Diablo® III

Witch Doctor.... What happened to this class!

This class is the worst class on D3 EVER!
I now understand why they are underpicked...
This class has huge mana leak.
Lots of Passive's and runes all about mitigating those LEAKS.
Not felt strong at all.
Doesnt know what you guys even want this class to be....

And now i find this class skills has BUGS, I only played this class only a brief to find LOTS of strange mechanics on the skills..

1. Firebomb
1.1.This skill is lobbed, its like a grenade and why does some barricade on ACT 3 disable this?
When you lobbed your grenades over those baricades, they will drop ON those baricades...
I havent tried it on walls, but i will do them.
1.2. On the event with captain Haile, waiting for reinforcements. the elevator platform that contain demon solders and a unique come up. Your firebomb will go straight down those platform, It doesnt even HIT the monsters above those platform....

2. Acid Rain
2.1. Acid rain looks like Wiz skill(Blizzard), but I cant cast them over the barricades like 1.1 on firebomb..
2.2 Acid Rain cant even cross over Wall from a Waller monsters.....
2.3. Acid Rain dissolve enemies dead bodies, unfortunately it doesnt work with Fallen that is attached wih their priest... But if i meet a stand alone fallen, I can melt them.
This mechanics is forced, and sound dumbed.... The reason i cant dissolve this guy is just because they have a priest attached to them... Acid rain supposed to have advantages over this reviving guys....

I've started playing WD for only about 5 hours till now, and already found this bug that bug those bug....
I haven't even went to other skills, because now my level is only 25....
This class is a major joke...
Mana cost painfull, bugs everywhere..
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Last bump...
wow, Crowd do not even care for This class at all...
thats just show how underpick this class was....
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WD is wild, but trust me, there are sweet builds that can be made with them that work and can tank stuff too.

What is also very cool about WD is the fact that they use INT which gives natural resists (which seems to be about 50% of what end game is about, so for every 1000 int you have you get an extra 100 Resist All. Isnt that sweet?
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Zombie bears.........

Excuse me i said ZOMBIE BEARS.

Also mana aint rlly a problem if u know how to handle it with certain abilities.
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WD is wild, but trust me, there are sweet builds that can be made with them that work and can tank stuff too.

What is also very cool about WD is the fact that they use INT which gives natural resists (which seems to be about 50% of what end game is about, so for every 1000 int you have you get an extra 100 Resist All. Isnt that sweet?

Yeah, but still
WD needs fixing.
Yeah some runes are good some of them doesnt even worth a thing.
There is no variety on WD. is about bears.
because other things just plain weak...

And they have bugs that really needs fixing...
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I made and left a WD that I brought to 60 then came back to it. I had a total shift in thinking when I stopped trying to use a WD as if it were a Demon Hunter. Gear up a WD as if it were a barb with tons of Life on Hit and resists with a healthy amount of Int then get up in the mix and forget all about Zombie Bears and Fire Bats. And leave the dogs at home
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06/30/2012 11:21 PMPosted by TemplarOmega
Excuse me i said ZOMBIE BEARS.

Hate that skill, have to get too close to use it.
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Yes, managing your mana is a big part of the WD game. Without that, the class is way OP. The limit on spamming certain abilities is what makes it interesting.

I love this class. It's mobile; does good damage; and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's fun all around.
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Players who have leveled up a few different classes and come back to WD are the real Witch Doctors. They know there are hidden goodies in the build mixes. Forget about the tool tips and being all impressed with the "Skill X does 350 weapon damage" because it makes you go "oh.. that one says the most damage, that must be the one for a win.

Truth is, you get a lot of little skills running that do 30% here and an extra 15% there. when you get used to it, it is like a traveling circus. And everytime you encounter a pack you set up shop as it were.
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I remember watching a video where Jay Wilson said that when they gave witch doctor's zombie wall they had to go back and fix the other classes so they could have something as cool.

I am sure someone else has seen this.
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Outta all the classes the witch doctor is my least favorite. They just seem weak and my god damn zombie bears are still buggz!! I can't summon bears with out them running in all different direction then the way I cast them. But, i guess that is working as intended...
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I loved my witch doctor (I haven't played since 1.0.3 so don't know about now) The mana drain is negated with skills like soul harvest with the mana runes and mana darts. What I loved about my witch doctor is her survivability while still being a caster. You have a lot of heal/damage options that can keep you up and running through the worst fights, and plenty of crowd control options.
I never had the problem with the acid rain and fire bombs like you had. However, Spirit Walk will often not work like it should and you are stuck in one spot and unable to move until it's over. This is due to the bad use of screen space and not being able to see a clear space to click on to move.
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I'm tanking as a WD, its basically like playing a gimp Death Knight.....
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Uh, Witch doctors are perfectly fine. Sure some abilities could be "better", but they're sadly the most balanced class in the game. (However pet buffs I'm still waiting for). Also ZB past act 1/2 = just silly. Act 3/4 is all about the kiting.
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I made the mistake of rolling a WD on launch and played to inferno A2. I finally gave up on the class and rolled a DH. It's so much easier, lol. WD was nerfed on launch. The mana thing is a huge problem in the class. It sucks that's the WD's only source and they can't gain it back in battles.
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