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Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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For example I am a Korean , I registered the address in US and put the money in and buy things.

Blizzard has to ban you as it may violates the laws/tax rules in Korea and Korea government may take a lawsuit against Blizzard. To prevent the possiblility of lawsuit Blizzard must set a rule to stop player to use RMAH with invalid country of residence.

This is the issue of different laws/tax rules in different country so nothing can be done with it.
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Interesting how this is one of the most popular thread's and a blue has not responded to it.

Very shady Blizzard....

A blue will probably never touch this thread for fear of being misquoted or giving inaccurate/antiquated information.

And if blue text did appear, it would be a generic answer that didn't help the OP or us, but also didn't hurt Blizz's rep or the blue's image.
Definitely discuss this with your bank, OP. They can advise you on this better than we here can.

You're right, though, that the "Hey you're in the wrong region" flag should be thrown before allowing you to deposit at all.

Yes, it's best if people update their contact info in a timely manner, but that doesn't mean Blizz shouldn't have basic checks in place for when they fail to. It's clear they do have those checks, but they're at the wrong step in the process.

This situation could have been prevented if he had updated his info, yes. It also could have been prevented if Blizz had checked his location at the time of his deposit and made him update then.

And yeah, Blizz reps need to tread carefully on posting on a subject like this. I'd be surprised if there were a response yet.

And OP, I do hope this is resolved for you and you get your money back. Blizz is in the wrong here.
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CMs aren't responsible for billing-related issues anyway, which this technically is more of than a game related one.
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Interesting how this is one of the most popular thread's and a blue has not responded to it.

Very shady Blizzard....

Haven't you noticed that the only Blizzard employees that work on weekends are the ones that implement ninja nerfs? Blizzard doesn't post on weekends. They're in the stone age when it comes to IT/Support. I mean, they still take the game down for hours every week to do patches!!! Hahah, no way I'd get away with that where I work.
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Odds are a community manager DID indeed read this.

And he passed it up the chain in a memo like he's payed to do.

What happened to it then? Only the all-seeing eye knows O.o
7d customer support, THATS RIDICULOUS.
Did you contact your credit card company. Even if you used a debit card, the bank should be able to digitally reverse the transaction. If the credit card company for any reason seems worried about reversing the transaction:

1) Get any and all documentation of the problem in written form, even if you have to print copies of the websites showing the transaction of all the money can be lost if you change servers.

2) If they are still giving you problems, ask to speak to a supervisor. Sometimes lower level employees just do not feel comfortable making major transactions or they might not know what can and cannot be done (this is possibly true on the Blizzard side as well). Instead of them admitting that they do not know what to do or are not allowed to do that, they say "it cannot be done"

3) Speak to another supervisor. The credit card company is just a proxy, if you contact them quickly enough they can reverse the transaction before any more changes hands, the longer you wait though, the harder it is to reverse.

I would bet money that Blizz payed a whole team of lawyers to make sure thier ToS was legally binding. Don't you think? If you don't then I would say you are hopeless.

P.S. How many lawyers do you have?

P.S.S. Have you even talked to a lawyer?

Because lots of lawyers would make something illegal suddenly legal?
If blizzard doesn't want to provide the service, then they should at the very least return the cash that was paid to them its as simple as that. What they have done here is take the cash, and tell the costumer not only will they not provide the services they were paid to provide, but they will not even give a refund. Thats called theft, if you went into a store and paid for something, but then were told they wont give you one and ask you to leave without giving you your money back would you just apologize and leave? What if they had a clearly stated terms of service 'no cash returns' posted on their counter? Did that just make it legal?

Unfortunately, due to the low IQ of most blizz fanbois posting in this thread, it would indeed make it legal. ROFLMAO.
rofl i prob would trust a gold website more then blizz
Good news for me...
My account just opened!!
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My suggestion. If u payed by credit card for the game and the B.Net Balance. Double charge it back and say the hell with Blizzard. If not contact your bank or your source of funding for the B.Net balance and look into options.

I loe Blizzard games. I have played all of their games. From Starcraft to WoW to Diablo, and thoroughly enjoyed everyone. I dont even mind D3 even with all of its apparent issues.

But, the RMAH is having destroying the game. I am not complaining in the form of players can buy godly, I mean the amount of issues I am seeing with the RMAH and the way Blizzard is handling it.

From what I have seen it has a lot of issues, and any issues that occur and cost players money, Blizzard refuses to fix. This is disgusting coming from a company that is as reputable as blizzard. Guess when they got a sniff of cash they are showing they are just as greedy as everyone else is.
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By law no they can't but i don't see them just taking your balance and not replacing it. I'm sure you can get this all figured out with some time
!@#$ Blizzard.

%^-* Activision.

!@#$ the RMAH.

%^-* Diablo 3.
Things like this are the reason I will NEVER use the RMAH! It needs to go!
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