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UPDATED: Broken vote kick

Guys, wtf why do you post bug reports.. even post TICKETS? If people can answer it personally.

Just ask:
It works as intended. You have to stand near the guy to votekick. If you don't it's a failed chance to prepare against spamming votekick and then someone accidentally agrees.

Don't make Blizzard work for things we can solve ourselves as community.
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anyways.... you have to be in the same "room" as the person you are trying to vote kick so if they are in town you have to be in town too annoying as it is.
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Sorry Bruno, but if it is "working as intended", then the way it is intended sucks, just like the way the all-powerful Jay nerfed just about everything in the game. I played with someone today who dragged us through 3 different events, making us wait until the timer ran down each time before an event. Here we are spinning down Nephalem Valor and can't kick this very rude player without breaking up our game to go find him, sit in the same room with him and vote him out for being a leech. "As Intended" seems to connote an awful lot of BS with Blizzard and it's wonderful game, Auction House Tycoon III.
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bump bump bump, removed the dumb anti-abuse limitation... it is called VOTEKICK instead of KICK for a god damn reason. If a votekick is ever used in a wrongful, abusive manner against someone, he would probably be a deserving arrse. Be a good player and you won't be kicked!
Edited by Gale#1796 on 4/21/2014 10:08 PM PDT
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