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(Spoiler) Diablo Prime Evil?

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So ok, Diablo is now stronger then ever before, he fused with the other leaders of hell, and has become the new ultimate Evil...

Ok that alone is AWESOME! And I was sooo looking forward to fighting a vamped Diablo with miphisto, Baal, balail, azmodan and who ever else's abilities. That would have been an epic conclusion and made the story so much better. The final BOSS would have been everything and more that Diablo fans loved about the bosses of previous games and D3.

Diablo should have had all of the evils abilities being as he was now a mixture of all their power.

Does anyone else feel the same?
It looks so much like Blizzard set it up to be, but then nope, it was like fighting instead Diablo from the second game, exept he takes a brake a quater way through to catch some air and let us fight his evil twin....

Pls pls pls be a expansion!
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He technically showed off his mastery of every Evil by employing all demons to serve him. This is demonstrated in-game when you talk to the randomized ghosts in the Spire. The scripted monsters that spawn from the ghosts are all agents/servants of one of the evils (it varies based on the ghost you talk to).

But yes, overall I felt Diablo was a little underwhelming -- and more could have been done to show off his new found abilities as The Prime Evil.
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Was great nostalgia to fight Diablo again, rather than lesser evils. Tho, as OP mentions, more abilities from the old prime evils would have been great.

Tho when it comes to design, I gotta say; I was quite disappointed in Diablo's Design. I understand he comes from a female body, and thus having abit of female things to him. (like his hips seems abit wringly when he is walking in that cutscene, and furthermore he have boobs it seems)

Tho he mostly reminds me of a Hybrid from SC2. Specially in the "realm of terror" he is basicly a mirror image of a hybrid. They should atleast have kept his mouth, with all the teeth - Gave him a really badass look. Also, the voice acting wasn't too great IMO. He can barely say "terror" instead it becomes "terrooaar". Maybe a little less "bass" in his voice could have "saved" it.

Tho, im pretty sure there will be a expansion (since when have blizzard made a game without expansion - sept maybe from lost vikings :p) And hopefully there will be some (more?) Diablo Epicness.
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