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Reflect damage broken as hell?

Reflect dmg used to be a problem for me way back in my glass cannon days. But after acquiring the ff:

1) 300 all resist
2) 25k Health
3) 4000 armor
4) Timing my burst within the 3 seconds of Shadow Power/Gloom
5) Life on hit / Life steal will help but its not required at all if u always do step 4
7) 70k dps w/o sharpshooter passive

Life was a piece of cake on any inferno act. Even the fast affix mobs with Reflect dmg became manageable once i got close to #1,2,3, and 7. Also IMO, Life on Hit or Life steal is not really needed. My itemization became a whole lot easier when i stopped prioriting that stat. Most especially if u play a balance set-u plike i do.

2cents and out... =D
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you are not alone. especially for people like me who have high dps, that ref dmg is a pain in the butt. Thats why you need good amount discpline and also play with pace using shadow power or smoke screen. Life on hit doesn't really work for me neither 'cause I have low res and high dps. but so far it won't affect me much since I can dps the pack down in a blink. Just need to pay more attention and prepare yourself with full discpline before you hit the packs.
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I'm guessing it's 5% of the hit..

it's 10% so with no mitigation you'd need 50% leech to nullify it completely

or with 88% mitigation your 250k produces 3000 back at you and only 3% leech would recover 1/2 of this, 1500. add just a sprinkle 200-300 LoH and +200-300 regen and suddenly you are losing nothing

reflection is just another gear check to be a thorn in your side for unbalance

balance res/armor/loh/ some regen and think about leech% since your DPS is so high.... and mathamagically reflection is a free affix just like "teleport" on phasebeasts
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The only thing I don't like about it is that stuff like reflects makes shadow power a must have skill however I really can't see not taking shadow power anyway so whatever. Just make sure you have enough vita if you want vita that doesn't effect your dps go with high vita shoulder belt and boots.
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Here what you do get your self a lower dps wepon around 700 to 800 dps if you can with AIS loh life steal and a socket drop a Ammy for more loh and just switch to that wepon when you hit those mobs with reflect damage your health won't move
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shut up all of u.

this thread was created in june. stop necro'ing a dead thread lol.
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06/29/2012 06:40 PMPosted by griz024
Id be fine with reflect dmg mobs if they had some type of visual que to let you know they are reflect dmg. As it is i murder myself in the opening salvo.

seriously? People just wont stop asking for handouts. It's supposed to be a bit challenging. Before you go blasting away position yourself so that you can quickly hover your mouse over monster... read... hit gloom/smoke screen.... bombs away....

I used to have major issues with reflect dmg. I got sick of: smoke screen --> cluster x2 ----> turn around, shoot hatred generator off into nothing ---> smoke screen ---> repeat
^ also looks rather stupid in pub games and you get alot of "what are you shooting at man?"

i swapped Prep for gloom solved the issue... also got myself a cheap 900+ LoH/3% LS bow that I swap out on my offhand for tough reflect fights.
I find that in some cases, being able to continuously fire (even tho I am doing less dmg) with a life steal bow gets the job done quicker than doing burst dmg and then having to wait for cool downs to get my life back.

Anyone who is complaining about reflect monsters is just being lazy, imo.
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1) Get more all resist - all resist helps a LOT against reflect damage, and it really is the best counter for DH
2) Have a bow/xbow in your inventory that has lifesteal + life on hit that you can use to swap into when you face reflect damage
3) The majority of your attacks should be done when you are smoke screened or using gloom. Unless you use gloom in your build, just time your attacks when you can pop smoke screen

I think reflect damage is completely fine, and shouldn't be changed.
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Hmm, honestly I just don't think you have enough DPS, on top of what others are saying here. You can stack a bunch of stuff, and you probably should, but really SS and/or SP + nuke is the way you're going to beat them, even if you do stack resists/armor. With 45k dps, that's just not enough nuking in that small of a time frame. Might work for A1, but certainly not A3.

But, I do agree the "mouse over and see" mechanic needs some work...it's not always easy depending where you are, where the mobs are, how hectic the situation is when the elites come into view, etc. IMO, when you mouse over an elite pack, it should remain at the top of the screen for a few seconds, unless you mouse over something else. Typically if I feel I don't have enough time to really see what I'm fighting I pop Gloom regardless...and just look for red numbers. :)

You wanna talk about something "broken"...let's talk about elite tremor packs. Stupidest !@#$ ever. Only mob I can think of that gets the rate at which it can do a base (non-elite) skill at about 10000% the rate it normally can. I can't even remember the last time I saw a tremor charge...and yet they LITERALLY can do it every second (or maybe less), each, in elite packs. Traps don't even matter. It's kinda retarded, IMO. Oh, and of course god forbid you time your nuking with their "shield"...also a base skill they do more often...that negates nearly all your damage. Have fun timing your CA or whatever you use when you're timing it with gloom, their "duck and cover" shield, and probably their walls...all at the same time....when you're getting continually charged. Nearly impossible to retain range with them, unless you happen to get them stuck in a doorway, which doesn't happen too often anymore.

Bleh...RD is easy...
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The only thing I would change about Reflect Damage is the notification system. You either one shot your self, or you start to pulse/glow. What happened to the says of Iron Maiden where you have the swirly stuff over your head and you knew to watch out?
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works perfectly.. pisses off glass

affix has existed since release, so has leech%, ar/armor/loh and regen. if 10% of your own DPS getting attenuated by your mitigation is able to kill you, that was on you;

fix it yourself
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The solution is definitively life stolen i heard someone saying 2,8% is not enough but it can help i have 10% and reflect dont even bother me i saw people with only 6% life stolen doing fine too, so they reflect less than 5% of the damage.
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They should just get rid of RD until they figure out a way to make it exist nicely, so at least we don't have to be forced into high regen builds just to survive.
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use gloom and you should have no problem. you are a dh and reflect damage is a piece of cake
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Just SP gloom up before every attack.. you can't go wrong LOL
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shut up all of u.

this thread was created in june. stop necro'ing a dead thread lol.
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I'm sure that I'm not the only one that's having huge issues with the reflect damage champions/unique's. It's honestly and legitely, a stupid concept in the first place and shouldn't have been put in the game in the first place.
I was told that I need to do more damage and have more health. Alrighty, so I did that.
Now that I can finally do all of these molten,arcane,etc champions/unique's, the god damn reflect damage mobs decide to step in a ruin my day. I can't get high damage, and still get life on hit, I don't have 300 Million, and it's hard to farm that for when Blizzard decides to nerf every gold farming spot in the game.
Can I have some tips/help here? I'm quite irritated.

Learn how to lead with gloom to make sure you don't instaplant and get better gear.

Reflect Damage is no big deal(even with a lot better gear), unless I lead with spike trap and forget to check affixes. If I know something is Reflect, I can usually kill it without incident. I ended up with 2 elite groups on a bad pull in an MP7 earlier in Dahlgar Oasis with one of the groups being reflect. They died. You simply need a heal strategy with enough survival gear to close the loop and come off cooldown. Do that, and its just a matter of time and making sure you don't brainfart. More dps you have, the faster they die.
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This thread is like a broken down record, please end it...
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When my wizard spent some time being tanky, I noticed that the reflect damage numbers were also getting reduced by my inflated armor/resists... while my DH buddy was eating his own fingers.

It's still happening now. My tank toons dont mind this at all. Maybe higher resists help with the pain of reflect damage.
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Admin, please lock this thread. The necro on here is astounding...
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