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Props to Blizzard writing team :)

06/30/2012 01:39 PMPosted by Demiurge
exactly, novelists dont take 5 years to write whole books let alone the rinky dink lore of a game

Some authors can write amazing works of fiction in less than 5 years. Some take 20 years. What that has to do with blizz taking many years and still piling this crapfest onto us, I'll never know. The game is significantly short in writing than even a small novel, so there really is NO excuse for the poor plotting, retcons and outright dumbass choices made in this game.

wow you're all over the place :) contradict yourself a lot dont you?

ya know if you just admit you misspoke we can put this behind us.

and again not addressing the not reading much part. which was my main jab against you. you've called me more names than what I've done so far but the "dont read much" comment really gets ya huh?

its okay. not everyone reads :) you dont have to be ashamed.
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lol backpedal faster you might just time travel :)

youll notice i never countered any of your criticisms of the story. because believe it or not I actually agree that the story is flawed. What i countered was the mere fact that your hyperbole-laden speech just underlines how ignorant you really are.

And the mere fact that you sent me a friend request just means that i got under your skin and im living rent free in your head.

i really think you're done here.
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ya know this is why I can never take anyone seriously in the Battle.net forums

I find more reasonable people in the #chan message boards

Im betting demiurge doesnt read much just by that one comment alone. doesn't take 5 years huh? but yeah demiurge is a man of distinguished literary tastes.

It takes more than one person to write the story, and while you folks may not like it (its meh to me), people worked on it, spent nights to mornings on it like any other project.

sad little men trying to tear down something to make themselves happy make me laugh. Ignorant people make me sad :P

1. Diablo 3 lore, hell all of Diablo lore, is the equivalent of a short story, 25 pages tops.

2. Stephen King releases a novel 1-2 years, now maybe he is writing them concurrently (as in at the same time), but still a lot of work for 1 man (a team of writers doesn't do his work...) http://www.stephenking.com/library/novel/index_old-new.html

3. A team of writers couldn't make a continuous story (i.e. without retconning) over a 9 year period that made sense and produced an excellant plot. Instead we are given the equivallant of a saturday morning cartoon writing that takes about 3 hours to produce by a team of 3 guys.

4. Blizzard has shown itself to be completely outclassed by the likes of Relic (Homeworld), CCP (EVE), Games Workshop (Warhammer and Warhammer 40k), Micropross (X-COM), Runic Games (Torchlight), Bioware (Baulders Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins) CD Projek (The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings) in terms of story telling for a game. Most of these projects had -SIGNIFICANTLY- shorter development times.

In short, for a bargin bin game, sure the story is solid. For a AAA title, its crap.

Edit: Thats just a small list of games that I could think of off the top of my head that produced better stories, and better game/story interfacing than the drivel that Blizzard spew out. There are probably far better examples out there.
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1. Agreed

2. Agreed but other writers take longer than 1-2 years. GRR Martin of Game of Thrones is a huge example

3. Be fair. If you want to see a bigger team of writers ruin a story look no further than the comic book industry. One More Day for example is a bigger crime than Diablo 3 will ever be. Want to see one guy ruin a franchise? George Lucas.

4. Agreed except 40k...thats a story that never goes anywhere. Thats just me though.

Notice that I never said that Diablo 3 had stellar writing. I distinctly said so in my first post. I said that theres a part that i like.

The detractors of D3 are so defensive with their dislike of that game that they attack anyone or anything that has positive things to say about D3 as if it takes away from their "fight" as it were. I have my own problems with the game. I appreciate other peoples criticism of the game. But im not unreasonable about it. Yes people arent happy with the results but credit where credit is due. I found one part of it worth giving credit for. Is that a crime?

I took demiurge to task because he came into the thread with no intention of discussion except to leave a snide remark and a glimpse of his ignorance. Hyperbole is the refuge of the ignorant after all. D3 isnt the work of one guy. Theres a lot of other folks who worked on the game and to say that "no one" put effort into it is disrespectful and ignorant.

i keep coming back to that word: Ignorance. It seems to be a theme here.


I noticed you havent defended your reading history. Like i said thats fine. Lots of people dont read. Its okay. Trust me.

oh and pedaling and peddling are two distinctly different things. you'd know that if...you know.

gosh you make it so easy.
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