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New Stuttering Workaround!

really disappointed you would realease a game with issues like this and just hope for the best. We wanted a Diablo 2 evolution not a brand new game, if you make WoW 2 are you going to change everything?

Case and point...
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Doesn't work for me. I'm guessing my problem won't go away unless they change how the game loads data. I get a lot of HD reads, which leads to stuttering, and since they won't put loading screens between each act, I fear this will never go away.

$100 wasted. :/

I can play StarCraft II and WoW on Ultra, and its smooth. This game however runs like it was made by another developer.
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It is not disallowing searching but disallowing indexing; searches can still be done but they will be slower. The indexing is done in the background which is what may cause the issue.
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07/02/2012 11:06 AMPosted by MaFFGeeK
i''m looking for god

Elwe, with grammar like that, I'm glad you're looking for god to fix your problems! :D

Dude it was nearly midnight for me. I meant good and I misread the post. I'm not in freaking English class anymore and I'm glad my typo caused you to post a reply that wasted at least 2 seconds of your time GO ME.
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Did you just suggest to turn off something that improves Windows' ability to find things on the computer?

How about this: A LOADING SCREEN. How about you LOAD everything in the game before I join it. (Diablo 2 had this). Yes, let me disable Windows Indexing because my Ivy Bridge 3770K and GTX 680 lag like a mofo when I first join a game. Brilliant solution Blizzard! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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This did not help at all. In fact, i notice significantly more micro stuttering even in areas that are cached. thats no bueno :(
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This thread shouldn't be sticky....
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I already had it unchecked and I got this problem since beta.
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It definitely helped some, but I still had some stuttering here and there.
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Already set... pretty sure it is set by default. #gg
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Hi !

If that not work, you can try this (work very well for me) :

HDD Major-Stuttering Solved
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This solved my stuttering issues:
1. Go to My Documents/Diablo III
2. Open file: D3Prefs
3. Look for line item titled HardwareClass "X"
Chances are, your current settings show a 4 or a 5 here, whatever the case, change that to 1, such that you have:
HardwareClass "1"
then Save the file and start the game.

This solved all my stuttering issues. That indexing thing didn't do anything for me.
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Anyone else notice opening & closing your skills interface fixes stutter? Or is it just me
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Yeah it's just to reduce background work basically. If you have to do this and you still rubber band it's one of two things, your computer is old and can't take the game or your internet just is not a good provider and causing you to do it.
Also certain routers have connections problems with certain games. Make sure all your ports are open.
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07/02/2012 04:58 PMPosted by Gardrell
Wow, just wow...this ranks up there as one of the worst "tech tips" I've ever heard. We're really grasping at straws, aren't we?

One of my colleagues was experimenting with tweaks to reduce his own stuttering when he found that this one had the greatest affect on his system. I then tested the same methodology on three more systems, including my home machine, and noticed a significant improvement on all three.

With those successes it was clear that at least a few users could benefit from this information, so I made the sticky to spread the word and gather more feedback. If I were to judge purely based on this thread (which would admittedly be foolish), this workaround helps about 25% of the players who have tried it. That's more than worth the effort in my opinion.

How about this: A LOADING SCREEN. How about you LOAD everything in the game before I join it. (Diablo 2 had this). Yes, let me disable Windows Indexing because my Ivy Bridge 3770K and GTX 680 lag like a mofo when I first join a game. Brilliant solution Blizzard! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I'm not a developer; I'm a computer tech. I can't change the game's code, but I can search for ways to alleviate symptoms so that people can enjoy the game more. Workarounds are not solutions by definition. Our devs are experimenting with performance boosts in almost every patch; I'm sure they'll get it eventually. In the meanwhile I'll keep investigating workarounds. :)
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You know when you spend more time trying to find solutions to problems with running a game so that you can play it RATHER than actually playing it….it's a fail.
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