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New Stuttering Workaround!

from what i have read around its the Customer's that have the problem with running the game not blizzard for updating the game? so im computer illiterate and dnt know all the file formats and technical side so how can Blizzard help me??
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How about FPS drops? Always 60 FPS then suddenly 10-20 FPS when surrounded by lots of mobs? I got Nvidia GTX 670, so it's not a video card issue. Is this game really graphics demanding?
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Honestly, the fact that Blizzard is resorting to Windows tweaks kind of shows that they really have no idea what the issue is. Or maybe they do know and either:

a) it requires a ton of work to correct due to it being a flaw in the renderer
b) they are not prioritizing the issue

I appreciate your effort Kaltonis (some communication is better than none), don't misunderstand me. But I think this stuttering issue is far more widespread than we originally thought and that it just honestly doesn't bug some people. But that doesn't make the problem any less inexcusable.

Kaltonis once claimed that he didn't suffer stuttering at all, and now in this thread he claimed that this fix improved his stuttering. (Sorry Kal, really not trying to smear you.)

I think it's one of those issues that once you see it, you can never unsee it. And it's going to annoy you.

Just my two cents.
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is this a joke or something? I have stuttering and my computer is brand new , I can run other heaviest games with no problem, indexing has not do to with diablo flaws.
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Didn't work :(
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didnt work for me , this is crap i was doing fine before Tuesdays bs patch then everything went to hell post patch now im going to have to wait till the next contentpatch for this to be fixed... thats crap and a load of it.

has someone been neglecting the code monkeys ?
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i made a ticket a couple of days ago , they gave me this same "solution" , well it didn't work , it's a shame cuz i really really like diablo 3 , i want to play it (play it without stutter duh) , but i won't like this , it's game breaking and i have a brand new awesome pc that has no problems running any other of my 20 pc games ( BF3 , MW3 , GT4 , all with everything maxed out)
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I turned it off completely, and am I quite amazed. I can run with full settings now, where as I had to turn them down.
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bump bump. not a fix. I still die every elite fight from the lag. last one, I was about 3 screen lengths away from the elites and wondering why they weren't following me, then SNAP! I'm dead. Must be a new elite spell called "time warp"... sigh.
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bump...game is still unplayable!!
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Atleast that's working.
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Bump not working not a real fix.
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The frame skipping/stuttering in this game is horrible on all 3 of my PCs, and all of those PCs play all other games smoothly. JUST Diablo is a stuttery nightmare.

Clearly I am not alone, my post about "frame skipping / camera stutter" in the bug reports forum is about to reach the maximum 500 replies.
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not work still unplayable for me...can't even play my 60 wiz unless someone wants to give me loads of gold for all the deaths due only to this stupid stutter...havent ever seen anything this silly in other games...

when people are out there with beast machines and can run anything but not this...whats going on?
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Ok its official i have tried everything even the steps above and opened my ports and updated my firmware on my router and even called my internet provider and im still lagging. What is the deal blizzard. Please get back to me and let me know what else it could be because everything i have read and then tried doing so far hasnt worked. So please get back to me about this.
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Can't play like this anymore. Every time I come back to check on progress, it is the same old lag spike/death issue. No point in playing. Uninstalling.
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So funny, this is what you come up with Blizzard? Disabling drive indexing? Pathetic. Try fixing your damn game. Disabling drive indexing is something that is recommended for users of SSD's...not to fix your game that you can't seem to fix.

What next? Disable your page file? Turn off the firewall? Disable anit-virus? Defragment the drive.

Blizzard, if your game stutters because of DRIVE INDEXING...then your game programming sucks!
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