiar to yours, except i was doing the 'Naked Lust' achievement and died while trying to remove my belt. my belt was really really good that stuck with me ever since a month ago. high str, high vit, near max ar, max life%, pr 50. man... im so lost right now, need help or i might stop playing just like u
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Happened here too doing naked lust. Lost a triumvirate worth 80mio. :(((
I died while I was dragging it from the slot. fell on the ground.

Reset and desappeared. o unhappy :(
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