Diablo® III

1.0.3b Delayed (Updated)

When can we look forward to some game mechanic fixes ?

All we see is economy related fixes .. and for alot of us .. we just dont care

EDIT : this is what people complain about when it comes to communication

you make a post about a big change to the game plan .. then turn and walk away to let the community guess at the answers to their questions ?

and you wonder why people think Blues disregard the community >_>

I understand where you're coming from, I was disappointed as well. However, I'm quite glad they pulled it if it wasn't ready and/or tested. That could have been a potential disaster , both in game play mechanics, and PR, when the comm managers are already swamped with PR issues.

I say get it done right, then launch it. That's what blizzard made their reputation as in the 90's and early 2000's. Stick with it!!
Looks like some nice changes in this hotfix. Thanks!
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I love it when Bashiok fires back at all the whiners and smart-asses. Those posts need to be the ones in the blue tracker at the top of the forums. Need more laughs.
Finally a patch that isnt a complete mess. Now to fix the Witch Doctor!
Yup hopefully this will help lower all the tears unlikely though
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06/27/2012 08:26 PMPosted by Janix
Any plans on addressing the crazy amount of low level gear dropping in inferno?

Totally agree. Crazy that im getting lvl 51 gear on inferno! What the >>>. Heres what needs to be fixed:
-improve drop rates - check (good job)

-decrease cost of durability loss during non-death combat (good job)

-create an enrage timer or a way for us to know that they boss is getting there

-enrage timers
--delete enrage timers or nerf
--lessen enrage DMG done by bosses
-increase length of time before enrage begins
--make enrage timers affected by confusions, stuns, slows, etc that will cause enrage timers to either reset or slow down greatly. This will help make game more fun by giving additional options in how to battle a boss

-Gold AH - put a stop to items going for 100M or 20M etc. Those are alot of botters selling stuff at stupid prices

-RMAH - same thing, put cap on max cost for items as those who put stuff up for $200 is crazy. It discourages me and others from going into to look for items and buy as cost is way too high. Blizzard should try to focus on volume of transactions and not fewer but with higher dollar amount.

-as others have suggested - add new Gem - Diamond (this will add attack speed to weapon, reduce control impairing effects if in helm, & resist to all in rest)

-Add ability to add slots to items (high cost say 20k Gold & done by Blacksmith) this can be a learned skill from a recipe item drop in inferno

-Add ability to combine items (magic or higher) to improve 3 magic items into 1 rare items. 3 rares to get a high lvl studly rare (CAN'T use to make Legendary or set) - same as for adding slots, learned skill through recipe drop in inferno, & high cost to combine (20k gold)

--those two: adding slots to items and adding combine items ability - will increase AH action both in RMAH and GAH
-with Butcher (don't have every darn spot on fire at same time) that just make it all about killing the Butcher fast ala high DPS builds rather than having some variety or a tank build

-add small chance for magic, rare, or leg items from breaking items (very small chance but a 0.5% chance is better than none)

-mobs should be nerfed as alot of people have said - the 3 or 4 group elite/champion mobs that basically do everything, slow/jail, freeze, wall, fire, arcane - i mean come on that is crazy - lower there resists & DMG a bit (not a crazy change but a little bit will help make the game more fun)

-elite/champion packs that do some of the above plus heal are crazy. How about this: lower there speed to reheal and what is frustrating is when I get a 3 pack down to like 10-20% health and die, then come back & they have full health again!
--so if we die on rez those elite/champion packs we were fighting should be limited on how high they can heal, for example: say i take 1 of the 3 pack down to 10% health and the other 2 to 40%. Put a timer on it so if I get back to them within 5 mins, they are limited to reheal to 50% health each. So, if they are not down to 50% or lower than they reheal fully, if below 50% than that is max they can reheal to when I come back in.

This will help make it alot more fun to go back in against a very tough pack and keep trying to take them out even with repair costs. And it puts more strategy into decision of how to attack said pack and its not only (high resists, high DPS) more options which will increase playability and fun.

for WD adjust Soul Harvest - make it targetable! So, I can see a mob ahead target the area by holding the shift key & hit SH (then place SH on mob) and start the battle, that way I don't have to run up to them - and a WD can focus on fighting and not running which no one likes. Could also make it so when holding shift key & hitting SH it will go to nearest mob pack instead of at my feet
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06/28/2012 09:17 AMPosted by Lylirra
hotfix update is up! great stuff

Damn. You guys are fast! I was just heading over here to link the updated hotfix blog. :)

No, you guys are just slow.
How about you guys revert all the fun stuff back and f off. How many patches have you released to "fix" this pile of vomit? Fk you kocksuckers
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06/27/2012 11:12 PMPosted by Bashiok
If your gonna be snide, tell me this, why is it that you keep nerfing things then fixing them a patch later?

Our time machine is broken.

Thanks for this update!

This finally gives us the data that we need to explain the rubber-banding we've been experiencing. Clearly, when the time machine broke, it sprayed glowing blue pieces around which lodged in some of the servers, leading to sporadic time loops.

Now we know where it comes from, and knowing is half the battle.
The only thing I appreciate bout this hotfix is that your decided to be more transparent about the drop rates. kudos. but the bigger problems aren't addressed whatsoever and the angry mob is growing as reflected by the number of complaint and negative threads.
Any ETA on EU servers get the hotfix?
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keep it up guys i can bet u will be bringing some people back including myself
I complain a lot about Blizzard but for the first time in a LONG time it's about time I said these two words to the developers:

Well done.

Now keep it up.

If there's anything that stopped me from quitting, it's this patch.
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