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New Stuttering Workaround!

sure doesnt
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Not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release patch to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fix or some update on the fix would be nice.
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So this just started happening to me. I have tried turning down fps, then taking off the limits, then doing the uncheck the box next to whatever it was, tried turning the file thing to one etc etc etc.

My question is why is this happening all of the sudden. I have had two computers run it fine since launch and now in the last 9 days something went ape crap all over my game play. Did something change to effect me?
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Yep, tried unchecking and it stayed uncheccked but got a lot of stuttering still. Been worse since 1.0.7 or its just me.. All other games except wow and diablo 3 runs perfect, both blizzard games still stuttering. Ive also tested a LOT of different things and its not my computer.

Anyways i just found that changing HardwareClass to 3, (which im testing as we speak) i have a noticable fps change for the better this varies from comp to comp so to do this you go to..

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Diablo III and then open D3Prefs text file and set HarwareClass to
1-5 (test it go with whatever works for you)

I got this from another source and im unable to find it atm. Anyways i hope this helps someone thats the main point :P

EDIT: Still get large random fps stutters + when loading new zone. Only thing left to test is putting it on a USB flash drive which will cost extra money.. I will consider testing it cause it seems to work well for some.

Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5642269402
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This fix (from OP) worked for me. I am running this on a beast of a computer and the stuttering was getting on my nerves. It is completely gone now. Thanks a lot.
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This fix totally worked for me, lag is still there when facing bigger groups but there is NO more
stuttering! So for that I thank you good sir OP and hope this works for many others too :)
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It help a little, but problem stil exists and NEEDS TO BE FIXED FFS!. And not a single word about this from blizzard which pisses me off. Also I have a problem with indexing which keeps turning itself on even when I completely shut it down.
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06/11/2013 11:18 AMPosted by Nordomus
Also I have a problem with indexing which keeps turning itself on even when I completely shut it down

you can actually completely turn off the indexing service if you want to. it wont harm anything.

go to:
  • Start
  • Run
  • Services.msc
  • look for "Windows Search"
  • double click "Windows Search"
  • hit the "Stop" button to stop the service
  • now go to "Startup Type:" drop down and set it to "Disabled"
  • hit "Apply"
  • now just restart your computer and no more indexing service :)

    if you want to turn it back on just go through the same steps above except set "Startup Type:" to "Automatic (Delayed Start").
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    Not a huge help.

    For now I just run in a big fat ramdisk. As soon as I get back to full time at work I am going to pick up another 16GB so I have plenty of space for it. Only takes a minute to copy the game into the ramdisk, even with a mechanical, 7200 rpm drive. Well worth the short wait.

    For those of you who have gobs of ram like I do, look into using a ramdisk. The best piece of software I have found so far, once installed, functions nearly like a part of windows.


    If you so choose, you can even have it set up to load a default ISO into ramdisk at startup, if you have enough ram... and play D3 a lot, this is perfect!

    To handle updates, you can either update right in the ramdisk, or leave the normal installation in place. If you update directly to the ramdisk, simply make a new ISO of the update. If you use the regular install, upon starting the ramdisk version and seeing an update... stop, unmount it, and then run the launcher from your hard drive.

    Once it is updated, just make a new ramdisk/iso
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    this setting was already unchecked. i still have stutering
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    This seems to have worked for me. Brand new system i5, GTX770, Corsair SSD. Game would freeze 5-15 seconds and ping would tank. I disabled indexing for C and all the subfolders.

    Loaded in and played my barb for about 30 minutes. I had 2 stutters that lasted for less than a second each and my ping was solid the whole time.


    Just pulled an hour on my monk, this issue is now completely resolved for me.
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    This worked for me, albeit partially. probably 70% of the stuttering are gone. Still....i expected more from you, Bliz. A iconic game like Diablo should work flawlessly
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    01/24/2013 06:44 AMPosted by Saki
    Not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release patch to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They could make it much much better if they would rollback the last patch released...remember? it was the one that addressed rubber banding. Since it installed has been a lot worse.

    PS- Hokey workaround didnt help.
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    Dear Blizzard,
    I have no idea if you will read this, or even care about this, but it seems that I am not alone. I have been a blizzard customer for many years, and you guys know this. I cannot play Diablo 3 on my $3000 gaming pc. I have 27 other games installed, all run perfectly smooth with no issues, and online works just fine with all of them. I have checked every single thing on the blizzard list for issues on my end and found none. If I cannot get a customer support help with this issue, I want my money back for the new Diablo 3 expansion. I will go to every forum, customer feedback forum, and bad company reviews and post all the information I have about how your game does not work. Diablo 3 is broken, fix it.
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    ty kaltonis, but I see no difference (did not help my stuttering). I checked just C, then tried all files etc, no change.

    win7 x64
    i5k 3.3ghz cpu
    gtx 560ti gpu
    8gb ram
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    Dear Blizzard,
    Diablo 3 is broken, fix it.

    ofc its broken, and noone cared to fix it since release date. they will just spam expansions. 15 millions copies sold. why should they care
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