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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

Wow, to be completely honest, about 95% of the complaints i have heard about the RMAH have just been people whining to whine, but this is terrible. I would really like to see Blizzard do something for this guy as this just does not makes sense.
That's theft, sue them.
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Money laundering? They have a 250 dollar limit anyways, what kind of failed money laundering operation would use such a restrictive method that leaves behind so many trails it be so easy to track????

There is no excuse but poor customer service for what the op is experiencing. If blizzard is going to offer such a service as a blizzard account , then they should at the very least be willing to deal with any issues involving a user who might play from several different regions. It is entirely unreasonable considering how restrictive this service already is for them to demand their users to stay stationary if they want to continue using their products.

Best comment ever
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Call the popo
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So disappointing to see the levels of avarice that Blizzard will stoop to. This is just one issue in a vast tapestry of failures that will come to define Diablo 3.
Sooo you're one of the crazies that buys virtual items from me. Thanks for giving me your money for freeeeeeeeee
Rawr, this is what happen when you want to p2w.
and p2w is definitely for noob.
Welcome to the world of unfair and real world of hatred!!!
gl RMAH users :)
I think its great. Buying items is just plain wrong.
I was going to go into a whole thing but i think this is statement sums it up.
The AH both RM and gold has ruined this game.
Amazing story. It validates my choice to have nothing to do with the RMAH.
I had the exact same problem.

I travel a lot, so I live halve of the year in NA and halve on SA, or something like that.

I used the RMAH a few times without any problem, until I wanted to try some different build so I deposited some cash in my balance.

After 2 successful purchases, the third one got my account banned for 25 years for same reason you explain, my account said I lived in Texas, which I really do some time of the year, but i was currently in Peru.

I called them, they where very helpful the first time I have to agree, and they told me about losing all my balance after the change. I was furious, and I told the representative that I was going to spend what I had left in my balance, and will request the country change AFTER that.

He said no problem, I will register you in some kind of list they where making up with people in this same situation, cause the system doesn't allow people to change country or inform Blizzard that we are on vacations.

I got banned 3 times more, having to call every time and go through explaining the problem again and again, but the last time I was told that if I tried to spend my balance without being in the correct country I would be perma banned.

I was furious, and had a big discussion with the manager, I'm a lawyer BTW, so at last I said ok change my country, the current balance was $19.95 at that moment, but I won't gonna pass this.

I had to send some papers to prove my address, while i was thinking about what i was going to do next legally.

And you know what? They changed my country and I didn't loose my balance.

I got to the conclusion that they don't know what the #@$% they are doing, maybe I was lucky, maybe some others don't, but they are playing with peoples money without any seriousness.

TL;DR: Blizzard is playing with peoples money without the proper seriousness.

Can blizz be accounted for in the small cause court? or wtv is the name of the institution in the OP country

You're thinking Judge Judy.
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I smell a lawsuit, in the future, regarding to these rmah issues.

I didn't want to believe it at first, but the more of this kind of thing I hear, the more I fear it could happen. Activision's pockets are deep enough for a few sleazeball lawyers to be willing to take a crack at them.

The sad thing is the lawyers will walk with a nice pay check, and the plaintiffs will probably end up with a $10 credit in the RMAH.

Blizzard is a nice company. They'll probably to the refund. However, you should have read the terms first. Blizzard is well within their right and your ignorance is complicating the situation.
Why do I even attempt to play this game?
The OP wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if he updated his location/address which is his responsibility.
Someone here is woefully unprepared when it comes to dealing with the RMAH and it ain't the OP.
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